The Tale of the Void Emperor

Chapter 641: [Bonus Chapter]Gathering.

Athan took five days to comprehend the chaotic power. One more day than he initially expected.

Burning Aion Wind was the name of the chaotic power that he just comprehended. 

It contained 1239 order marks and was a pure offensive chaotic power.

However, the main thing was the connection he solidified with the source dimension of this chaotic power once he managed to comprehend it.

Inside the void region...

Athan used that connection and opened a burning portal inside his void region.

He then extracted the chaotic energy from the portal and took it outside. Afterward, he consumed his soul energy and executed the Swirling Rage Ignition order ability.

An ethereal three-meter swirling mass was conjured, but it didn't have any solid form. It was just sparkling with tiny sparks filled with his soul energy.

But Athan infused his newly conquered chaotic power in it as the swirling mass became solid and full of power, burning with dark orange flames and chaotic black winds roaming through it.

Athan decided to check its rage power up as his expression turned angry, thinking about how Chaosverse destroyed everything he had built up.

The swirling round mass instantly became bigger and more potent before Athan released it towards a nearby hill and destroyed it.

"Yo, Athan. It seems that your training is going well. But where is the dimension portal of the chaotic power you conquered?" Dreevindo suddenly appeared asked.

Athan waved his hand as he opened the Burning Aion Wind's portal outside.

"I wonder how you can make a connection with literal chaotic dimensions? That should be the thing that only we, orchos celestial, could do," Dreevindo muttered in wonder, "maybe it's because of your unique existence that is above chaosverse despite being weaker in strength?"

"Who knows?" Athan shrugged, "anyway, I can still make my body stronger by refining it with chaotic body powers since my current body strength is still high even though I practically lost all my essence order path's power."

A devilish grin surfaced on Athan's face as he spoke, "I will make my body strong enough to shatter this chaosverse with a punch. For that, I welcome all or any kind of pain. Just fucking watch."

"Eh, sure, sure. You can also power up your soul by refining it with chaotic soul powers. Remember, enhancing your soul is of utmost importance since all of your powers are tied to the soul," Dreevindo said while nodding his head.

"I know. Anyway, did Tiana and others finish their test? According to what you said, they should have finished it yesterday," Athan asked while narrowing his eyes.

"They did indeed finish dee test. Let's pick your little tree and go there," Dreevindo said with a grin.

"Can you upgrade this contact card?" Athan asked as he took out the contact card.

Seeing it, Dreevindo started laughing out loud, "Hahahaha, this is my creation, and you are asking if I can upgrade it? How funny."

"You created this contact card?" Athan asked while raising his brows.

"Eh, nope. But I created the entire path of Runic Artist, so it's the same," Dreevindo said while grinning.

He then pointed his finger at the card as a golden beam released from his finger and hit the card.

"Alright, done. Now you can contact anyone from anywhere as long as you contact a person through that card. To use this, just put the target's contact card over your card instead of using their card directly to initiate the contact."

"Oh, how convenient."

"I know, right. Hahaha, now, how about becoming my candidate?"

"Nope," Athan shook his head before he contacted Tamiril.

Tamiril--, "Lord Athan, I couldn't find you in the peace dimension. H-"

Athan--, "I left several days ago. Anyway, come meet me at the trading post."...



After talking with Tamiril, he turned to Dreevindo, "let's go."

Dreevindo snapped his finger as Athan and Dreevindo appeared outside, where Efyeed was still standing guard.

"Good job, Efyeed. Now you can peacefully train for a year as you will not be disturbed," Athan said as he put Efyeed inside his void region.

"Master, Limbus wants to come out and stay with you."

"Hahaha, come out."


Limbus appeared outside from Efyeed's inner dimension before it turned miniature and planted itself as a cloudly cloak of Athan.

"Oh, since you are a cloudly lifeform, you can do that. Hahaha, from now on, you will be my permanent flying mount since I also lost my cloud of chaos," Athan said with a grin.

Hearing his words, Limbus cried out in joy as it could finally become useful to his master.

"Good idea. This chaos beast had gained quite a lot by journeying with that Trestent. Its forte is speed, so your flying issues are solved," Dreevindo said with a grin, "alright, now let's go meet your companions."


Tiana, Avelia, Sen, and others were sitting at a table. 

"That joker really troubled us but also made us strong through that test as well, hehehe. I wonder how Athan is doing. I hope he comes here," Sen said with longing in her voice.

"Well, I am here," Athan said as he appeared behind them.



"Big bro!"

"Is he the one?" Yok said as he looked at Athan. 

"Yep," Dreevindo said with a grin.

Both Dreevindo and Yok had hidden, so nobody, including Athan, Tiana, all others couldn't see them.


"Where is head Zangrel?" Athan asked.

Dean Lenix smiled before saying, "he went to pick up Mike and Qerin."

"Oh, so they ascended as well? Good, hahaha," Athan said with a laugh, "now let's go and pick up Linci before going to the island bubble that I have picked up. We will conquer it and make it our base."

'After that, I will start sweeping up this Choasverse,' Athan thought coldly.

"Yeah, It's been a very long time since we last saw Linci," Tiana said with a gentle smile.

"Let's go to the cosmic path portal here and connect it to Crow House," Dean Lenix said before he led everyone to the cosmic path portal zone of this trading post.