The Tale of the Void Emperor

Chapter 567: Shocking announcements from Athan.

Several days had passed since then, and everything was peaceful.

Void Palace hill faction.

It was a large mountain-sized hill, and its environment was starry. There was a large pond at the ground level of the hill.

The first building was Void Pavilion, where people would come and buy the voidling-zoids.

After that, the second and last building was a big pavilion at the top of the hill. 

The large palace had outside ponds, greenery, beautiful trees, training ground behind the palace, and such things. 

Inside the large palace, in one of the rooms, the atmosphere was hot and passionate as Sen was riding the stairs of heaven on Athan's majestic dragon.

She was shy at first since it was her first time, but after an hour, she became aggressive.

Her beautiful light peach-colored body was covered with sweat while her soft and plump breasts were jiggling as she moved her hips up and down on top of Athan.

Athan's dragon explored the new pink cave while his hands caressed her melons and pink cherries.

"Ahhhh...ahhhhh, A-Athan...I've never felt this good before...Ahhhh, L-let's do this every day!" Sen spoke with drunken eyes lost in pleasure as she squirted hot liquid from her pink cave.


Tiana and Avelia were sitting on the chair in the backyard while experiencing this peaceful scenery on the hill.

Shiromi, Tealery, Linci, and others were in their own rooms. Drizzly was also done with her breakthrough and meditation a few days ago, so she was in the training zone as she was getting used to her newfound strength.

Athan told them they would leave for their training after fourteen days.

"Should we join them, Tiana?" Avelia asked with a mischievous smile.

"Nah, let Sen her first moment with Athan alone," Tiana shook her head as she said with a gentle smile.

"Who do you think will be the next one?" Avelia asked with a grin.

"Hmmm, but I want Shiromi to be next. pitiful."

"What? I think Linci will make her move before Shiromi. Shiromi seems very hesitant on this matter."

Tiana nodded, "She is, but she has fallen for Athan quite obviously. I believe that she also wouldn't hesitate to do anything for Athan. But I am just afraid that she will stay by Athan's side silently, loving him from afar without saying anything as long as she gets to stay beside him. That's the type of feeling she gives me."

"I unlike Sen, who was suffering from inside by her pent-up feelings, Shiromi will just silently stay like that without saying anything. Won't she also explode like Sen someday?" Avelia asked with doubt.

"Nope. From how I have observed her so far, she is the type that silently loves the person. It's like she has chosen the path of unrequited love without even confessing. But I won't let her suffer like that." Tiana smiled and said, "Anyone who truly loves Athan like us and is willing to do anything for him shouldn't suffer."


The next day, quite a lot of people arrived, wanting to join the Void Palace.

However, Athan floated in the sky and spoke loudly as his voice reverberated, "Void Palace will not recruit anyone for an indefinite amount of time."

Hearing him, all people were dumbfounded.

"What the...really? But why?"

"Yeah, what is he thinking? Doesn't he need more people to get more resources for the faction?"...


People started talking with confusion and doubt.

Athan looked at them and announced one more thing, "One more thing! The next batch of voidling-zoids will be the last one, and the void pavilion will also close for an indefinite amount of time."

This one came as a massive shock to many people! 

"NOOOOOOOO! From the numbers, not even 1% of people had gotten their hands on voidling-zoids! What the hell?"

"Palace master Athan! You shouldn't close down the Void Pavilion. It's your money milking product!"

"Fuck! Although two of my voidlings were destroyed, I was planning to buy one more set but...this news? Hais..."

"Yeah, we could go explore in a more dangerous area and benefit a lot more with voidling-zoids, but...this is like taking our lifeline away."

"Athan has already returned back so no point in staying here. Let's go and talk to Dean Lenix so he can convince Athan to do otherwise."


Dean Lenix had just returned from suppressing his breakthrough and was dumbfounded to hear about the news of Athan shutting down his Void Pavilion.

However, he weakly smiled and shook his head in response to the masses, "I can't do anything. Since he has decided, then it's not my place to tell him to do otherwise."

The various hill masters returned with rueful smiles; they were disappointed.


The next day, Athan, Tiana, Avelia, and Sen were sitting on the bed and talking about various things after intense activity.

Their faces tinged with red and filled with energy.

Suddenly, Sen spoke, "Hey, Athan. I think you should buy Condensation of small body order method. It's a master level zen body order method, but once you get its body chaos trait, you can combine it with your The Giant body chaos trait to get a very powerful body chaos trait."

After saying that, Sen climbed onto Athan and said with a giggle, "However, before that, let's do one more round, hehehe."


The next day, Athan visited Dean Lenix.

"Dean Lenix, do you know a location of any special-grade chaos phenom dimensions?" Athan asked with a smile.

"Hmmm, they are rare, but I do know one such location. I'll tell Lady Fu about it, and you can leave with her whenever you want."

"Oh? Did she finish her breakthrough?" Athan asked as he took a sip from the tea.

"Yep, just two days ago." Dean Lenix nodded with a smile.

"Good. She is also an official member of my faction from now on as we have a deal between us. Oh yeah, you should call Head Zangrel too in a few days so I can give use my Touch of Transcendent on him as well."

Hearing that, Dean Lenix started laughing loudly before saying, "Hahaha, ever since I told him about it, he has been waiting for your call. Alright, He will be here tomorrow."

"Good," Athan nodded as he stood, "Now I'll go take a look at library hill to buy a body order method."

Before leaving, Athan turned around and said, "Tell Lady Fu to visit me as soon as she finishes her matters. Also, send Zorgia to the Palace as well."