Versatile Mage

Chapter 2269: Mainstay of the Country

Mo Fan was about to climb higher, to where the tailings were located, when he suddenly felt a powerful energy behind him.

The space was being distorted with waves spreading from it.

The waves soon formed a vortex, spinning a hundred times both clockwise and counterclockwise in just a few seconds.

It looked like some kind of passcode for the Space Rift. It was verifying the validity of the passcode at an incredible speed!

The distortion eventually calmed down, but for some reason, Mo Fan began to see two different versions of the vacant space in front of him.

The two structures had become four, as if he was looking at a mirage. The mountains in the distance were also stacked on themselves. Silver strings and cracks were everywhere!

A few seconds later, the mirage gradually disappeared.

Mo Fan subconsciously rubbed his eyes. He thought something was wrong with his vision.

However, it was unlikely he would see twice the number of structures, even if he had astigmatism.

He realized his eyes were not playing tricks on him when he saw the heavy military trucks appearing out of nowhere in front of the two structures. It was a clear sign that the Space Rift had been used!

Each truck was big enough to transport a tank. Fifty of them, filled with Lightning Pentagon Ore, had suddenly appeared in front of the two silver structures!

The dazzling sparkling light spread across the bottom of the mountain, as if the whole ground was scattered with glittering purple jewels.

How…how spectacular!

He remembered the ore vein in Mount Kunlun’s Sun Ridge, the one the Dongfang Clan and the Mu Clan were excavating together. It only used Space Scrolls when transporting the valuable raw materials.

The real excavation site was stationed with powerful Mages, since they could only transport large amounts of raw material in the most traditional fashion.

Meanwhile, the Lightning Pentagons Mine had teleported over fifty military trucks to the mine, and then teleported them back after they were filled with the Lightning Pentagon Ore.

Mo Fan was dumbfounded by the Space Rift’s capacity!

The Space Element had strict restrictions on the volume of the objects that were being teleported.

When Mo Fan was teleporting a group of people, even having an extra person would reduce the maximum distance his spell could cover.

The same principles applied when he was teleporting objects. Mo Fan’s Space Magic could only transport a military truck some fifty meters away at most!

It was nothing compared to the Space Rift, which had just teleported the trucks several hundred kilometers, clear across the Andes Mountains from an altitude above four thousand meters!

Talk about the boundless potential of magic technology!

Most unexcavated mines were located in demon creatures’ territories. It was not like Mages couldn’t reach the mines to excavate them, but transporting the ore from the mines had always been the biggest problem.

How were they supposed to transport tons of raw material from the demon creatures’ territories to a city?

There were no roads in the wilderness, not to mention the hassles of fending off demon creatures along the way. They could not possibly afford the insane cost of hiring mercenaries to protect cargos over such long distances.

As a result, only countries could afford to own the largest mines. The military would then build a fortress to guard the mines.

Even so, the number of mines every country could excavate was naturally limited. It was also a big reason why many cities outside the safe zones were unwilling to relocate....


If a city relied on excavating a mine as its source of income, the city would grow over time by exporting the raw materials from the mine. It had plenty of resources to provide for tens of thousands of people.

Zhu Meng let out a sigh. “I bet only Forbidden Mages are capable of constructing this Space Rift.”

How was it possible that a poor country in South America had someone who could build a Space Rift, yet they did not have anyone in China who could build such a thing?

If their country had the same technology, they could easily excavate the richest mines, instead of having to worry about the sea monsters!

The greatest advantage of being close to the sea was the ease of transportation!

If the cities along the coastline had to move inland, it would greatly hinder the growth of a country. The plan of setting up the Headquarters Cities in China was their final solution.

“Doesn’t our country have a Forbidden Space Mage?” Mo Fan had to ask.

Information on Forbidden Mages was confidential in every country. Mo Fan was totally clueless about the details of the Forbidden Mages in his homeland.

Zhu Meng would know more than him, since he was a Councilman.

“Unfortunately, we don’t have a Forbidden Space Mage. Even Super Space Mages are treated like national treasures in our homeland, let alone Forbidden Space Mages!” Zhu Meng sighed and smiled wryly.

“Our country lacks Space resources. The proportion of Space Mages in our homeland is extremely low, unlike South America. The proportion here is one to a hundred at the Advanced Level,” Zhu Li recalled for them.

“What about China?” Mo Fan had to ask.

“Based on the data we have collected, it’s around one to four hundred,” Zhu Meng said professionally.

“That low?” Mo Fan’s eyes widened.

“You were extremely lucky to Awaken the Space Element without relying on a Guided Awakening. Besides, the Space Element isn’t well-received in our country. Strong Space Mages might be treated like gods, but weak Space Mages are totally useless. Since our country lacks Space Resources, most clans are not willing to waste their efforts on raising Space Mages,” Zhu Meng sighed.

“Every country is different; China is known for its Fire and Ice Mages,” Zhu Li contributed.

“That’s true, the Fire and Ice Mages of our country are symbolic, like Chinese kung fu. Speaking of which, Mo Fan, you are now a Super Mage. Have you heard of the Super Mage Association?” Zhu Meng asked him.

“Super Mage Association?” Mo Fan’s eyes widened. He never heard of anything like that!

“It’s an organization our homeland has established. Only Super Mages chosen by our country can join it. Certain Elements are extremely rare among Super Mages, not to mention the Forbidden Level,” Zhu Meng explained.

“That’s true,” Mo Fan nodded.

“You know that the Lightning and Shadow Elements are rare in our country, since their Awakening Rate is relatively low, but these Elements are crucial in certain operations. Those Elements are very rare among the Super Mages, so if China didn’t establish a Super Mage Association to gather the talents in our country, we wouldn’t be able to carry out difficult missions that require these Elements,” Zhu Meng explained further, as he knew Mo Fan had only reached the Super Level recently.

The Super Level was a whole different level. Even though it was impressive that Mo Fan now had three Elements at the Super Level, he was still nowhere close to the big shots of the Super Level!

“Our country has a lot of Super Fire Mages, but we only have a few Super Shadow Mages. I remember some of my colleagues asking me if I knew a powerful Super Shadow Mage. They are short a Super Shadow Mage for an operation they have been planning for years,” Zhu Meng offered.

“Should I contact them when I’m back in the country?” Mo Fan was intrigued.

“Mm, I had the same idea too… Oh my, such a strong presence of Lightning Magic!”

Zhu Meng halted in his tracks after he stepped past an artificial barrier of stone, wincing like something was stabbing his eyes.

Mo Fan had a different reaction. His eyes were glittering with a strong light of greed, as if he was going to devour the whole tailings yard in front of him in one go!