Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 1878: Little Snow Fairy (R-18)

Davis approached Iesha, who began to tremble ever so slightly as she saw him arrive in front of her. She could only match gazes with his eyes, looking lovely as the crown over her ears shone in an icy light, emitting a chill that made Davis want to hug her.

Without saying anything, he suddenly grabbed her sweet chin that appeared cold to the touch. However, he felt it becoming warmer by the second as blood rushed to that spot, also making her cheek warm with beauty, fueling her appearance with a rich yet charming sensation of otherworldly royalty.

"Iesha, you're so beautiful.."

Davis took his time enjoying the shy countenance of Iesha before he leaned and kissed her blue lips that possessed a pale shade. Her soft, thin lips were cold without change, and he had no doubt that she could freeze him, but they slowly became warm, matching his actions as she tried to reciprocate.

It was an indescribable feeling that made Davis want more as he fiercely sucked on her small sweet lips.

"Mhmm… Phm… Nmm…"

Davis didn't leave her bluish tongue alone but tangled with it as much as possible, sucking her mouth's lovely nectar fluids. The yin energy floating in her fluids was so high that he could refine it and send it back to through his own saliva, but that was not efficient at all, but he kept doing it anyway.

Iesha melted in his embrace as Davis had his arms around her. They exchanged their love with each other as she began to feel warmth all over her body. This kind of feeling made her feel inflamed, in a good way, not like where she imagined where she could get burned.

"Wuh… I like this..."

She added a few words as she wrapped his arm around his shoulders, and that was a good sign to Davis that she was opening up more that he pushed her on the bed and began to remove her robes while still kissing her.

The erotic sounds of their kissing became prevalent, making them both fall into a trance.

However, his handiwork was quick that he stripped her off her undergarments in a few seconds and what appeared in front of his gaze when he stopped kissing her and raised his head to look was her massive twin peaks that bounced from all the shaking during undressing.

Iesha's face was crimson by this time as her breathing became heavier rushed, her countenance exuding the femme fatale. She tried to hide her bosoms with her palms, but his arms grabbed them while he kept his gaze at her fullness that could only be revealed to her loved one.

"You… like them…?"

"I love them..."

Iesha expectantly asked when Davis rasped before he plunged and took her blueberry-colored nipples into his mouth, nibbling and sucking on it with the utmost passion.


Iesha threw her head as she uttered a pleasurable cry. The sudden emergence of this unknown pleasure caused her to squirm, and that greatly kneaded his rock-hard dick that rubbed against her bare skin around her midriff.

This kind of constant yet innocent egging made Davis feel lust while his dick could feel the coldness of her body that became warm. He couldn't get enough of this indescribable sensation, and if he were to explain it, it would be like hugging each other in a cold shower, sharing warmth when it was also freezing.

Positioning his lower body a bit lower, he couldn't help but set his member between her thick thighs, right in front of her tender cave hole that already exuded a warm sensation.

Davis continued to suck her tender nipples that turned stiff from his kneading. His fingers sunk into her pale bluish-white skin, generating more heat instead....


The size of her voluptuous breasts was enough to overflow his hands. Even if her twin peaks could not compare to Evelynn, she would definitely compare to Isabella's and Lea Weiss's, but that didn't matter to him as this icy spirit was completely a new race, a new entity to him.

He hadn't even made love with Nadia yet, but he was already with a spirit that was practically rare in the human Territories.

Taking his head away from her dark blue nipples, he ran his tongue over her bountiful breasts, making his way to her tender neck, and sucked on it. The exquisite taste and icy feeling made him feel that she was an ice cream to be licked clean.


Iesha turned her head the other way around, instinctively giving him more space. It felt wantonly good as she demanded more in an innocent manner. However, her eyes caught sight of Natalya's that she couldn't help but close her eyes in shame, but the pleasure he provided her overwhelmed her, making her want to forget all these things, wanting to become one with him.

"Davis… Let's become completely intimate..."

Iesha's eyes were misty as she meltingly spoke while being pressed underneath his body. Her tender voice caused Davis to stop before he aligned his face with hers and solemnly nodded.

Placing a gentle kiss on her adorable forehead, his lower body adjusted and closed in on the center of her little cave. Without a stop, he pried her cave open until his rock-hard member was half inside her.

"Hsss… so warm..."

Davis held her waist as he penetrated her sex. He plunged himself deep inside her fleshly cave hole while Iesha flinched and held him tightly as she pasted her entire body against him, looking scared, bewildered, and joyful in finally becoming one with him in sequence.

Davis's mouth was agape as though he was going to drool while his rock-hard penis became coated in a crimson red, her primal yin essence entering him as it was being absorbed through the pores of his sex.

Inside, it was so hot, but outside, it was practically a fleshly chill pillow he was holding. This kind of extremity made him feel the unexplored and unbearable pleasure that rocked his mind and soul. Her body slowly became warm to his embrace, making him feel as though he was now relaxing in a warm bath instead.

The spirit's icy physique and boiling hot blood kept him trapped in a cage of variating pleasure that sought to seduce him.

On the other side of the embrace, Iesha felt scared by his searing hot rod invading her, but his embrace was filled with warmth, providing her with the security she needed. She could feel him twitch inside her, and those little movements made her thin pale blue lips agape, making her heave sighs of pleasure as her breathing became rushed once again.

If he was not careful, he felt that he would explode inside her already as he could not control the pleasure as he could before. The woman, the spirit under him, was too tender, her smooth, icy, pale bluish-white skin with a red hue making him want to make love with her forever.

Becoming charmed by Iesha's body, Davis looked into her white pupils.

"Iesha Frostrain, when the time comes, I want you to give birth to my baby."

"Mhm! I want your child, Davis…!"

Iesha eagerly declared with loving eyes as they reached each other's lips and began crazily kissing each other. Their tongues wrapped around as Davis pressed his member on the snow-white fairy, beginning to plow her with passion.