Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 1769: Striking The Wicked Path

A dark scythe was in Davis's hand as he held it. However, it swayed in the air like a source of wicked steam before it disappeared, causing the people who were dumbstruck to see that it was nothing more than the Emperor of Death's energy that sliced through the Blood World Emperor.

However, they saw that the body part that was severed and extinguished into nothingness by the Emperor of Death was nothing more than the Blood World Emperor's forearm.

The Blood World Emperor's throat was partly slashed along with his arm, blood spurting from the deep gash on both severed areas as he retreated. His head looked as if it was going to fall, but then vigorous blood energy rushed from his throat and attached his head, pulling it closer as if stitching himself back.

The death energy corrupting his neck was inadequate, so his own vigorous blood energy was able to cleanse it and make him appear as though he was uninjured, although he looked at his left arm, his expression appearing as though he had eaten shit before the fear of death became apparent in his eyes.

He was unable to regenerate his arm as he stitched his half-sliced throat!

"What kind of energy is this death energy!?"

He became horrified that his instincts were telling him to escape. However, he knew that he might die from that mysterious life-stealing technique if he tried to escape again, leaving him with the only option to fight back to death.

He didn't know why the Emperor of Death didn't use it but felt like he could use it to his benefit, take advantage of his confidence to ambush and kill him.

'All geniuses had one weakness, and that's overconfidence...'

As a genius himself, Blood World Emperor was extremely aware of this fact.

On the other hand, Davis frowned that his move didn't kill the Blood World Emperor in one slice. Although the other party was a hegemon, he was fairly confident in his assassination kills. Even if he said something that usually meant the end of that person's life, the last moments their consciousness stays alive, heeding his words before fading into the darkness.

However, this time, he felt... distracted.

'Sigh, she is so pitiful...'

Davis thought he could tease Sect Master Lea Weiss and cheer her up or even make her hate him, causing her to look past him but, she melted when told to kill him as if she couldn't even consider it. As expected, Ancestor Cornelia's words couldn't be taken lightly as he came to know that she would be unable to forget him for her whole life nine out of ten times on an average basis of failing Heart Demon Tribulation, perhaps more.

'I should guard my law heart...'

Moreover, Davis felt like something had broken inside him when he touched Zestria Domitian like it was alright for him to take as many women as he wanted. That restriction he put on himself to make love with only the women he loved was crumbling in front of his eyes that he now tried to low-key take advantage of Lea Weiss.

He knew for a fact that it was the case after rushing past Sect Master Lea Weiss and introspecting himself before trying to assassinate the Blood World Emperor, which failed because he was distracted.

Still, he felt that forsaking Sect Master Lea Weiss when he knew that her thoughts were all about him was very heartless of him. Moreover, since he knew that she probably wouldn't resist him, she was a free meal, irresistible than a mere Aqua Flood Dragon that he had difficulty resisting.

In the end, he didn't know what to feel about her as her beauty was more than attractive but also felt that he would be doing this repeatedly to other women if he took a blatant step forward, making him easily vulnerable.

'At this rate, I'll follow the same fate of dying under a skirt while my predecessors probably also died in a similar fashion after obtaining Fallen Heaven...'

Davis took a deep breath as he looked at the Infernal Lightning Emperor, who stood before the Blood World Emperor as though he was protecting him.

"Emperor of Death, this is a misunderstanding..."

The Infernal Lightning Emperor uttered as he possessed a wry expression on his face.

"On the account that I have once compensated your losses, please allow me to do it once more and call it even again."

He didn't wait for Davis's words but clicked his fingers, gesturing for the people behind him to do something.

Then, two dark crimson-robed men whose robes were less luxurious than the Infernal Lightning Emperor stepped out with a woman between them.

Davis's brows raised as he looked at the lovely yet sexy dark-red robed in front of him. Her eyes were shapely curved like Evelynn's, while she had a fine-shaped nose and sweet crimson lips. A fragrance that moved heaven and earth energy appeared along with her coming, and amidst the night sky, she appeared like a regal ruler whose beauty wouldn't lose to any of his wives, especially when she was in his strike zone like Evelynn.


Suddenly, Davis couldn't help but laugh as he threw his head up. It was just a short laugh, but his aura made the hearts of people skip a beat in fright.

Why did he suddenly laugh?

This question echoed in the minds of many before they heard him speak.

"Just because I have a few women and had enslaved Zestria Domitian and Bylai Zlatan, everyone now thinks that I'm a hopeless pervert and extremely susceptible to beautiful women, huh..."

