illicit relationship

Chapter 948: I Only Want to Be Your Lover

The auction continued, but nothing caught Xiao Tian's eye. The same thing happened to Lian Xun and the others.

As a result, Xiao Tian only played with Wu Tang, causing him to overpay the item. Because they had nothing to do, they immediately returned to Lian Xun's house after taking the Phoenix sword.

Actually, Wu Tang wanted to stop Xiao Tian and the others immediately, but he changed his mind after finding out who Lian Xun was.


Lian Xun's house, Front Yard.

"Old man, I have kept my promise. Now is the time for you to fulfill your promise." After getting into his car earlier, Xiao Tian immediately gave the Phoenix sword to Lian Xun.

"Fine. Wait here." Because Xiao Tian had fulfilled his promise, Lian Xun immediately entered his house to take Xiao Tian's sword.

Happiness shimmered inside Xiao Tian when Lian Xun kept his word.

Not long after that, Lian Xun returned to the front yard and gave the special sword to Xiao Tian. "Here, take it."

Xiao Tian instantly took the special sword before swinging it twice.

'Good! This sword is finally mine.'

Xiao Tian was pleased because, with this, he could always fight his opponent with a sword later.

Lian Xun then turned around to face Lan Ruoxi. "Ruoxi, take this."

"Thank you, elder Lian." Lan Ruoxi took the Phoenix sword with a smile on her face.


Lian Xun's actions much surprised Xiao Tian.

'Why did he give the Phoenix sword to my future lover? Is he interested in my future lover? But isn't he a friend of lady Lan's parents? Has he forgotten how old he is?'

Countless questions emerged in Xiao Tian's mind.

Like Xiao Tian, Crystal was also startled. Because she had no idea about the relationship between Lan Ruoxi and Lian Xun, Crystal also thought Lian Xun was interested in Lan Ruoxi.

'Is this the so-called second puberty?'

However, Crystal did not say anything and only stared at Lian Xun and Lan Ruoxi.

When Lian Xun saw the expression on the faces of Xiao Tian and Crystal, he knew what they had in mind. "Don't get me wrong. I gave this sword to Ruoxi because her mother is the owner of this Phoenix sword."

Xiao Tian and Crystal were startled again.

"What elder Lian said is right. This sword belongs to my mother." After saying that, Lan Ruoxi embraced the sword with a smile on her face as if the sword was her mother.

"Then, does that mean the genius woman they spoke of in the Sun Auction House earlier is your mother?" Crystal asked curiously.

When they were at the Sun Action House earlier, everyone talked about the owner of the Phoenix sword.

"Un." Lan Ruoxi nodded her head.

"You are right. That genius woman is her mother." Lian Xun added, "Her mother was famous in the past and this Phoenix sword was the sword that always accompanied her when she was roaming in the world of martial artists."

Xiao Tian was not as surprised as before when he heard Lian Xun's words. Lan Ruoxi was a genius in martial arts so it was normal if her mother was also a prodigy in martial arts.

'The Phoenix sword belongs to her mother. Then why did the sword end up in the auction house?'

Xiao Tian widened his eyes when he realized something.

"Lady Lan, did something happen to your mother in the past?" Since Xiao Tian wanted to confirm whether what he had in mind was true or not, he decided to ask it.

"No. My mother lost her sword when she traveled to Beijing a few years ago." Lan Ruoxi lied to him.

"Lady Lan, tell me honestly. Where is your mother right now? And is your mother alright?" Xiao Tian felt something was wrong with her answer and behavior.

What she said was different from the expression on her face.

Lian Xun said the Phoenix sword was always with her mother, so it should be impossible for the Phoenix sword to end up in the auction house.

Lan Ruoxi's mother was skilled in martial arts and she lost her sword a few years ago, so it should be impossible for her not to look for her sword....

Several reasons appeared in Xiao Tian's mind and there was one thing that bothered him the most.

He suspected that something bad had happened to Lan Ruoxi's mother and her mother's condition had not improved until now.

A trace of sadness flashed on Lan Ruoxi's eyes for a second.

'Why is he so smart?'

Lan Ruoxi knew that Xiao Tian was a clever young man, but sometimes, he was too smart, to the point it scared her.

He could understand everything easily and his guesses were often correct. It was as if he was God who knew everything.

At this moment, Lan Ruoxi still did not say anything.

'Should I tell him about it?'

Lan Ruoxi wavered whether she should tell the truth or not.

Because Lan Ruoxi still had not answered his question, Xiao Tian asked again, "Why are you not saying anything?"

When Lian Xun saw Lan Ruoxi's complicated face, he sighed. "Xiao Tian, don't ask this question anymore."

"Why? Can you tell me the reason?" Xiao Tian was even more certain that something bad had happened to Lan Ruoxi's mother.

However, he could not force Lan Ruoxi to answer his question because he did not want to make her sadder.

"First, you are too weak. And second, her enemy is no ordinary enemy. He is from a very strong family." Lian Xun spoke and paused for a second before he continued, "Even if you know everything, you won't be able to do anything."

Xiao Tian shifted his gaze from Lian Xun to Lan Ruoxi. "Is that true?"

Lan Ruoxi did not answer but she nodded her head, giving a sign that Lian Xun was not lying to him.

Xiao Tian finally understood everything.

'So this is the reason why she wants a lover who is stronger than her.'

Xiao Tian often asked Lan Ruoxi to be his lover, but she always refused and said he had to be stronger than her if he wanted to be her lover.

All this time, Xiao Tian thought it was only an excuse. But now he knew it was not an excuse because it was related to her family.

'She has many underlings who are skilled in martial arts. She even has a lot of connections and money. But I didn't think that she still can't do anything to her enemy with that much influence. Just who is her enemy?'

Countless questions appeared in his mind, but Xiao Tian didn't ask them because he knew that Lan Ruoxi and Lian Xun would not answer his questions.

Xiao Tian stood in front of Lan Ruoxi and held her hands. "Lady Lan, I promise to help you take revenge in the future. I know I am still weak and have nothing now, but I can promise you that I will become much stronger and have an undefeated army in the future."

Determination flashed in Xiao Tian's eyes.

Lan Ruoxi was his future lover and had helped him many times, so whatever happened, Xiao Tian was determined to help Lan Ruoxi get revenge.

He didn't care even if her enemy was from a very strong family. For her sake, he would do anything. He even would burn the world if he needed to.

"All you need to do is stay alive and always by my side. Let me handle everything later." At this moment, Xiao Tian was still holding Lan Ruoxi's hands.

Lan Ruoxi's giggled seductively. "Hehe. Stay alive and always by your side? Young master Xiao, are you trying to take advantage of the situation again? You even keep holding my hands. Do you want to bed me so badly?"

"His playboy side came out again." Crystal uttered,

"What a playboy!" Lian Xun spoke abruptly. "You should focus on getting stronger first before saying something like that. You even can't defeat me."

Xiao Tian turned his head towards Lian Xun before cursing venomously in his heart.


Because Xiao Tian did not want to argue with Lian Xun, he pretended as if he did not hear anything.

"I don't want to sleep with you. I only want to be your lover." Xiao Tian uttered, "So how about we officially become lovers now?"

Instead of answering immediately, Lan Ruoxi looked at Crystal and inquired, "Crystal, he wants you so badly, so how about you become his lover today?"