The Tale of the Void Emperor

Chapter 565: Result! Unexpected situation.

From Efyeed, Tiana acquired an innate body physique called Hortar Blood Amber physique.

Once activated, her body can transform into an amber structure, and she gets overall strengthening in her body. All of her body order techniques also become power.

However, that's not all. This physique creates something called Hortar amber blood crystals from her heart blood all the time. Only a tiny amount of her heart blood is consumed every second, every minute to match her natural heart blood recovery process. The limit is 100 Hortar amber blood crystals for now, and she can have 100 Hortar amber blood crystals every two days without feeling a lack of her heart blood.

She can consume these Hortar amber blood crystals to empower her body order techniques, heal severe wounds, enhance her physical body's strength, and such things.

She can also create Hortar amber blood crystals in an emergency but creating too much can cause her fatigue and weakness due to lack of heart blood. After all, heart blood is not in a huge amount like normal blood in the body.

Tiana dashed forward while activating her innate physique and using her Geno Frame, which is a red and black demonic-looking armor on her body with crimson and black sparks whirling around her.

Her opponent was a man with an alligator-like head, and his spine had spikes. Seeing Tiana coming at him with break-neck speed, He waved his hands as a metallic mountain conjured on top of him, ready to crush Tiana.

Tiana continued forward even though the mountain blocked her path and crashed into it before breaking it completely and hitting the man.

The man's brain jolted with such a powerful crash because he started feeling weak and wobbly due to Tiana's passive genome ability.

Tiana gave him no chance further as she punched him with all her strength, causing him to shot backward while spitting blood.

Right after punching him, Tiana put both of her hands forward as they shined and released a condensed beam by consuming her geno energy.

But she didn't stop and released an order technique as energy balls that looked like lightning fireballs conjured but with a light blue aura around them.

'Elite Essence order technique, Hydro Crack Inferno Orbs.'



"BATTLE OVER. One point goes to the challengers."


Everyone was more fired up now! They were in the lead with two points!


Now they only needed to win three battles.

Five minutes passed, and the next battle was between Avelia and a 1st order zen order grandmaster.

Although Avelia struggled a bit, she still won with minimal injuries.

"Woah! Sister Avelia, those four silver blades were terrifying! Also, it felt that your opponent couldn't do anything after getting hit by that strange silver beam," Third brother of the Nimpere brothers spoke with excitement.

Shiromi, Tealery, and others nodded.

Afterward came the match of Theo vs. a 2nd order Zen order master from Star-breaker hill faction.

Their battle was intense, and a close one before Theo finally won due to the advantage of his soul. His physique and his innate ability from his ancestor helped him avoid some close fatal injuries from happening.

At this time, the faces of Illias and others were totally dark while the public was dumbfounded.

Their common sense was being subverted in front of them.

"Hahaha, Emperor. We just need one more win to pass this trial and make our faction official!" Arcued laughed out loud while Tiana and others were also happy and excited.

The next numbers appeared on the screens....


Black screen-[9]

White screen-[2]

Tealery stood up with excitement and determination, 'Arcued and Shiromi both won, so I also have to win.'

"You can do it, Tealery," Arcued shouted with a grin.

"fufu..., I have a feeling that something is going on between Tealery and Arcued." Eldest brother spoke as he rubbed his hand.

Shiromi, Tiana, and others looked at each other before chuckling as they also knew about it.

Athan raised his eyebrows as he looked Arcued and said with a faint smile, "Really, Arcued? Hahaha. Well, it's a good thing."

Arcued couldn't help but blush as he rubbed his nose.


On the other hand, Tealery faced her opponent, who...turned out to be the 2nd order of Zen order master.

In this battle, Tealery showed her ruthless fighting style. Her innate physique was body physique, Convorashi Vitality Blood Threads, and she was just like a vampire and berserker mix.

Her physique worked slightly similar to Tiana's body physique, Hortar Amber Blood Body, but Tealery's physique was superior in every way.

After all, Efyeed had guided Athan and others to get the best of the best physiques as they were the first batch after Athan became master of Efyeed.

She took less time to win than Theo and even managed to cut off her opponent lady's left hand.

As usual, her powerful soul and the soul order technique provided her with the edge she needed to win the battle.


"With this battle, the challengers are the winner, and they will replace the Star-breaker Faction!"

The public loudly cheered as they waited for the announcement of the name of the new faction.

"The name of this new faction is...



The next day, the star-breaker hill factions left the hill along with their palaces.

After the hill became completely empty, Athan and others told the construction team on what kind of palaces and buildings they wanted as the construction work started.

Four days passed before everything was settled, and then they went to visit Sen.

However, upon reaching there, their faces turned grave.

Sen...didn't wake up.

"What's going on, Athan? Why is Sen not waking up? Her soul should have been healed by now, right?" Shiromi asked in a worried tone.

Aren nodded with a frown as he put her hand on Sen's forehead and closed his eyes.

After a minute, he opened his eyes, his face still displaying a frown, "How did this happen? Her soul is healed,'s in a dormant state."