Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 1877: I Hate This (R-18)

Once Davis had his fun with Natalya's lovely breasts, he lifted his face and caught a glimpse of her satisfied and ecstatic expression. However, once her glazed eyes caught him looking at her, her expression instantly changed as she began to struggle again.

"Young Master… no! You can't do this…! This slave servant will no longer try to escape and will be at the mercy of the Davis Family. Please have mercy~"

She looked so terrified of him that Davis felt like he had to really give it to her, give the 'D' that is, as he threw his robe off and lowered his pants and took out his gorging member that pointed at Natalya's face under his hold, causing her to truly become stiff for a moment.

"Look at you become so teary-eyed. This Young Master might let you go if you quell this raging cock of mine."


Natalya's voice was squeaky as though she couldn't understand when Davis suddenly reached out his hand and captured her chin before reaching out with his thumb finger as he stroked her crimson lips, feeling her sensual softness.

It didn't take much for Natalya to understand what exactly he wanted, but she forcefully turned her head away, appearing to be disgusted.

Davis's brows furrowed, "It seems like you need a thorough beating, huh? I'll whip you with hundred lashes that are going to tear your flesh apart and even your alluring beauty."


Natalya suddenly felt the immense pressure overwhelming her. She trained in Ice Laws, but at this moment, she felt like she was surrounded by a frigid atmosphere that she couldn't help but gulp.

"Young Master, no! Anything but that…!"

"What a little minx you are, worrying over your beauty than protecting the family's name, the family that brought you up..."

As Davis held her chin, he lowered it, looking at her wet and warm tongue, churning with many strands of slimy liquid that deeply attracted him.

"Perhaps, you don't have to use your lower hole if you can satisfy me with this..."

Hearing his words, Natalya opened her mouth even more as though she reluctantly gave in, causing Davis to lewdly smile.

He moved a bit forward, slowly penetrating her warm mouth with his rock-hard dick. It touched the top of her tongue before brushing the smoothness of it until the tip had entered wholly.

The familiar lukewarm sensation he craved for a long time filled his body with pleasure.


Davis couldn't help but close his eyes, wanting to feel the full extent of her slimy mouth. There was no need for him to actually restrain since Natalya was experienced. He entered all the way slowly, fully delivering his member insider her mouth. It went deeper and almost succumbed to her abyss, twitching in pleasure. His rock-hard dick inside her throat made him feel extremely comfortable and pleasurable.

It was like she completely seduced him with her sensual mouth alone.

Natalya began to massage him with her throat. She did not feel any gagging sensation at all but sucked the semi-yang essence that kept dripping out of his tip. The scalding heat of his rod, the unadulterated scent, and the taste of it made her go crazy.


It wasn't only until a few moments later did she remember to act again, struggling ever so lightly as she hummed in distress, but even that ended up sending vibrations throughout the length of the dick that Davis couldn't help but twitch in pleasure.

"You little minx, how can your mouth feel so good!?"

Davis held her cheeks and began to pull out. However, when he reached her lips, he thrust back all the way in again. He kept pounding her mouth without mercy, having the feeling like he headed deeper and deeper each time as his scalding hot dick slid in her mouth and throat.


It didn't take Davis long to burst inside her throat as he buried himself deep, and Natalya kept on sucking him without a problem, making him think that she was a descendant of a true succubus if one ever existed. His trembling never stopped until it was five minutes.

However, the amount of yang essence he shot into her kept filling her belly, and knowing that the rate that she could take and refine had been exceeded with the past experiences, he took out his trembling cock and sprayed thick white essence all over her face.


Natalya was truly startled. However, she let him do as he pleased, causing her to become covered in his scent. In the end, he painted her bosoms in his essence as well, making her feel slimy but glancing at Davis possessing a melted expression on his face, she was utterly satisfied but not satisfied down there....


"Young Master… I feel strange down there..."

Natalya coquettishly uttered. Her voice came off as confused and needy, making Davis's rock-hard member twitch as it hovered above her face. Davis smirked and was just about to respond when a white flash of light suddenly emerged from Natalya and manifested by their side.

"Waaa!~ Davis, why are you so cruel to Natalya? You can't be like this… I hate this… Wuwuwu~"

Tears fell, but they became crystallized as they fell and shattered into shards when they touched the bed sheet, wetting them.

Davis and Natalya were dumbfounded to see Iesha come out and cry while not looking at them as she used both her palms to block her eyesight.

"Natalya, did you not put a veil on her sight…?"

"No, I did. She peeked out, and since she is the stronger one, I couldn't sense it..."

Davis believed Natalya's words that they exchanged through soul transmission and sighed at the crying Iesha.

"Iesha, listen to me..."

It took him a whole full minute to make her calm and another minute to explain to her what had happened.

"Really? That was just a play? An act?"

Hearing Iesha's innocent voice as she still refused to look at them, Davis nodded.

"Indeed. Natalya and I were just playing. If you don't believe us, take a look at Natalya."

Iesha bit her lips and slowly peeked through the space between her fingers.

By this time, Natalya had cleaned herself. She was just her naked self, smiling at Iesha with a teasing expression on her face.

"Was it too stimulating for a spirit like you?"

"As if…!"

Iesha retorted while her icy, pale bluish-white cheek blushed with a crimson hue, dyed in embarrassment. She carefully saw Natalya's expression, and only then did she believe Davis's words, becoming relaxed, but she then hurriedly closed her eyes as she became panicked.

She was just about to turn into a strand of white light when a solemn voice echoed.


Natalya's solemn voice resounded in Iesha's ears, causing her to bite her lips. She shyly looked at Davis, clenching her fists together before she relaxed.

"Davis, I think I am ready... to be truly taken as your wife..."

Davis's heart skipped a beat as he heard Iesha utter the sentence he was waiting for. However, the timing couldn't be any worse. He turned to look at Natalya and didn't feel like it was appropriate to leave her just like that without satisfying her.

"I'll satisfy you first..."

Davis sent Natalya a soul transmission, but Natalya's eyes quickly narrowed.

"No…! Iesha finally decided to trust you with her body. That's a big leap to anyone with her mindset! You have to take her now, or it's going to be never!"

Looking at her fear-mongering, Davis became flabbergasted. It was not like Iesha was going to run anywhere, but then, he suddenly felt that was why he was so lax about her.

Inwardly cursing himself for his negligence, he turned to look at Iesha and slowly nodded his head, causing her icy heart to skip a beat.