The Tale of the Void Emperor

Chapter 483: Testing

Athan was currently floating in the sky, but his looks have changed as Reigen transformed into its second form, known as Armament form.

There were additional things on his body: First, A crown with dark blue and crimson gemstones. Second, his arms were fully covered from shoulder to hand in cool-looking armored gauntlets. 

The left-arm armored gauntlet was a crimson gauntlet with light red vein patterns, while the right-arm armored gauntlet was dark blue with dreamy blue patterns. 

There were two large draconic wings behind his back, and his chest was covered in a mix of red and dark blue energy armor.

" Master, If you have armor, then let me host it so you can wear your armor in my second form. After all, my defense is weak. "

Athan heard Reigen's voice inside his head and nodded as he told Reigen to undo his transformation.

After that, Athan took out his brand new armor, Silza: The Tempek's Unbroken.

He gave the armor to Reigen, and Reigen covered it with its unique chaotic force and infused the armor into its body.

After five minutes, Reigen was done with the process and once again transformed into its second form as it turned into a mass of force before covering Athan.

After two seconds, Athan's looks change as the same things appear on his body, with the additional change being the shoulder places and his chest armor that looked similar to his armor, Silza: The Tempek's Unbroken.

Athan tried to use his armor's ability, Unbroken Tempest, as he consumed a bit of his order force and chaos force.


A fearsome dark brown particle mixed with dark blue water released from his armor as they constantly moved around his body like a river.

His head and legs were exposed, but Athan knew that this ability could still protect him according to the information that Jakan told him about this ability.

Athan looked around and saw a young man flying toward the next Hill. He summoned his cloud of chaos and flew towards him with a woosh...

The young man felt a strong wind suddenly blowing behind him before he was startled to see someone appearing in front of him.

But he soon recognized him and got nervous, " Y-you are A-Athan, right? "

The young man had silky long brown hair and was slim.

Athan grinned and said, " Yeah. I am Athan. Anyway, can you attack me? I want to test the defense of my new armor's ability. "

The young man gulped before he smiled weakly and nodded, " S-sure. " 

He then made some distance to Athan, but Athan suddenly asked, " Oh yeah, what's your name? "

" My name is A-Aryan. "

Athan nodded with a smile before saying, " Alright, attack. Aim at my head or leg. "

The young man nodded as he gulped and stretched both his hands forward before releasing a spiraling beam of black and dark green color.

The beam went towards his legs, but before it could hit his leg, The unbroken tempest moving around his body reacted and extended to his legs before blocking the beam.

The beam was long, but the Unbroken Tempest shaved kept shaving away its energy until the beam attack ran out of fuel....

Seeing this, Athan nodded and muttered, " So unless an attack breaks it in one shot, I can constantly provide energy to it to maintain the defense. Not bad. "

He then looked at the young man ( But he didn't look younger than Athan. ) and said, " Thanks. "

The young man nodded as he saw Athan flying away in his super-fast cloud of chaos and then looked at his cloud of chaos before smiling wryly, But shortly after, his eyes turned determined, and he continued on his way.

Athan then returned to Hill, where he was previously floating to test Reigen's abilities.

He consumed some of his chaos force and created a solid wall of Aegis Starwood chaotic power with multiple layers.

After that, He stretched his left hand forward and used Reigen's ability, Crimson Rage Breath.


A vortex of flame released from the palm of his hand before it hit the wall made from Aegis Starwood.


Naturally, The Crimson Rage Breath released by Athan was more powerful than one released by Reigen. That was because Reigen used its own chaos force and order force to release that attack, but Reigen's power was at most comparable to people who had tier-3 order bases.

On the other hand, Athan's chaos force and order force were naturally stronger, so the Crimson Rage Breath released by him through that gauntlet was more powerful. 

But the wall didn't break. There was some slight damage on the wall, but it was not much except for little cracks. And due to one of the Aegis Starwood chaotic power's characteristics: Self-Recovery, The wall recovered to its previous stat in two seconds. 

" Now let's much it powers up with the rage emotion. " Athan muttered as his eyes turned cold and remembered the person who chased him like a dog and played with his life; He also remembered the hellish state of his home planet and how he didn't find his uncle and aunt there. 

At least, He had seen the face and knew the name of the person who chased him and played his life before finally dropping him into space filled with abyssal darkness.  But the culprit behind the terrible state of his home planet and the reason for his uncle and aunt's death? He didn't even know him! 

But he will find the culprit when he becomes strong enough. He had sworn that!

As rage bubbled inside him, A mystical power gathered inside him from the atmosphere and into his left arm.

Finally, he used Crimson Rage Breath as a significantly stronger and more potent vortex of crimson flame with light red sparks released from his palm and hit the wall Aegis Starwood.

*Ghreeeeee...BOOOOM...Crack..BAM! *

This time, the wall cracked and broke into pieces.

Athan then took a deep breath and calmed down before stretching his right hand forward, but he couldn't release anything.

" Master, you have to comprehend that ability. Unlike that Crimson Rage Breath, that ability contains my power, so if you don't know about it, you can't use it. " Primo spoke while flying around Athan, " That Reigen idiot also doesn't know, but since he is mutated and affiliated with that bit of my power, He can use it instinctively. "

" I see..." Athan nodded before he grinned, " Then I'll comprehend it. "

After saying that, Athan closed his eyes as he entered his consciousness into Reigen's core being.

But before he could do that...Athan frowned as he sensed some auras going right towards Efyeed. He frowned because those auras and presence were not small fries but powerful ones.