The Tale of the Void Emperor

Chapter 484: Price

Currently, Three people were floating outside of the Barrier around Efyeed. They could see the people sitting under Efyeed from the sky.

( The barrier doesn't cover everything, but it's like a circular wall of abyssal darkness surrounding an area around Efyeed. There was no roof as Athan didn't want to seal it, and that's why he told Efyeed to release its chaotic powers above it. )

Of those three people, one of them was Coddys, while the other two were Franel and Dongis. Like Coddyus, Franel and Dongis were also from Great Bridgade Palace.

" Hahaha, It looks like the owner of this tree is letting others use chaos enlightenment tree too. " Franel laughed and said.

Dongis smiled and said, " Yep. I think the owner, Athan was it? Crisenia said his name was Athan. Anyway, I don't think he will reject brother Coddys's price. "

Coddys shook his head as he said, " I am just here to ask the price for now. Maybe he will ask for something else? Like, if he wants some items and if I can get them, then it's fine too. I'll just confirm the deal for now and then come here after returning from special-grade CPD. "

" But it looks like he is not here. None of those people matches the appearance of Athan shown to us by Crisenia. " Franel said with creased brows.

But suddenly, three of them turned to the left and saw Athan flying towards them on his cloud of chaos.

Seeing his flying speed, they were surprised.

" What do you want? " Athan asked plainly.

" So you are Athan. Hahaha, I heard you killed Zen order master? At first, I didn't believe it, but now I have some doubts after seeing your speed that is comparable to Zen order Elite. " Coddys laughed before speaking.

After saying that, he coughed and spoke, " Anyway, I want to sit under chaos enlightenment tree for a year, and I am willing to give you five high-tier gemstones for it. This price could let me sit under the chaos enlightenment tree if it was still in the hands of Chaos Monolith Hills.

But since you are the new master, then I'll also ask your price. If you have some specific demand or items you want that are not higher value than five high-tier gemstones, then I will give them to you.  "

After Coddys finishing speaking, He looked at Athan deeply, waiting for his answer.

Athan raised his eyebrows and smiled before asking, " How much are those five high-tier gemstones worth? "

" Twenty-two thousand high-grade chaos stones. " Coddys answered with a doubt in his voice.

Hearing that, Athan grinned and said, " I don't want those gemstones but Twenty-five thousand high-grade chaos stones. When you want to sit under Efyeed, bring twenty-five thousand high-grade spirit stones. "

After saying that, Athan entered the barrier and sat beside Linci to automatically absorb her Netherly frost while training in the body order technique, Armored Fortification.


On the other hand, Coddys and the other two were slightly stunned by Athan's abrupt departure after stating his price.

" What do you think about the price, brother Coddys? " Franel said as he glanced at Coddys. 

Coddys specifically said that he would accept any item or price as long as its value is not higher than five high-tier gemstones, but Athan asked for twenty-five thousand high-grade chaos stones.

Coddys laughed before saying, " It does look like he has some bones. He kept at his own pace and style despite being a mere orderic catastrophe while facing us. "

He then shook his head before continuing, " I'll think about it later. Also, Who knows, I might acquire innate physique by an encounter in the special-grade CPD we are going? 

Anyway, we should go now. We were only given an hour so let's not waste time and return, or those bastards will really leave us behind and enter special-grade CPD on their own. "

The three of them flapped their wings as they flew back deeper into the cloudly land.


" Alright. Let's go. " Illias spoke after seeing Coddys and the other two returning.

The eighteen of them left Chaos monolith Hills through a portal before flying on a ship towards a certain chaotic region in the Midgard continent.

After flying for ten days straight in the fast ship, They reached their destination, which was a catastrophic chaotic region filled with unstable space and chaotic powers mixed together.

After arriving at this region, Munvlad put his ship away before Illias led them deeper into this space. They all conjured barriers around them to be safe from this power.

After a while, They saw a mysterious portal that was surrounded by mystical purple, blue, and green energy. 

" Woohoo...This is more than I expected. Nice finding, Illias. " Munvlad grinned wildly after seeing the portal.

" Yeah, and more dangerous too..." One of the people from Great Bridgade Palace spoke with a weak smile.

" More dangerous means better opportunity. Now let's go. " Munvlad spoke arrogantly as he boldly entered the portal.

" Let's go..." Illias spoke indifferently as he also entered inside.

After that, others followed, and everyone entered.

After they entered, they were startled and rushed forward because a powerful chaos beast greeted them right after entering.


" W-what the heck? Is that Evagon-Grade Beast?  " One of them muttered.

Evagon-Grade beasts are those that are more powerful than even Zen order grandmasters.

" Not...fully. But It's halfway into Evagon-Grade. Anyway, Let's go and help Munvlad. " Maejas spoke as he was the first one to dash forward.

" DON'T COME! I will fight alone. " Munvald roared as he once again dashed towards the 20-meter tall Godzilla-like beast but with dark green wings with red patterns. He was a Zen order grandmaster and he also knew that Zangeer had killed a half-step Evagon-Grade beast recently, so this was the best opportunity to compare himself with Zangeer in a way.

Munvlad's appearance has also changed as he had overbearing full body armor like a knight and a sword and shield in his hands. The armor gave off the aura of a chaotic spirit.

There were also four prism crystals floating around him that were attached to his back with mystical dark brown stings.

Those seemed like the things that increased his flying ability in an all-around way as he dodged the beast's attacks.

" Sword Beam of Glory! "

Munvald shouted as his eyes shone in golden luster and pointed his sword at the beast's head before a thick mass of energy beam released that was 5 meters in height and length reached the beast's eyes that were 30 meters away.


On the other hand, Shiromi, Sen, Tealry, Arcued, and Theo have comprehended their techniques and were now practicing combat with each other.

Four Nimpere brothers were still sitting under Efyeed, and it would likely take them a year to acquire innate physiques.

Athan was practicing combat with Linci because when Linci is attacked, her power flares up more violently, so only Athan can be her sparring partner.