illicit relationship

Chapter 947: It’s Nothing

"Now, we will be auctioning the next item." Leng Nichang's charming voice echoed in the hall.

As soon as Leng Nichang gave a sign, a waitress brought up a pair of silver gloves which were placed in a luxurious wooden box.

"This pair of silver gloves are called Zuxi gloves." Leng Nichang carefully held up the Zuxi gloves. "These Zuxi gloves are made of titanium and some other rare materials."

Leng Nichang then continued, "Not only are these gloves strong and light, but even an ordinary sword also would not be able to cut through these gloves. These gloves are perfect for martial artists who fight barehanded because with these gloves, they don't have to be afraid of swordsmen."

After hearing Leng Nichang's words, Xiao Tian was suddenly interested in the Zuxi gloves.

'This item is perfect for Chun Hua.'

Chun Hua fought barehanded, so Xiao Tian suddenly wanted to buy it for her.

When Lan Ruoxi saw Xiao Tian's expression, she immediately asked, "Are you interested in this item, young master Xiao?"

"Yes." Xiao Tian nodded his head, "This item is perfect for Chun Hua."

"Chun Hua? Is she your other lover?" Because Xiao Tian was a playboy, Lian Xun thought Chun Hua was one of Xiao Tian's women.

"She is my underling." Xiao Tian replied instantly.

'Why does this old man always think every woman I mention is my lover?'

Xiao Tian knew that he was a playboy, but he would not make every woman his lover.

"Your underling?" Lian Xun was startled by Xiao Tian's words. "I didn't expect you to care about your underlings too."

Xiao Tian's face instantly turned ugly.

'This old man is so annoying!'

He wanted to curse, but he suddenly remembered Lan Ruoxi.

'Calm down, calm down!'

Xiao Tian said in his head.

"Hehe." Lan Ruoxi and Crystal giggled when they saw Xiao Tian's face.

Like Xiao Tian, Wu Tang was also interested in Zuxi gloves. Zuxi gloves were one of the reasons why he came to the Sun Auction House.

His brother, Wu Hang, was a martial artist who fought barehanded. If he could get the Zuxi gloves for his brother, their gang would be much stronger later.

He and his brother always fought together. They were really powerful when they fought together. If his brother had these Zuxi gloves, they would be much stronger later.

And their dream of becoming the number one gang in Shanghai would be much easier to achieve.

'Whatever happens, I have to get these Zuxi gloves.'

Wu Tang was determined to get these Zuxi gloves no matter what.

After Leng Nichang described the item with her charming voice, the luxurious hall was filled with excitement again.

"Lady Leng Nichang, can you set the bottom price already?" one of the auctioneers impatiently yelled out.

While still showing her charming smile, Leng Nichang uttered, "The bottom price for these Zuxi gloves is 30,000 Yuan, and each increment must be at least 200 Yuan."

The price of the Zuxi gloves was the same as the price of the Phoenix sword because both items were made of special materials.

Like before, the price went up quickly, and within a couple of seconds, it got to 150,000 Yuan.

"170,000!" Wu Tang yelled out his price.

"It's him again!" several people on the first floor looked at Wu Tang annoyingly.

"I want these Zuxi gloves!" Wu Tang behaved as if he was the king in the Sun Auction House. "Everyone who dares to raise the price will be my enemy later."

A satisfied smile appeared on his face when he saw everyone's expressions.

'Good! With this, I can get these Zuxi gloves later.'

Wu Tang was sure no one dared to raise the price.

However, his happiness only lasted for two seconds because someone suddenly called out a price. "200,000 Yuan."

Wu Tang instantly turned his head towards the source of the sound.

'Xiao Tian!'...

Rage pulsed through his veins when he knew Xiao Tian yelled out his price.

"Xiao Tian, you already got Phoenix sword! Why do you still want these Zuxi gloves?" Wu Tang smoldered with resentment.

Previously, Xiao Tian also competed with him for the Phoenix sword, and because of Xiao Tian, he was unable to obtain the Phoenix sword.

He did not expect that Xiao Tian wanted to compete with him again.

