The Tale of the Void Emperor

Chapter 643: Passionate battle and Delicious Food

Athan grabbed soft melons of Sen and started fondling them while kissing her.

On the other hand, Sen grabbed Athan's hard meat rod while the other hand was wrapped around Athan's neck.

"Haaah, hehe...," Sen looked at Athan with love and chuckled before she kneeled and started sucking Athan's hard meat rode.

After a while of letting Sen suck his meat rod, Athan grabbed Sen's shoulder and let her stand up before directly holding her up high enough such that her pink cave was right in front of his face.

"Hehe, you are already dripping wet."

Sen blushed slightly, but then she snorted and said, "Humph, then put your dragon in it already."

"Aaaaaaahh! So sudden," Sen cried loudly as Athan's stiff and throbbing meat rode directly hit her deepest her, causing her to feel a wave of ecstasy.

Athan grabbed Sen's hips as he started moving her up and down, up and down, making the lewd sound of flesh hitting another flesh.

"Aaaaaaahhh," Sen moaned loudly and cummed. 

"Already?" Athan asked with a grin as he took out his meat rod from her pink cave as watery juice sprayed out.

Sen pressed her boobs on Athan's face before she spoke, "W-what can I do? It was such a long time since we last did this. Now take care of my melons as well."

Athan once again put his dragon inside the dripping wet pink cave before moving his head a bit and sucking her juicy and supple breast.

"Aaaaaaaaaaahh, go faster...faster!" Sen moaned with a blissful expression on her face as she felt good. 

Athan's divine dragon invaded her pink world, which constantly made her fly high with ecstasy while Athan's mouth was sucking her sensitive melons and his tongue playing with her erect cherries.

After a while, Athan consumed some void pulse and created a bed before throwing Sen on it as her big melons jiggled.

"Come on," Sen pointed her finger at Athan with a seductive smile, "we still have to make several rounds."

Athan grinned as he spread out Sen's legs and shoved his meat rode in her wet pink cave while he bent down toward Sen's face as her soft breast pressed on his chest while his mouth met Sen's mouth.

Athan moved his hips while kissing Sen, and after ten minutes, he released his load inside Sen, making her cry out loud in utter elation.

But that was just a start as Athan continuously pounded his meat rode inside Sen's pink cave, making both himself and Sen feel intense rapture.


"Hmm? Why did Athan create a barrier here?" Tiana wondered as she arrived here to call Athan.

"Wait, Sen also disappeared two hours ago, so...," Tiana suddenly smiled wryly and approached the abyssal darkness.

Suddenly a gap opened in the barrier as two vines shot out from it before wrapping around Tiana's waist and pulling her inside.

A passionate atmosphere filled inside the abyssal darkness barrier as the seductive moanings of two maidens constantly reverberated inside.


After having a fun and passionate battle for an hour more, Athan, Tiana, and Sen left the dimension and went to eat the food cooked by Elena and Avelia.

"Avelia has really improved a lot in the past three days; you will be surprised by her food today," Elena said with a smile.

Athan nodded as he rubbed his stomach, "I am really famished right now, hahaha. Let's dig in."...


Athan and others started eating the exquisite-looking food.

"Yummy!" Arcued shouted.

"Chill, bro...FUCK IT'S DELICIOUS," shouted Theo with a watery mouth.

"Hahaha, we Nimpere broth...," Eldest brother stopped speaking halfway and started eating with his head down.

"Now that's the best way to appreciate it, hahaha," the fourth Nimpere brother said.

Athan was also silent and was just focused on eating.

"It looks like we need to cook more food. Athan is really hungry today," Avelia said with a sweet smile as she turned to Elena, "let's go, auntie."

"Alright," Elena nodded with a smile.

"Boys will be boys," Shiromi said with a smile, "but Avelia's food today is really more delicious, and its effects are enhanced by a fold. I guess she did make a major breakthrough in her Mystic chef path."

"Indeed," Tiana nodded as she and Shiromi sat beside each other.

"Eh, you started eating with me?" Linci arrived and pouted as she hurridly sat down between Shiromi and Sen.

"Where did you go?" Shiromi asked.

Linci smiled and looked at Athan before replying, "Hehe, I went to bring a special ingredient from the market for Athan and just gave it to Avelia and mom to cook it."

"Eh, what about us, sister Linci?" fourth Nimpere brother spoke with a pitiful expression.

"None for you. It's all for Athan," Linci said as she stuck out her tongue.

"B-brothers!!" fourth Nimpere brother shouted with tears in his eyes, "I am tired of this life! I also want my wife to find a special ingredient for me."

"You need to first find a wife for that. Brother Arcued already has one, but we...cough," Theo said with a cough.

Tealery snorted as she added salt to the wound, "actually, I also found a special ingredient for Arcued. The dish he is eating is precisely that."

"Don't worry, Lil brothers," Athan said as he looked at Nimpere brothers with a smile, "After six months, I will take you on tour in all major organizations to find wives for you all."

Lady Fu chuckled and joked, "how about finding a man like you for me as well?"

"Eh...That's impossible," Athan shook his head with a smile, "There's no man like me out there."

"Hahaha, can't deny that," Theo laughed out loud.

Tiana, Sen, and Linci chuckled.

After a while, Avelia and Elena arrived with more dishes.

"Here is the special dish for Athan from Linci," Avelia put a big place with pineapple-shaped red meat and green leaves with other seasonings on it. It was pimping hot, and its aroma made everyone drool.

"That's a delicacy, Athan. It's rare meat of a king-grade chaos beast known especially for its delicious meat,"  Elena said with a smile, "Linci really searched high and low for it."