The Tale of the Void Emperor

Chapter 566: Sen

"Dormant state? but why?" Tiana asked with a frown.

Avelia suddenly thought of something and asked Athan and the other boys to leave.

"Did you find the reason for her condition?" Athan's voice had worry and doubt as he asked, 'Those emotions in Sen's eyes before she left for battle, I think I now know why I found them familiar...sigh, silly girl.'

Avelia smiled wryly and said, "I just guessed the reason, but I am not sure. Anyway, you all finish the unfinished work of Void Palace. Once we know the exact cause of Sen's condition, I will contact you."

"Alright," Athan nodded with a weak smile and left.


After Athan and others left, Avelia said with a sigh, "I think what we feared happened. Her soul might be in the dormant state because of the trauma of that battle and her conflicting thoughts."

Others became even more worried while Shiromi put her hand on Sen's forehead and closed her eyes, "Let me try something."

She sent her soul sense inside Sen to interact with her soul.

Sen's soul, which looked exactly like her, was currently sleeping with eyes closed.

Shiromi saw this and touched Sen's (Sen's soul) forehead to enter deep within her soul.

Inside her soul was the inner world of Sen, and there, she was crying...


Sen looked at Shiromi as she hugged her while sobbing, "I lost, Shiromi. I brought a loss to Athan."

Shiromi caressed her and said with a helpless smile, "You were up against their most powerful. Anybody would've lost against him except for Athan."

"It doesn't matter! I-I can't hold back myself when I see Athan anymore because of my feelings. I want to embrace him, kiss him, I am carving his touch...that I've never felt before. But...I am afraid that I am not worthy of him."

Shiromi smiled sadly and said, "Anybody would feel the same after seeing Athan, shouldn't create those barriers in a matter of love. Tell me, Is that why you closed your soul?"

Shiromi looked into Sen's eyes and continued, "You won't be able to hold back yourself, but since you are afraid of his negative response, you decided to close your own soul?

"But Sen...this is not the solution, and you should just let it out and face it. Nobody knows what is in Athan's mind, but...who knows? Athan will love you back as well after you pour your feelings to him?"

Sen appeared hesitant, and seeing that Shiromi said, "You can think about it for some time. We are all waiting for you outside."

"Wait, Shiromi. also love Athan, don't you?" 

"I-I don't know," Shiromi said as she avoided Sen's gaze, "You should think about your matter first."

After saying that, she left Sen's soul.

Tiana and others saw Shiromi opening her eyes and hurriedly asked, "Did you find anything?"...


"What is the cause of her soul getting dormant?"

Shiromi looked at them and sighed as she talked to them about the things she had experienced.

After hearing that, everyone sighed.

"So that's why..."

Tiana and Avelia looked at each other as they arrived at the same conclusion, "I think...Sen became more insecure when Athan found us. Previously, when Athan was alone, and he didn't tell you about us, Sen felt that she could just stay by his side forever, slowly filling him with her small and bold loving moments but after we appeared and Athan started living more joyfully, she...felt unneeded and insecure."

"But no more."

Suddenly, They heard Sen's voice and saw that she had woken up.


Tealery directly hugged her and said, "Stupid, don't go doing crazy things. We have stayed, trained, and suffered in purgatory together for a long time and will continue to do so to get stronger. You know, you almost scared me in that battle. Don't fight that recklessly again."

Tiana also hugged her and spoke gently, "Sen, I don't know what's on Athan's mind but don't forget that you accompanied him and cared for him when he arrived here alone."

Avelia nodded and said with a smile, "I'm sure those small loving, and bold moments that you always did to Athan affected him. Now go and tell him everything that you've held up in your heart for a long time. I already called him, and he is waiting just outside of this door."

Sen blushed as she walked down from the bed and slowly started moving towards the door.

Shiromi and others chuckled seeing Sen like this because they've always seen her in bold and high spirit.


Athan was waiting in the lobby outside of this room since Avelia contacted him.


Athan's eyes jumped, and he sighed a relief hearing Sen's voice. He turned around and hugged her before saying with a smile, "I'm glad you are fine."

Seeing such a move from Athan, Sen was dumbfounded, 'T-this...' Her body trembled, this hug...this was what she carved, this touch, she directly felt addicted to it.

Athan then broke the hug as he looked in her eyes and said with a grin, "You don't need to prove anything to me. I've been seeing that blaze in your eyes for years now. Hehe, I am damn sure that you are willing to do anything for me, will go to any lengths for me. Who wouldn't love back such a woman? Haha, why do you think I won't accept your love and won't love you back?"

Tears started to overflow from Sen's eyes as she tightly hugged Athan, "Y-yes, Athan! I can do anything for you. I can't picture my life without you in it. Without your touch, with your presence. So please hug me like this at least once every day."

Athan smiled as he caressed her back and said mischievously, "Only hug?"

Sen broke away from the hug as her eyes burned with passion; the usual bold Sen seemed to have come back as she held Athan's head before moving towards his face and...planted her lips on his.

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