The Tale of the Void Emperor

Chapter 482: Egg hatches.

After returning to Efyeed, Athan sat within two meters of Linci to absorb Netherly frost and then entered meditation to train in the defensive body order technique: Armored Fortification.

But just an hour later, Athan suddenly heard Primo's voice, "Master! The egg is hatching. The little one is coming out from the egg, Nyahaha. "

Hearing that, Athan looked at the egg inside his void region and saw that it was indeed cracking and moving.

" Well, It sure took its time to hatch. " Athan muttered while observing the egg.

After a while, the egg fully cracked, and a beautiful but majestic-looking creature came out. It had two heads with very long necks, and they looked draconic. 

The creature resembled a dragon but with two heads with long necks and a dark red-scaled body with faint dark blue patterns.

Its eyes were also dark blue with crimson red luster as they resembled beautiful gemstones.

Primo flew around the dragon that was bigger than it, "Master, this creature also inherited a bit of my power since I infused it while it was inside the egg. But it's not much, so don't expect it to be on the same level as the Netherly Frost. But it will still be useful once it is able to use that power properly. " 

The two-headed dragon looked curiously at Athan and then at Primo and became confused. The reason for its confusion was that it could feel a bond with both of them. But the bond with Athan was proper, while the bond with Primo was strange and related to its bloodline, so it was also a deep bond.

Primo stood on top of the chaotic spirit dragon's back and smacked it with its paw before pointing at Athan ( Athan's consciousness takes the form of himself inside his void region. ), " He is your Master, understand? Naturally he is also my Master, but you are still smaller than me. "

The dragon looked on its back with its exceptionally long necks and looked at Primo before saying, " But...You are smaller than me. "

" Shaaa...." Primo hissed and smacked it with its paw, " Shut up! I am only smaller in size; everything else, I am bigger than you. "

" Anyway, come out both of you. As for your name..." Athan looked at the epic-grade chaotic spirit and started thinking about its name.

But after a moment, He shook his head, " First come out and show me your powers; I will decide your name based on them. "


Outside, Athan flew in the sky and went further away from Efyeed before summoned his chaotic spirit. Primo also came along while sitting on its back.

The chaotic spirit's size was seven meters long, but if one counts its long necks, Then it appeared eleven meters long. The necks themselves were four meters long.

" Alright. Show me your abilities. Use them on me. "

" Yes, Master. " The dragon nodded with both of its heads before it opened its left side head's mouth as a crimson red flame-like current filled with light red sparks released towards Athan.

Athan saw the incoming breath attack and nodded as he let it hit his body.  Naturally, His body was not damaged one bit because the strength of the two-headed dragon chaotic spirit was still only at 3-star, which means that it was at most comparable to Master order elites who have Tier-3 order base.

" Master, This is Crimson Rage Breath. The more I feel angry, the more powerful it becomes. " said the chaotic spirit.

Athan nodded with interest.

Afterward, the chaotic spirit opened the mouth of its other head that looked mystical dark blue with the same mystical colored gemstone-like eyes......

But...A few seconds passed, and nothing happened. It opened its mouth, but no attack was released.

Athan was doubtful, but Primo laughed and smacked on its back, "My aura has mutated your second power, so try to sense it more carefully, feel the power with your mind, and then release it. "

" Umm...Ok. " The dragon naively spoke before it closed its four eyes.

After a few minutes, the chaotic spirit opened its eyes and once again opened its second mouth.

Its gemstone dark blue eyes glowed as its body trembled slightly before something released from it.

A small dark blue orb the size of a fist released as it slowly floated towards Athan.

Seeing it, Primo shook his head, " Too slow. It looks like I will have to train you to control the power better. "

Its speed was not fast, but Athan still let it hit him since he wanted to check its power.

As soon as the small orb hit him, It exploded and covered him into a dark blue bubble before he felt constrained and a sudden heaviness.


He descended and hit the ground with a boom with a fast speed, damaging the hill ground as a small hole was created.

Athan was dumbfounded as he stood up and dusted himself. Naturally, he was not injured because the damage was not enough, but he was surprised by the effect. 

" Nyhaha, Master. How was it? This is the constraint change of the Lapis lagoon. There is another change that is the exact opposite of it; it makes you exceptionally light and creates a buoyancy forefield around you. " Primo laughed mischievously.

Primo then turned excitedly before saying, " My power is not just this, It's way more powerful, but sadly, I can't show it here. "

Athan nodded with a grin as he flew up, " Not bad. Its quality is also higher than chaotic powers here, but it's still lower than Netherly Frost that Linci has. But due to its nature, the effect of this power is hard to negate once it hits you. "

" Exactly! nyahaha. "

The power was indeed mystical. Any enemies hit by it unexpectedly would be rendered useless for a brief second or two before they manage to come out. As for its other mystical change, it sounds like supportive power that can be used on oneself and allies. The enemies mentioned here are those of Zen order elites and higher because Athan doesn't see anyone below them as opponents. 

Athan then looked at the chaotic spirit dragon and said with a smile, " Alright, I've decided, your name is...Reigen. "


Reigen roared in joy before bowing, " Thank you, Master! " 

" Mhmm...Now transform into your second form. " Said Athan as he nodded with a beam.