illicit relationship

Chapter 1009: Can I Hug You?

Like usual, Long Jingxian rested on top of Xiao Tian's body after having sex with him. "Thank you, Xiao Tian."

"Mm? Why are you thanking me?" Xiao Tian did not understand her words.

'Did I do something for her? But what is it?'

He wanted to know as to why Long Jingxian suddenly thanked him like that. Of course, it still made him happy, but he wanted to know the reason. 

"I never thought that meeting would change my life completely." Long Jingxian was telling the truth. "My life has gotten much better since I met you."

Ever since she met Xiao Tian, her days had become more colorful, and she felt as if the goddess of luck was always by her side.

First, she could solve all her problems with her ex-husband and Bai Yuzen. Second, his daughter was never sad again. And third, Ru Guo accepted her as her student. 

Ever since she met Xiao Tian, Long Jingxian's life changed completely as if Xiao Tian was a source of luck and she could get a lot of luck just by his side.

"I'm glad I can make your life so much better." Even though Xiao Tian still had no idea what he did to her, he did not mind it.

'It seems like she really loves me now. Hehe. I will make her can't live without me later.'

He added in his mind.

"Xiao Tian, does my presence make your day more beautiful?" Xiao Tian had made her life more colorful, so Long Jingxian wanted to know whether her presence made Xiao Tian's day more colorful or not.

Xiao Tian's face broke into a soft smile as he looked at Long Jingxian lovingly. "Yes. Your presence makes my life more colorful. I feel like the luckiest person to have such an amazing lover that you like."

'Especially when you visit my room in the middle of the night.'

Xiao Tian's pervert side chuckled in his head.

Happiness danced through her thoughts after hearing his words.

'I'm glad he feels the same way.'

Long Jingxian made a circle on Xiao Tian's chest again.

They talked for about twenty minutes before finally, they fell asleep. The following morning, Xiao Tian and Long Jingxian went to the cave after having breakfast.

Like usual, Long Jingxian studied medicine under Ru Guo's guidance. Ru Guo told Long Jingxian about all the important things when making medicines, poisons and so on.

But unlike yesterday, Ru Guo only taught Long Jingxian for about forty minutes before finally they stopped and headed to the cliff again. 

"Oh right, how did you two end up being lovers?" Ru Guo suddenly wanted to know how Xiao Tian and Long Jingxian ended up being lovers.

Xiao Tian and Long Jingxian exchanged a glance at each other. They did not expect her to ask such a question.

Since there was nothing to hide about their relationship, Xiao Tian started to tell everything. "It's like this…"

Xiao Tian told Ru Guo how he met Long Jingxian. He also said he helped Long Jingxian from her ex-husband and thugs.

"I see." After saying that, Ru Guo shifted her gaze from Xiao Tian to Long Jingxian. "So doesn't that mean he is your white knight?"

"Yes." Long Jingxian replied as she nodded her head. "I did not know what would happen to me and my daughter if Xiao Tian were not there for us."

Every time Long Jingxian remembered it, she always felt grateful to Xiao Tian. This was also the reason why she was in love with him.

"Oh right, Xiao Tian. Do your parents know about your relationship with her?" Ru Guo asked curiously.

"Yes." Xiao Tian nodded his head. "My mother knows about my relationship with her."

"What about your father?" Ru Guo asked again.

"I haven't met him since I was little so it doesn't matter whether he agrees or not because no matter what happen, I won't leave Jingxian." His father never visited him, so Xiao Tian did not care about his opinion if they met later.

Ru Guo's face turned sad before speaking, "It seems that you also have a difficult life."

"It's fine. I'm used to it now." Xiao Tian did not care about it anymore.

They then talked about many things again. Like yesterday, Xiao Tian and Long Jingxian decided to go home at 04:40 pm....


But Ru Guo suddenly asked something unexpected before they went home.

She wanted to hug Xiao Tian!

Xiao Tian and Long Jingxian were startled. 

"Sure." it was only a hug, so Xiao Tian did not mind it.

At this moment, Xiao Tian was sure it was because Ru Guo missed that person, someone who had a similar face to him. That was why she suddenly wanted to hug him.

Without waiting for another second, Ru Guo instantly embraced Xiao Tian. She hugged him tightly as if it were their last meeting.

As she was hugging Xiao Tian tightly, tears suddenly fell down her cheeks. Several memories also appeared in her head. 

"Aunt Ru, don't be sad." A cute kid said after hugging her. "I would protect you after I grew up later. I will never let anyone hurt you again."

Xiao Tian hugged her back.

'It seems like she really misses that person.'

Xiao Tian decided that he would ask about this matter to Lan Ruoxi and Zhao Sheng after he returned later.

Ten seconds…twenty seconds…thirty seconds…

It had been thirty seconds, but Ru Guo showed no sign of stopping. 

Her action made Long Jingxian curious.

'Why do I feel like the teacher misses someone?'

That was the question that appeared in her mind.

After stopping the hug, Ru Guo immediately wiped off her tears. "Sorry. I could not control my emotion."

"It's fine." Xiao Tian replied as he smiled. "Then we will go home now."

"Yes. Be careful on the road." Ru Guo uttered.

"Un." Xiao Tian nodded his head.

Ru Guo kept looking at them until Xiao Tian and Long Jingxian disappeared off into the distance. 

On the way home, Long Jingxian asked about Ru Guo's behavior. Xiao Tian then told her everything. He said that Ru Guo missed someone who had a similar face to him.

"I see." Long Jingxian finally understood everything. "Can you help her meet that person later?"

Ru Guo was her teacher, so Long Jingxian wanted to help Ru Guo meet that person.

"Un." Xiao Tian also felt sorry for Ru Guo, so he decided to help her later.

After arriving home, Xiao Tian and Long Jingxian immediately took a shower. As usual, they made a small bonfire in the front yard at 07:30 WIB.


Wushang City, Ru Guo's House.

On the terrace of a small wooden house, an old woman was sitting in a rocking chair. Her old face was filled with sadness as she looked up at the night sky.

Even though the night sky was so beautiful, that old woman's heart was still filled with sadness.

That old woman was none other than Ru Guo!

As Ru Guo was looking at the sky, three people suddenly appeared in front of her. They were all wielding weapons, and killing intent emanated from their bodies.

"We finally found you, Ru Guo!" one of them spoke.