Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 1683: Icy World

The Frigid World Spirit Emperor readied himself while Davis also took a step forward, his soul force rapidly covering Iesha in its protection as it swirled like a spiritual shower of light.

Iesha was taken aback to see such warmth radiate around her. Despite her imperial father's overwhelming prowess seething in his domain's jurisdiction, his light barrier made her feel safe.

"Hmph! You're not going anywhere with my domain restricting you two, much less with my unfilial descendant whom I'm going to execute no matter what for this kind of betrayal!"

"Didn't I say that I'm going to force you to understand?"

Davis moved with the light barrier in tow with his left hand. He raised his right hand and directed his palm towards the Frigid World Spirit Emperor.

"Heaven Smiting Soul Clasp!"

Soul force emerged out of Davis's hand as it turned into a massive radiant palm. It was more than a hundred meters tall, quite small, but its prowess was immensely concentrated as it struck out.

The Frigid World Spirit Emperor's heart shook as he reached out his hands. Massive amounts of spirit energy were chalked out of his body before they turned into a huge sphere in front of him. With his outer sphere, the domain as the big sphere and the inner sphere, he struck out as he waved his hands, sending the massive icy sphere radiating with immense ice energy flying into Davis's radiant palm that neared with intensity, as though bringing with it the might of the heaven and earth.

At the same time, the world of icy dome trembled as it gathered icy energy into one single space and concentrated the spirit energy into an ice sphere again.

"Shattering Moon World."

The Frigid World Spirit Emperor spoke with coldness when both the palm and the icy sphere he sent crashed.


They both struck, coming to a stop as light and ice reflected, releasing a blinding light that made everyone else other than Davis and Frigid World Spirit Emperor cover their eyes. Both attacks didn't explode, but the impact left them shaken, making them wonder how a human like him could exist in their sealed spirit lands.

This purple-robed human blocked an attack from one of their powerful hegemons!? Could it be that he was from the other side!?

Nevertheless, they weren't worried as they saw their Frigid World Spirit Emperor's second attack was already prepared.

"You're foolish if you think you can attack me from two sides just because I have someone to protect."

Davis clenched his hand, and following his action, that massive radiant palm also clenched as it grabbed the massive icy sphere.

"Break! ~"

Davis and the Frigid World Spirit Emperor both uttered at the same time when the icy sphere broke into many crystal shards as if they were spears and stabbed right into the Heaven Smiting Soul Clasp's Palm.

Just when everyone thought that the splinters from the icy world sphere were going to carve the radiant palm into smithereens, that Heaven Smiting Soul Clasp completely clenched and encased the icy world that tried to punch through with force. Everyone could see the intense storm swirl and space cracking inside the radiant palm while it immensely trembled as if it was about to break.

However, the Heaven Smiting Soul Clasp held successfully when Davis suddenly waved his hand.


The radiant palm opened its palm again and actually swiveled back, slapping a massive icy world sphere that was behind Davis and Iesha. Those two attacks took out each other, causing Frigid World Spirit Emperor to frown.

The shockwave of the attack caused the Spirit Ancestors to retreat even more as they pedaled back with their legs, raising their heads to gaze at the amount of destruction caused in utter shock.

*Rip!~* *Rip!~*

Spatial cracks were rampant, and all the energies near them were being sucked inside the void. Despite the dangerous atmosphere, the humans and their Frigid World Spirit Emperor continued to near one another.

On the other hand, Iesha was absolutely aghast as her body shuddered from the realization that she was soon going to die at this rate.

Even if Davis can survive this battle, she definitely won't! Or so she was convinced. But to not disturb Davis, she did not utter a single word as she closed her mouth with her palms. Her beautiful white eyes were trembling as she could see her imperial father come closer and closer, making her heart quiver....

Davis and the Frigid World Spirit Emperor didn't stay their hands but kept using their light and ice techniques. His light attack was strong enough to sweep the darkness of the sky, and the Frigid World Spirit Emperor's ice attacks caused immense blunt damage and chilled the world.

Icy spears and radiant light lances radiating oppressive might at the level of more than Peak-Level Ninth Stage struck as the space started violently rattling, making creaking sounds of the world being ripped apart. Clearly, this space wasn't able to take their attacks and stay strong, although it could be seen that they were stitching back at a slower rate.

Neither Davis nor the Frigid World Spirit Emperor panicked in the slightest. They both had their eyes narrowed in concentration as they neared each other amidst the rending space before the Frigid World Spirit Emperor retracted his Peak-Level Emperor Grade Legacy Artifact as his figure flashed.


At the same time, Davis also followed suit as his figure flashed with Iesha in tow.

"Fool! There's no way you would be able to battle equally with a burden in your- What!?"

Abruptly, ominous soul force surged out of Davis's body as it filled the space. As of this moment, both Davis and Frigid World Spirit Emperor were only a hundred meters away when the latter became shocked from the sudden burst of this ominous energy whose nature was totally different from the light-attributed attacks that Davis kept using so far.

It struck fear into the Frigid World Spirit Emperor's heart, who made an instant decision to retreat as his body burst backward using his movement technique. However, Davis was already upon Frigid World Spirit Emperor at this moment as his lips moved.

"Emperor Soul Domain!"

The ominous death energy that surged from his body like a raging storm became more violent as they filled the space surrounding them. The cloud of greyish-black energy plunged at the Frigid World Spirit Emperor as if wanting to devour him!

The Frigid World Spirit Emperor's scalp turned numb as he saw this apocalyptic scene!


He screamed in terror as he unleashed his Spirit Sigil as his crown began to glow with an icy light. The icy world might that already filled the air solidified at this moment, filling the world inside the icy dome with frost.

Davis's soul force was rapidly depleting with him using death energy to attack and light energy to defend Iesha against his attack. The death energy stopped the frost energy from spreading and invading his close range.

However, he took it a step further as he uttered.

"Emperor Sigil."

Davis's sapphire eyes turned pitch black as they radiated a devilish and ominous might of death energy. The scroll-shaped mark inside his soul essence suffused and vastly strengthened his soul essence, in turn causing his soul force's prowess to grow rapidly.

It certainly did not grow a level but took him to the very peak of the fifth level on the ninth stage.

The Frigid World Spirit Emperor, who was struggling to defend against the death energy with his very spirit essence, felt like succumbing to its unyielding prowess as it overwhelmed his force, but suddenly his arms shook as the ominous energy engulfed his arms up to the shoulder level.

Unable to take the impact, his legacy artifact spear flinched and got thrown away by the force while his eyes trembled as he tried to suppress his pain when he could no longer do so.


The Frigid World Spirit Emperor rapidly infused energy into his arms to defend against this death energy that had suddenly increased in prowess, but the matter was that he could no longer feel his arms nor his spirit meridians where his spirit energy flowed.

Everything in his field of view was chaotic to the point that he didn't even notice that the ominous energy stopped advancing, stopping right before his face and body while no longer moving forward.

The greyish-black energy swirled in front of him as if it was pulling him into the abyss before his expression shook as he saw the purple-robed human with swaying blonde hair and pitch-black look at him with contempt.

"Now tell me, oh dumb emperor of the Frigid World Spirit Empire. Did your capable daughter Iesha avert a disaster or not?"

"Wh- Who are you...!?"

The Frigid World Spirit Emperor's lip quivered in fright that he stuttered.