"It's a good item, so of course, I also want it." Xiao Tian replied calmly. "Why? Do you want to threaten me again? You know it won't work, right?"

"201,000!" Wu Tang called out his price.

"220,000!" Xiao Tian raised the price to a whole new level.

Wu Tang gritted his teeth and clenched his fist before calling out his price, "221,000!"

"230,000!" like before, Xiao Tian raised the price to a whole new level.

Fury roared through Wu Tang's mind. However, he could not give up Zuxi gloves because it was related to his future gang. "231,000!"

"250,000!" Xiao Tian calmly yelled out his price.

"Xiao Tian!!" Wu Tang roared, causing his voice to reverberate in the hall of the Sun Auction House.

"300,000!" like what he did before, Xiao Tian raised the price again when Wu Tang roared in anger as if it was his way of mocking Wu Tang.

"Xiao Tian, I will kill you later!" Wu Tang did not care even if everyone heard his words because his body had been consumed by anger.

At that time, all he wanted to do was kill Xiao Tian. If the Sun Auction House was not guarded by thirty martial artists at the master stage, he would have already dashed towards Xiao Tian and killed Xiao Tian right there.

"350,000!" Xiao Tian still raised his price as if he did not hear anything.

"Young master Xiao, it seems like you really want these Zuxi gloves." Lan Ruoxi spoke abruptly. "You are even willing to pay more than the Phoenix sword."

"Of course, because these gloves are perfect for my underling." Xiao Tian repeated his previous answer. "Whatever happens, I will get these Zuxi gloves for Chun Hua."

"351,000!" Wu Tang's eyes were bloodshot.

Right after Wu Tang yelled out his price, Xiao Tian rose to his feet and clasped his hand. "Congratulation, Mr. Wu, for obtaining Zuxi gloves!"


The entire area turned into a dead silence.

Previously, everyone thought Xiao Tian would keep raising the price. They did not expect that he would suddenly stop bidding.

Xiao Tian even congratulated Wu Tang. However, everyone knew that it was a fake congratulation because anyone could tell that Xiao Tian was taunting Wu Tang.

"Hahaha…" the silence hall broke out after Lian Xun burst into waves of laughter.

He finally understood that all this time, Wu Tang had been played by Xiao Tian.

At this moment, black lines formed on Lan Ruoxi's forehead.

'Young master Xiao, what happened to your previous words? Didn't you say you would get these Zuxi gloves for Chun Hua? How can you give up so easily like this? You even congratulated Wu Tang?'

Like everyone, Lan Ruoxi thought Xiao Tian would keep raising the price because he said he would get these Zuxi gloves for Chun Hua.

"He is really evil!" Crystal stated after understanding everything.

Wu Tang finally realized that he had been played by Xiao Tian this entire time.

"I will kill you later, Xiao Tian!" Wu Tang mused, "No, I will torture you before killing you. It's the price for humiliating me!"

"Boss, calm down." Wu Tang's underlings tried to calm him down. "We will take our revenge later."

Wu Tang pressed down his anger and looked at the stunned Leng Nichang, "Lady Leng Nichang, should the auction end?"

Leng Nichang instantly smiled and lightly tapped the small hammer in her right hand. "The Zuxi Gloves item auction was won by Mr. Wu Tang."

After Xiao Tian sat down on the couch, Lan Ruoxi inquired, "Young master Xiao, didn't you say you would get these gloves for Chun Hua? Why did you let Wu Tang get these gloves? Your actions are different from your words."

"It's fine." Xiao Tian replied calmly. "I will bring my underlings to Lion's gang headquarters tomorrow. Hehe. I will teach that Wu Tang a lesson and destroy his gang later. That's why it doesn't matter if he gets those Zuxi gloves now because it will end up in my hands later."

"You are not bad, Xiao Tian." Lian Xun stated, "I like your method!"

"it's nothing. It's nothing! Elder Lian is overpraising me. I just want to lighten the mood because the atmosphere here is too tense." Xiao Tian smiled brightly as if there had never been any hatred between Xiao Tian and Lian Xun.