Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 1682: Frigid World Spirit Emperor

"You... How are you here?"

Pia Noel couldn't believe that vile human had captured her while Princess Iesha looked shocked at Davis's appearance.

"Ah, there are many cases when people mistake one's kindness as weakness. You really thought that I let you all go because I couldn't hope to offend your Empire? Ahaha~ Truly laughable..."

While holding Pia's nape from behind as he immobilized her, Davis shook his head and laughed.

Pia Noel's heart shook only for a moment before she calmed. To her, who had already prepared to die, she wasn't afraid.

"Emperor, please kill me along with this human!"

She bellowed before Princess Iesha's eyes widened.

"Father, don't!"

The Frigid World Spirit Emperor didn't make a move but watched with narrowed eyes as he saw the human still have a relaxed expression on his face.

"You resemble your Princess Iesha in making bad decisions."


With a wave of his hand, Davis threw her aside like he was throwing garbage.

Pia Noel spun all the way to the ground without being able to regain balance and crashed, creating a wave of icy shards that shattered along with the blood that she spat out from her mouth. Even then, no one came to help her as she miserably stuck to the icy surface, looking at the human in the skies with confusion deeply visible in her eyes.

Why wasn't she killed?

Davis wiped his hands as if he cleaned some garbage before he took a step forward and walked unbridled amidst many Spirit Ancestors in the skies. He raised his hand and pointed his finger when a radiant spear, releasing blinding white light, shot out straight towards the Frigid Spirit World Emperor.

The Frigid Spirit World Emperor flicked his hand before a long icy spear as long as his height appeared in his grasp. His hand shot out with the icy spear pointed at the arrow of light striding towards him and struck, causing him to widen his eyes before his hand violently shook.


Both the attacks canceled out each other as even the space shook into creating brittle cracks, prompting him to take two to three steps back in retreat to offset the remaining impact that wanted to send him flying.

Iesha's pupils contracted as she saw Davis appear beside her. The concentrated energy that he unleashed against her imperial father didn't even hurt her, who had just been beside him. Instead, the scattered motes of light from the collision transformed into one of a barrier that formed around her as though trapping her, but she could feel that she was not restricted in any way, almost as if she was being protected.

"Sigh, this kind girl does really take stupid decisions like protecting this empire from bloodshed in exchange for sacrificing her own reputation and life for what, all for this?"

Davis sneered.

"Heh, learn some humility and shame, Frigid World Spirit Emperor, and perhaps, you can see what your daughter truly managed to avert."

"Who are you"

The Frigid World Spirit Emperor appeared solemn as he waved his icy spear as he bent his waist and pointed the spear at the human, taking an offensive posture while the sharp tip of the spear radiated an oppressive might that caused Davis to narrow his eyes.

"I haven't seen you before in the Renegade Human Shelter, and you're fairly powerful to be one of those sneaky vile characters. If you're disguised, I'll applaud the fact that you're able to deceive my eyes."

Indeed, the others felt extremely shocked as well.

To make their Frigid World Spirit Emperor retreat in a frontal assault, who was he?

The Renegade Human Shelter would always scram when seeing their hegemons in action!

"Who I am doesn't matter anymore. All I'm pissed off about is that you didn't praise your most capable daughter for averting a disaster but tried to publicly shame and execute her. You are unfit to be a father, you arrogant spiritard."

"Impudent human, you talk too much."


Davis reached out his hand to Iesha, who blinked at him.

"Take my hand, Iesha. Do so, and I'll protect you as I said although it may be seen as a betrayal by your em-"

Davis's eyes widened as he saw Iesha take his hand without any hesitation. She didn't clasp but just touched his hand. Still, her action and facial expression amounted to more than just wishful thinking as there was a sliver of reliance.

He wanted her to take a leap of faith for him to invest his time and energy to protect her, but she took his hand without a second thought. No, he felt that this woman always thought of matters and still looked at this world through an idealistic lens as far as he could tell....

"I believe you, Davis Loret."

Seeing the confusion in his eyes, Princess Iesha wholeheartedly spoke.

"You fulfilled the words you gave to me, to us. That's more than enough reason for me to believe in you."


Abruptly, tens and thousands of spear afterimages appeared before them. When Davis glanced slightly towards the Frigid Spirit World Emperor, his sight was already filled with numerous tyrannical and icy strikes, each of them carrying a weight that would very well kill a High-Level Spirit Ancestor in a single strike.

Without even having to move his hands, a crystal mirror of light directly appeared in front of Davis as he moved his lips.

"Illuminating Spear Stream."

A constant stream of light gushed out from the light crystal wall as they turned into spears. It was as if many people appeared behind the wall as they struck out their spears towards the incoming spears, clashing with utter intensity.




The crowd could hear the sound of thousands of spears shattering.


Davis directly pushed the wall to the front the next moment. The light crystal wall pushed forward and was punctured by the icy spears that attacked en masse, but the light crystal wall still held and neared the Frigid World Spirit Emperor when he struck out with his icy spear and shattered the wide crystal wall into motes of light.

With a wave of his hand, he cleared the motes of light and looked at Davis as he once again bent his waist, ready to attack while all the other Spirit Ancestors surrounded Davis but were still a wide distance away from them because they knew that they were unqualified to enter the battle.

At the same time, The Frigid World Spirit Emperor raised his hand above his head.

Icy light shone from his body as it rose towards the skies and enveloped the surrounding area. It stretched long, far, and wide before frosting all over, turning into a massive ice dome that trapped Davis and Iesha, along with the many others who remained.

A sudden chill swept past Davis and Iesha but didn't near the others.

*Kirk!~ Kirk!~*

Ice began to cover her body ice when Davis held her hand again and broke the tricky attack on her as his light energy directly seeped into her body and struck out from within.

Iesha didn't resist his energy's entry, but she swayed, not from his energy, but she couldn't believe what her father did to her at this moment.

"Please... please leave." Iesha's gaze shook as she looked at Davis. Her wishful thinking left her spirit, realizing that there was no way out of this place, "You are strong, but you will not survive father's Spirit Domain. He's merely allowing us to exist within his Impregnable Arctic Dome Domain because even the True Spirit Emperors in the Spirit Ancestral Ground will find it difficult to penetrate his defense."

She appeared heartbroken on seeing her father's attack directed at them while Davis glanced at her before his lips moved.

"Is that what you truly wanted to say?"

Iesha became stunned to hear him ask.

She recalled his words yesterday when he said not to let herself be walked all over by others, and that's contradictory to how she wishes to live. Her mind didn't even bother to contemplate before her lips began to quiver.

"I don't wish to die like this..."

Iesha shed crystal-clear tears as they flowed down her face, "I'm scared..."

Davis stared at her sorrowful and pleading expression before he smirked, "That is what I wanted to hear."

He cast a piercing gaze at the Frigid World Spirit Emperor.

"With that strike, you didn't hesitate to kill your daughter twice along with me. What a strict, no, ruthless father..."

"What do you expect that I do to a traitor of my Empire? She held your hand and said that she believed you. I don't know how you brainwashed her, but I don't need a corrupt princess to exist within my Empire, for she is nothing but a liability."

"Traitor? Corrupt?" Davis's expression twitched before he smiled, "I was thinking of taking Iesha and leaving peacefully, but it seems like we're not leaving on the same scroll yet. Therefore, I'll force you to understand."