Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 1884: Moving Within The Space Bubbles


The young man instantly flew in the opposite direction and saw that the doors no longer shone in a green light but red light, meaning that the pathways had closed as he had already chosen a door, but just before his heart could fall into despair, he saw that a door above him possessed green light.

He instantly changed directions and reached that point in a few seconds, but a cold yet melodious voice suddenly echoed.


The force of the voice was shocking that he suddenly came to a halt before the green door.

Abruptly, a blonde-haired beauty appeared beside him, not even turning her head to glance at him with her cold purple eyes, the very sight of it inducing a piercing chill in his heart as he felt that he was encased in frigid ice.

"Ahh… what did I do to deserve this?"

He could talk, but, becoming restrained to a level that he could not even move his fingers, he almost began to cry. He couldn't understand why he would fear a woman in his age group, having his horizons widened. But the most excruciating thing of all this is his luck so far.

After all, making it to this level, even if it was luck, the journey wasn't any easier as he had to avoid all sorts of trouble and be in the right group. Why did his luck have to run out now?

Just holding a bit longer might've luckily pushed him to the top ten, and that very thought alone crushed him to pieces.

"I give up!"

The frigid ice that was slowly slithering on him stopped before a white light covered him, sending him outside.

When he reappeared outside, he heard a cacophony of laughter that instantly made his expression turn ugly as well as become crimson from shame.

He got ousted by a woman who was not even thirty years old! All that pride he had cultivated along with his cultivation that reached the Supreme Domain, towering over others in his sect, ended up came crashing down like a collapsing palace.

However, his eyes suddenly caught sight of the ranking and saw that his name was at the sixteenth position.


His heart shook, and when he turned to look above, he saw a blue-robed person standing right in front of a door, looking mortified.

"Ahahahah! I'm not the first to be eliminated!"


The blue-robed person became incensed. The worst thing was that he actually moved backward and ended up eliminating himself that his anger now exploded, causing him to subconsciously move to attack the person below.


However, he was suddenly restricted by a formless might, causing his heart to shake.


The arbitrator's voice commandingly echoed, causing his expression to churn as he knew that it was none other than Honorable Elder Mihangel Evans using Mandate Laws. A few seconds later, he suppressed his rage and left.

Meanwhile, the person who Clara ousted felt good that he wasn't the first to be eliminated, taking pride in the misery of others to somewhat restore his pride as he also left.

The crowd was laughing their asses off at this scene, finding this just too funny.

"Hehe, Clara is ruthless..." Mo Mingzhi giggled....


"Hehe, I think so too."

Fiora chimed in, causing Davis to look amused.

"How come?"

"She clearly could've stopped her opponent when she saw him, but she chose to stop him just before he could escape." Mo Mingzhi couldn't stop her giggling, "It's like giving hope and taking it away from them at the last second."

"Yes, it's ruthless if you put it like that, but I thought it was a matter of impact." Davis shrugged lightly, "Otherwise, the opponent wouldn't give up easily either, thinking they might have some chance, so I can't say if Clara is intentionally ruthless or not, but it was I who taught her how to make an opponent submit although she might've learned more through experience in her days as a young empress."

Mo Mingzhi and Fiora opened their mouths agape at Davis as though they were exasperated. He taught his little sister to be a tyrant?

Davis grinned at them before he turned to look at the battle stage.

Before, he saw that Sophie missed her ticket to elimination as to her back and above led to the outside. She was in the northwest most room; first row, first column room, and perhaps, she didn't even think before deciding to move forward, which ended up saving her from elimination as a result.

A Burning Phoenix Ridge disciple and another youngster who possessed a Supreme Domain clashed in the fifth row, first column room as the Burning Phoenix Ridge disciple entered as she moved back from the room situated in the fourth-row first column.

Another Burning Phoenix Ridge Disciple was in the second row, second column room, heading towards her back and ending up in the first row, second column room. If she takes a straight way, she will end up directly outside, making her fellow disciples scream at her not to go that way.

In the first row, third column room stayed Tanya Frostblight. She moved straight and ended up entering the second row, third column room where she encountered a Supreme Domain Peak-Level Law Dominion Stage Cultivator who entered from the second row, fourth column room, becoming stiff upon seeing her that he tried to escape through the door that he had entered but had quickly closed on him, trapping him in with her.

Tanya Frostblight took out a sword as she challenged him, but she seemed to have her head slightly lowered, looking a bit perplexed while her brows were narrowed, her complexion a bit heavy for some reason.

In the fourth row, second column room, Mu Bing moved straight and ended up in the third row, second column room, encountering no one. However, she turned back to see two individuals entering her previous room.

Niera was in the fifth row, second column room. She moved straight, almost escaping elimination because if she had moved to her back, the open space awaited her. She would've gone out of the spatial bubble like the person who got eliminated first.

She was surprised to see Mu Bing leaving the room. However, her gaze lowered as she saw an exquisite beauty entering from the door below.

"What a coincidence..."

She smiled, causing the woman below to also smile.

"Niera Alstreim, now that we met, I have no choice but to go all-out to defeat you."

"Indeed, there is no need to hold back, Kara Moonridge, because I don't think I can hold back against your flexible movements as well."


Fire and Yin Domains extended five kilometers from Niera and Kara Moonridge's bodies. However, there was also a three-kilometer ice domain superimposing on Kara Moonridge's five-kilometer yin domain.

"Two Perfect Domains…" Niera's brows sharply narrowed before she smiled, "Although your Ice-Attributed Perfect Domain is lacking, it seems like I don't truly need to hold back at all."

Crimson fires discharged with a heavy rising temperature on one side while the atmosphere turned freezing on the other.


Mu Bing saw that Niera and Kara Moonridge were about to clash before the door closed on her. Her brows were frowning, wondering why she didn't get to have the chance to fight against opponents like them as she turned to look around, finding no one.

Moreover, all the doors were glimmering with red light, meaning that she was trapped for some unknown time, perhaps a minute or more. After all, it was only told that they should make a move within the first minute to choose the first door. As for the later choices, perhaps they could wait indefinitely until the competition ends, or perhaps, there might be some consequences.