Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 1876: Stealing A Bride? (R-18)

Davis closed the door, uttering words of desire as he entered.

Natalya's heart shook as she heard his desirous voice that she couldn't help but reveal a wide smile on her face that had been charmingly indifferent in order to seduce him.

"I saw what was going on outside."

She pointed to the projection that displayed the Alstreim Family's seating area as she spoke.

"Hm? The people in resting quarters can all view us?"

"They could…" Natalya moved her hand and picked up a formation core that she hid behind, "They only need to change the direction of the projection to see what they want."

As Natalya spoke, she poured energy into it, controlling the projection to display the Thousand Pill Palace's seating area that was currently in an uproar.

"Husband, I never thought you would go steal a bride."

Natalya giggled while Davis scratched cheek as he became a little embarrassed by the trouble he caused, "Well, I didn't mean to do that, but it just happened."

"Do you want to… steal a bride now?"

Davis blinked, looking at Natalya's strange expression, "What do you mean? I do admire Dalila Leehan, but it's not actually enough to steal her from someone else. It was only with second mother's request that I-"

"Ahh!!! Who are you!? Why did you kidnap me and bring me here!?"

Natalya's expression became terrified as she crawled back, hurriedly covering her ample breasts as she looked at him with quivering lips.


It momentarily left Davis wide-eyed in shock before he suddenly understood.

'Holy heavens… is this what she meant?"

Davis had no idea who put her up to this role-playing activity because she had begun using dirty words last time.

Was it Mo Mingzhi? Someone else? Or perhaps herself?

Nevertheless, he instantly put on his game face as he cracked his head to the side, his countenance becoming cold.

"Heh! You're a slave servant who dared to run out of this Young Master's mansion and marry a random person whom I have no idea of. How could I let you go when you're the most desired beauty, little minx?"

"What!? You're the Young Master of the Davis Family!?"

Natalya reacted with a gasp as her cheeks blushed, acting as though as she had never seen her Young Master before.

"That's right!

"No, please don't hurt me..."

Natalya possessed an anxious expression on her face as she shook her head.


Davis couldn't act anymore as he watched her act with a helpless type of charm. He could sense that she was actively using Charm Laws and had no idea where he learned that in this short time, even though her law intent was just little....


He walked towards her with momentum and climbed on top of the bed, making his way towards while she slowly crawled back, but in a few moments, he was on top of her, locking her down as he grasped her tender breasts, causing Natalya to feel a pleasant shock over that familiar sensation.

"Ah~ Young Master… Please forgive this slave… servant~"

Natalya's blush became more enhanced as she begged for mercy, the blood rushing on top of her head as she felt great pleasure from his fierce kneading and occasional pinching of her pink buds with his fingers, making her moan but not as much as she would as it wasn't time yet.

She bit her lips and displayed a helpless expression, appearing to be under the mercy of her Young Master, yet in truth, the more she let him play with her breasts, the more she felt limp, her legs that were trapped under constantly twitching, wanting to seek his hot rod that could pierce her to death.

"Young Master… I beg you..."

While Davis supposedly was having his way with her, Natalya's lips were agape as she struggled to get out of his embrace while showing a bit of effort, but in reality was egging on his scalding hot rod that was growing bigger and bigger, hitting her stomach. She was starting to run out of breath as she gasped, and that appeared extremely flirtatious to Davis, who wanted to caress her more.

"I will release you… but only after I'm thoroughly satisfied with you… Hahaha…"

He evilly cackled, wanting to look like a villain before he bent and took Natalya's mouth with his lips, sharing a searing kiss!


Natalya hurriedly shook her head, but then suddenly, her narrowed eyes went wide as two hands clasped her cheeks, trapping her in place as an overbearing tongue entered, exploring the insides of her mouth as though it sought for treasures but in the excavating her essence while putting of him in hers.

This maneuver of his almost made Natalya forget about the role-play, wanting to kiss him to suffocation but then, still had some sanity to keep it going as she now struggled using her hands and body, all because she wanted to please him because Mo Mingzhi said that he would love this kind of scenario during a casual talk and it seems like he really did.


Davis let go of Natalya's mouth with the erotic sound of their lips parting, looking at her misty eyes and melted expression as though she was conquered for the first time.

He leaned to her cheek and kissed gently, but then extended his tongue as he began to lick all the way up to her eyes, wiping her tear with his tongue like a sick bastard before making his way to her ear, wanting to lick them clean while sucking on it.

"Awha~ Young Master… no..."

Natalya's breathing became heavier. She used her full strength tried to push him away but couldn't, and that made up for some kind of realism that made her feel dominated. His unhurried movements of licking and sucking traveled to the side of her pale white neck, causing her to moan again in pleasure as she felt his hot breath and slimy tongue running all over her.

Their clothes were rustling while rubbing on each other in the struggle. It depicted an erotic situation that they both craved.

Before long, Natalya felt limp from the pleasure again, and that was when Davis began to strip her off her clothes.

"Ah don't…! No~"

Natalya flailed as though she was resisting, but when her undergarments were pulled off, causing her breasts to bounce towards him, Davis became struck with the beautiful raw image of his second wife.

Both his hands subconsciously grabbed the fullness of her twin peaks, causing him to knead them once again as he felt the soft yet firm sensation. The pale white flesh of her lovely bosoms squeezed out between the gap of his fingers. She appeared extremely beautiful in his eyes, causing him to go further as he interchanged between fondling her boobs in a hard and soft manner, wanting to see more of her reactions.

Her delectable nipples were already stiff with need, causing him to throw himself at her.

"Ah~ Young Master… this… feels… unpleasant..."

Natalya moaned the opposite as she felt her tits being played with and sucked inside his mouth. It felt extremely pleasurable that she held on his head closer, pushing her bosoms against him while flailing her body. Her bosoms lightly slapped his face while he alternated and sucked on both her tits with a savage ferocity, making her feel wild.

This kind of play really felt good that she thanked Mo Mingzhi in her heart!