Versatile Mage

Chapter 2307: Thousand Vines and Magic Ropes

The ice feathers rose behind Bucker like a bird spreading its wings. 

Bucker gaped in shock, surprised that a little officer among the Federation troops had such an outstanding control of Ice Magic.

The ice bird spread its wings and drove its feathers at Bucker's chest. Bucker immediately activated a Seal in his spirit.

White tibia bones sprang out of the mud. They quickly attached to Bucker's body, white silk filling the gaps between the bones like spiderwebs.

Bone-Stringed Chest Armor!

Bucker did not expect these petty soldiers of the Federation to force him to use his magic Equipment. He was a little curious and confused.

These young lieutenants were clearly a lot stronger than the rest of the soldiers, yet their ranks were so low!

However, it was not that surprising, on second thought.

There had to be some impressive Mages serving the Federation. They would just be ordinary soldiers before they made any worthy contributions. It was a common thing that happened to students who had graduated from reputable schools. 

The Aorus Sacred Institute had already declared its willingness to help the Federation. It was not difficult to guess where these young Mages were from, considering their outstanding strength and how close to Banlo City they were.

"You must be students of the Aorus Sacred Institute?" Bucker called out, dusting the icy shards off his armor.

"Close guess," Mu Bai said, but he did not continue the conversation with Bucker. "Wild Vine Demon Ropes!"

Mu Bai did not give Bucker any time to react, as he was worried other soldiers from the Brown Rebels would soon arrive to back the man up. He had to finish the battle as quickly as possible, without using Super Magic!

Mu Bai's fingers were long and slim. He adeptly controlled the magic vines and ropes, like a surgeon sewing up a patient's wounds. 

Bucker stared at Mu Bai's fingers in confusion.

From his perspective, there was nothing on Mu Bai's hands except for some thin vines. Was he showing off a magic trick?

Mu Bai suddenly flicked his finger. A vine sprang forward like a needle, forming a long arc in the air.

Bucker immediately backed away, but quickly realized the vine was not as easy to dodge as he imagined.

As the vine drew closer, Mu Bai suddenly spread his fingers. The vine immediately spread like a blossoming lotus!

The vines spread in all directions in front of Bucker, who was shocked by the sight before him. It felt like over a thousand hands were grabbing at him!

The vines were blocking his view. They did not just fill up the space in front of Bucker, but the space behind him too, leaving him with nowhere to escape!

"Bind!" Mu Bai clenched his fingers like a fisherman retrieving his net!

The vines tightened like steel cables, slicing Bucker's Armor into pieces.

Bucker was stuck inside the net, bleeding from the cuts!


While Bucker was trapped, a shadow suddenly dashed out of the reeds! 

Lt. Colonel Mason had been hiding behind the reeds for some time. He came out of cover when he saw Mu Bai had overwhelmed Bucker....


"Leave him alive..." Mu Bai tried to stop Mason, but the guy was hacking at Bucker with a burning Axe mercilessly.

Bucker was astounded by all this, not expecting Mu Bai's magic to be so strong. Not only did the ordinary-looking vines break through his defenses, but they had also trapped him in a net.

Most importantly, he did not expect someone to be hiding behind him!

Bucker had placed all his attention on Mo Fan and Mu Bai, especially the former, whom he wanted to cut into pieces desperately. 

As for Lt. Colonel Mason, Bucker had never thought of the petty and weak man as a threat.

"Die!" Mason yelled angrily, like he was having a final showdown with the enemy after a few hundred rounds.

The burning Axe was Mason's Deathstrike Magic Equipment. He had also imbued it with his Wind Magic. Even though it could not match Mo Fan or Mu Bai's spell in terms of strength, it did have an impressive appearance!

The magical vines shredded Bucker as he tried to dodge the burning Axe. He was soon covered in wounds. 

He did not have a choice. The magic vines had wrapped him up like a sticky rice dumpling. He had no chance of defending himself!

"This is for killing my men!" Lt. Colonel Mason howled, venting all his fear and frustrations on Bucker.

Bucker was already wounded beyond recognition, yet his eyes were still looking in another direction.

He knew he was going to die, but his Undead would not disappear just because of his death.

His Undead were driven by hatred to get their revenge. If he died, the Undead who were bound to him by a Soul Contract would swiftly devour his soul and go berserk.

He had so many Skeleton Demon Trees and skeleton soldiers. They would destroy every living creature within five kilometers once they went berserk!

A strange lightning strike fell from the sky. It struck a Skeleton Demon Tree and rapidly split into a few dozen lightning chains.

Even the slightest spark from the chains was enough to disintegrate the skeleton soldiers, let alone those who were directly caught by the lightning.

The strange lightning chains killed half of the Undead within seconds. Their bones scattered across the ground like tumbling building blocks.

Bucker was dumbfounded by the last sight he saw before losing his last breath!

Not only was the pale Mage stronger than expected, but the annoying kid seemed to possess extraordinary power, too...

Who exactly are they? Why was my Gear and Undead Magic unable to withstand a single blow from them?

Bucker died in disbelief and confusion. The swamp gradually reclaimed its peace.

Lt. Colonel Mason was still taking out his anger and frustration on Bucker's corpse. The rest of the soldiers slowly approached him after they saw the enemy had been taken out.

"Sir, you've killed an important person of the Brown Rebels!"

"So he's a Necromancer, we should have guessed it earlier!"

"Will the Undead suddenly climb to their feet again?"

The soldiers had not really been involved in the battle. The skeleton soldiers were only going after Mo Fan. The rest of the soldiers simply ran as far away as they could.