Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 1771: Purple Soul Flame Lantern

The Infernal Lightning Emperor and Deprived Soulstir Emperor looked at this scene with wide eyes full of disbelief.

The Blood World Emperor had died from the strange purple flame lantern floating behind him.

"When you three are using Legacy Artifacts against me, it's not fair if I don't use one, right?"

Davis sneered at them, which made their expression twist in rage.

He had already regained his balance and neared the flaming body of the Blood World Emperor that still withstood the purple flames as he raised his hand and pulled the purple flame lantern towards him with a swipe of his hands while also collecting two other things, including his spatial ring.

With the Blood World Emperor relatively being the weakest in terms of soul defense on top of losing his crimson halberd as he threw it towards him, Davis decided that he should take the Blood World Emperor's life as it had the most success rate. And as expected, even with them being cautious of his mysterious life-stealing technique and protecting their souls to the fullest, the Blood World Emperor was unable to withstand the soul-extinguishing effect of the purple flame lantern.

"The Soul Palace lent you their Legacy Artifact, the Purple Soul Flame Lantern!?"

The Infernal Lightning Emperor raged. If this was the case, he felt that they should've raided the Soul Palace when they had the chance back then.

"Didn't I already tell you two that the Soul Palace is mine? Did you think that we are in an alliance or something?"

Davis's expression became amused. With the Purple Soul Flame Lantern floating above his palm, he felt more emboldened, not to mention the three wicked path hegemons had reduced to two now.

The Purple Soul Flame Lantern's spirit had initially refused to submit to him, even after he displayed his Death Laws to it. It had become shaken a bit, but that's all. It still held its pride and refused to submit to him, who forcefully conquered the Soul Palace.

However, after he used a strand of Fallen Heaven's death energy on it during the time he spent training with Nadia, it became aghast and submitted, just like all other entities displayed immense fear towards it as though it was completely threatening their entire existences. This inexplicable fear once again told Davis that he couldn't possibly near its purity in Death Laws, or any other laws it was capable of unleashing for that matter, for he was already convinced that it was an apex treasure sought out by even the most prominent powers in the world of immortals.

The inscribed words of Tian Cangjie in the abandoned temple still disturbed him more or less, but along with the Calamity Light, he knew that these were things that would only come to haunt him in the future, so he wasn't that bothered.

His sapphire eyes flashed with a peculiar light when a fiery blaze suddenly descended on the Infernal Lightning Emperor.


The cry of a phoenix echoed as the Infernal Lightning Emperor was engulfed in bright scarlet flames. However, using his crimson staff that became monstrously big, radiating an immense infernal crackling might, it defended against the scarlet flames.


The Infernal Lightning Emperor quickly retreated towards the side.

However, the crimson staff quickly caved in and plunged towards the ground before it finally hit the surface and smashed thousands of people into meat paste while its impact also crushed many. The scarlet flames caused a crack to form on this Legacy Artifact, causing the Infernal Lightning Emperor who used it to survive this attack to become aghast.

Fortunately, the scarlet flames faded as the crimson staff survived. However, cracks could be seen on its body as it trembled, trying to return to its master, but halfway through, it revealed more cracks, appearing as if it was on the verge of breaking.


Suddenly, a curvy crimson robed figure appeared as a fine leg stomped on the crimson staff, shattering it into many pieces.


The Infernal Lightning Emperor spat out a mouthful of blood as he trembled, feeling the connection he had with his Legacy Artifact become severed. His furious expression that displayed his raging emotions from seeing his prized daughter die right beside him quickly faded, replaced with the fear of losing his life again as he felt a lot of his blood essence wane from this severance....


Even the Emperor of Death was unable to harm his Legacy Artifact like this, so he finally understood what the Blood World Emperor had been trying to say before the Emperor of Death almost assassinated him.

"How in the world did this wench become powerful enough to battle two levels higher!?'

His scalp turned numb as he looked at a woman make him feel fear, veins bulging on his head as he felt his pride and ego hurt.

He couldn't remember the last time he was afraid of a woman, so this foreign feeling cast a heavy shadow on him, especially when he looked at an escaping silhouette in the distance; his eyes almost became dull in hopelessness.

Indeed, the Deprived Soulstir Emperor already seemed to have escaped using his blood essence at top speed when he sensed the presence of Sect Master Lea Weiss like the Blood World Emperor initially did. The Deprived Soulstir Emperor gained a lot of distance and managed to disappear into the horizons, and just when he turned to look at the Emperor of Death and Sect Master Lea Weiss, he saw that they were both looking at him as though they were eagles who had their eyes on their prey.

The Infernal Lightning Emperor suddenly stood still at a loss, not knowing what to do. He wanted to escape, but he knew that these two would exterminate his empire if he escaped. Unlike the other wicked path powers, he treated his family better than most in exchange for treating all other people like shit, but that just made him locked down here as he began to quiver.

"You can have him, but you won't mind if I rob his treasury, right?"

Davis glanced at Sect Master Lea Weiss and spoke, knowing that she would probably fight him if he said that he wanted to kill.

"Don't bother."

Just when Davis thought she also wanted the loot, which was reasonable yet shameless, Sect Master Lea Weiss shook her head.

"The wicked path follows the strongest, which means that even if they have a Treasury, the most prized possessions are with their strongest, which is their hegemon. Considering that they would've expected this scenario as they offended you, all Emperor Grade and even King Grade Treasures are already with them."

"This is also why they have only a single Legacy Artifact instead of many because once a Legacy Artifact reaches a certain level or they end up having two, they'll just give in to their temptation and take it along with them as they ascend, leaving only one. Sometimes, the wickedest of them all would not respect the power that nurtured them. and take even the only Legacy Artifact with them."

Hearing Sect Master Lea Weiss's sudden lengthy explanation, Davis smiled as he came to understand that she had calmed.

"Oh, I see. So that means that I have all, if not; most of the treasures from the Blood Reaper Underworld Palace?"


Sect Master Lea Weiss nodded, and Davis promptly checked the Blood World Emperor's spatial ring, which made his eyes go wide in astonishment towards the extreme amount of resources he had, especially resources that increased one's Blood Laws and Darkness Laws. However, it also had many things he frowned upon, making him feel nauseous before he looked away.

'If it's like this, then the Spatial Blight Emperor's would also be....'

Davis hadn't checked Spatial Blight Emperor's ring yet, but he took out a treasure from the Blood World Emperor, and it turned out to be the Grand Burning Phoenix Crown. He sent this Legacy Artifact towards Sect Master Lea Weiss as it floated towards her. However, she didn't instantly take it but looked at him with a complex expression before she took the crown and wore it on her head.

The Grand Burning Phoenix Crown, which had not been bound, could instantly be used by Sect Master Lea Weiss as it accepted her. But at this point, Sect Master Lea Weiss felt that the binding they once shared was of no use to her as her prowess had already exceeded its support capability, for she knew that she could suppress even Ancestor Cornelia with her bloodline prowess if she wanted to, but she dared not as she possessed immense respect for such a character.

Nevertheless, once she wore the Grand Burning Phoenix Crown, the regal look of her became increasingly majestic, especially with her veil hiding her features, revealing on her eyes anda hint of her beauty over the semi-transparency.

She raised her hand and pointed at the Infernal Lightning Emperor, who had his expression churn in anger mixed with shame.

"Trash who killed my disciples and elders, I won't let you die a painless death~"



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