Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 1688: I Lied To You

“What are you doing, Iesha? Let's go."

Davis spoke while Iesha narrowed her eyes and stared at the mortals with a tilted head.

"Strange, I saw this mortal talking in sounds that I don't understand, but when faced with me, he knows how to speak in the Sky Word Language."

“What? Did you think a person can't speak two languages?"

"Huh? He's only a mortal. How could he know more than me?"

Davis blinked. However, recalling that Iesha only encountered the Sky Word Language in her life, he understood.

"Ah, it's not anything special. This mortal language doesn't align with the heavens like the one the Sky Word Emperor created."

Davis pretty much shrugged with a sentence, not wanting to explain the long history of these mortal languages.

"I see..."

"Crown Prince Davis Loret...!"

Suddenly, a boorish yet hopeful voice echoed out, causing Davis to cast his glance at General Yuan Kong. The other party spoke in Chinese, which was good, so Davis reciprocated the same.

"You people have been buzzing around me for some time that it has started to become annoying, and no, I won't let you out of this planet, at least, not yet as there's calamity inbound for the cultivation world. You just better stay in this place and count your blessings because I can't find any other better sanctuary other than Planet Earth at the moment, although it is brittle."

Davis could tell that the Third Layer as Fallen Heaven spoke about Planet Earth was in the innermost of the three layers. He could see the dark speck of light in the First Layer but not in the Grand Sea Continent, which is considered as the Second Layer, and that means the Third Layer was the safest out of the three layers as it was the innermost layer.

Moreover, if what Tian Cangjie had written was right, then the entire population of Earth was created by immortals who had their cultivations crippled by the master of this world, and the earthlings of the current era were all nothing but the descendants of them, perhaps also mixed with people of the Grand Sea Continent who found their way to this place through the Absolute Death Crevice like Uncle Victor or vice versa. On the other hand, General Yuan Kong was greatly taken aback by Davis's words, now knowing what to believe.

"Trust me. As much as I would like to let you people reach the cultivation world and disappear or grow by your own decisions, the time now is really bad that I don't recommend such an endeavor."

Davis shrugged before he turned around and left. Iesha also followed, and they were soon outside, leaving a dumbfounded bunch of mortals who still didn't know how to respond or ask.

This time, Davis didn't go to Bermuda Triangle that led to the Twilight Shade Valley Territory, nor did he go to the Devil's Sea that led to the Towering Cloud Hall Territory. Instead, he went to the Wharton Basin and arrived at the Poison Lord Villa Territory.

When Davis and Iesha arrived at the Territory, she instantly noticed the cadaveric yin aura reeking the lands and frowned.

"What happened here?"

"Well, millions of humans died here, and I wanted to show this to you in passing."

Davis spoke, causing Iesha to be taken aback.

“What? Why?" Iesha couldn't help but feel sorrowful, "Why would someone commit such a vile act of slaughtering millions?"

"I did this, and you choose to follow such a person."

Davis suddenly dropped a bomb, causing Iesha's eyes to widen into two balls as she turned to look at him.


"Because these people belonged to a power that targeted my first wife."


Iesha seemed taken aback before she looked around once again. The next moment, she appeared to have a smile on her face.

"Well, this just makes me proud instead."


"That's because I truly managed to prevent a disaster that is you, right?"


Davis blinked before he couldn't help but ask. "Are you really kind, or are you acting?"

Iesha pouted from his words and looked away angrily....


"I think I am kind, but I'm not a pretender. The Frigid World Spirit Empire was built by slaughtering thousands of Nethersnow Spirits, which I believe is more valuable than the lives of millions of humans to us, spirits. I'm not going to deny that we created bloodshed, nor am I going to trash my people for it, as I clearly used the resources of my empire to reach the kind of cultivation base I have now. That would make me equally bad, although I try to make amends for it as I treat many people I meet with kindness."

She glanced at him again and shot an approving smile.

"Besides, didn't you just say that you did it for your first wife, whom they targeted? I don't see anything wrong in that as they seemed to have clearly deserved it."


"Let me be more clear for you." Iesha reiterated on seeing his blank look, "I would've hated you and would not have cooperated if you had harmed anyone of us there back in the Frigid Yin Spirit Pool. Since you didn't, I felt compelled to try and believe you. At that time, I was full of apprehensions and doubts about having taken that decision. Now thinking back, I am glad that I chose to follow your words. Otherwise, you would've massacred my empire over a misunderstanding."

Iesha gently smiled as she sighed, causing Davis's eyes to go wide as he looked at her with a bit of admiration.

The more he spoke with her, the more he came to admire her views.

She clearly said that a person belonging to power and receiving its resources has their fate tied with that power, regardless of their inclination, which is in line with how he viewed the world.

"In any case, where are we?"

Iesha looked around before she looked above, spotting the dark speck of light in the sky.

"The other side of my spirit lands?"

"Indeed." Davis nodded, "I lied to you back then when I said I came from the immortal world. I did not come from the immortal world but from the other side of the spirit lands."

"I see."

"You don't seem much surprised?"

Davis raised his brows, to which Iesha shook her head.

"I would've been surprised if you truly were from the immortal world."

"I see." Davis pursed his lips before he asked, "Are you angered that I lied?"

"A bit," Iesha wryly smiled, "But seeing that it is a harmless lie as far as I could perceive, I'll forgive you."


Davis couldn't help but smile at the term she used even after he said that he massacred an entire power.

"If you wanted to harm me, I'm nothing but a helpless spirit from the moment I chose to follow you, so I'm not worried. Besides, your words and actions made your point, proving that you're dangerous only when someone offends you."

Iesha shrugged, imitating him before she laughed, "Hehe~ Shall we move? I want to see your wife for whom you went to such lengths-"

*Whoosh! ~*

Abruptly, a few people arrived in front of them, causing Iesha to be taken aback as she quickly appeared beside Davis, wanting him to protect her in this strange land. However, her eyes became wide as she saw a bunch of people appear before her.

There were four beautiful women and a man. But the man was Davis, who was supposed to be beside her.

"Woah, this is the spirit you spoke about? She looks voluptuous and otherworldly as an ice fairy queen. I guess she would serve as a bedcooler for you since you don't have an AC."

"Bedcooler? AC?"

Iesha tilted her head as she took a step back, her gaze going back and forth between Davis and the new group.

Why were there two Davis's with the same aura?

He heard that humans were capable of having twins, unlike spirits who could only birth a single offspring at a time. Could it be that these two Davis's were twins? But their extremely similar auras didn't make any sense to her.

Mo Mingzhi, who spoke in a humorous tone, looked at Iesha and the unconscious Pia with astonishment along with the others while the real Davis rubbed his face in embarrassment before he pointed towards them.

“Iesha, this is Evelynn, Natalya, Isabella, and Mo Mingzhi. They are all my lovely wives."

Iesha gazed at them with a dumbfounded expression on her face, finding herself in the presence of more humans than she ever did in her life at once.