Davis's expression appeared wry.

"Emperor of Death, it isn't like that."...


The Infernal Lightning Emperor strongly shook his head.

"The strong devour the weak. Your eminence has already proved yourself to be a peak powerhouse whose prowess supersedes almost all, not to mention that you're extremely young. For a young man like you, you naturally deserve the most beautiful woman, and in adherence to my thought, I would be completely willing to give my prized daughter to you."

"Greetings, Emperor of Death."

Infernal Lightning Emperor's daughter spoke as her melodious voice echoed, also unwittingly revealing her cleavage to him as she bowed her head. She then raised her head and shot a flirtatious yet shy smile at him.

"T've always heard of your name ever since you managed to make imperial father give up a part of our Treasury to compensate you. Such a man, I would love to share my life with..."

After speaking her thoughts, she looked away in shyness as her cheeks turned crimson.

The powerhouses of the Infernal Lightning Palace looked dumbfounded at this woman. In fact, it was the first time for them to see this daughter of Infernal Lightning Emperor without a veil. Her stark beauty left them breathtaking, but they had also never seen her behave like that as she was an unruly woman who used an iron fist to rule like her father.

They also knew that her prowess was only a bit weaker than Top Disciple Shirley, who made a Perfect Domain, for she too conjured a Perfect Domain and was in the process of creating an Immeasurable Sea. She was none other than the prized daughter of the Infernal Lightning Emperor.

Nevertheless, while everyone smiled as they didn't think that their princess had fallen, Davis looked indifferent as he raised his hand.

"I'm sorry that you're unfortunate..."


A greyish-black ray abruptly shot through the air as it pierced a person.

The shy woman who turned to look at Davis with expectant eyes became wide with disbelief before it dulled as her soul had shattered. Her smiling was face was already twisted with panic, making her death look ugly as she plunged towards the ground.

A beauty died just like that with a hole on her forehead.

"Yulia...! Kill!"

The Infernal Lightning Emperor reacted with heartache filling the expression on his face before his raging eyes flashed with killing intent at Davis. His words echoed as hundreds of powerhouses moved at the same time, launching a dreadful amount of infernal lightning bolts at the Emperor of Death.


Thousands of infernal lightning bolts rushed at Davis, from many Low-Level Law Rune Stage to a few High-Level Law Rune Stage Powerhouses, and there were even some Peak-Level Law Rune Stage Powerhouses who seemed like they were existences similar to Grand Elders. The combined prowess of their successive attacks in an instant was deadly enough to shatter Davis's soul.

However, his silhouette flickered, moving ghastly amidst the crackling red infernal lightning bolts, which appeared unnatural, as though he was a spectral entity.

A second later, Davis appeared in the distant altitude of the skies, coldly looking down on them, especially the Infernal Lightning Emperor.

"I told you that you can't simply offend me. Did you take my words as nothing more than a fart?"

The Infernal Lightning Emperor's gaze shook as it was his first time seeing a movement technique like that. He felt not even the Hidden Night Emperor's Dim Entrancing Twilight Steps that was at the Peak-Level Emperor Grade and used Darkness Laws was capable of such a feat.

"Bastard! Die!"

The Infernal Lightning Emperor quickly appeared in front of Davis as a long crimson staff appeared in his hands before he waved it at Davis, the staff moving to crush his head. However, Davis's body became suddenly spectral again as it flickered towards the side.

The Infernal Lightning Emperor's heart shook as he looked at death's claws approaching him from the side. However, Davis suddenly retreated as an entire wave of blood claw tried to take hold of him in the skies. However, it missed as Davis successfully dodged using his movement technique and appeared in a long-distance away again.

He raised his hand and pointed at the Blood World Emperor and Infernal Lightning Emperor, his eyes flashing with deathly killing intent as a dark shade appeared in his eyes.

"Not only you two, but your powers will also reap the consequences, and that includes your entire descendants and even ancestors..."



The hearts of both wicked path hegemons clenched in terror. However, they suppressed it and tried to think of a way out when a formless intent suddenly blasted the Emperor of Death, causing him to be sent flying into the distance before he quickly regained balance.

Davis turned to look at the sudden appearance of a black-white robed man who seemed to embrace a zither as his fingers were almost on its strings.

"Deprived Soulstir Emperor!"

The Infernal Lightning Emperor and Blood World Emperor shouted at the same time, their eyes becoming somewhat hopeful as they felt that they felt that their chances to survive or even emerge victorious had increased with three against one!