The Pleasure Lord

Chapter 336: My Liege! - Part 2

When General Parson saw Danny for the first time, the first thought that came to his mind was, 'He is really a young man.'

Danny also noticed General Parson when he arrived, pushing aside the soldiers surrounding him and Nancy.

"You should be General Parson; I have heard a lot about you from Nancy; it a pleasure to meet you," Danny said,, smiling. He extended his hand out with the obvious purpose of shaking hands with Parson.

"No, the pleasure is all mine..." And Parson responded as if he was compelled to talk back to Danny. As for shaking hands, he did it hesitantly. In fact, Parson had thought, Danny would ask him whether he would like to serve him as a vassal.

Or something like that to consolidate Danny's image in front of the troops and establish proper superior and the subordinate relationships between them. Parson was ready to do that and then take an oath of servitude but Danny's friendly attitude threw him off guard a little bit.

Danny indeed wanted to establish himself as the new Lord, the King in the hearts of all the soldiers but not by making Parson kneel on one knee. There are other better ways to do just that and the effects would also be fantastical. 

"Lord Danny, let's have breakfast in my tent, I will explain to you about the situation here" Just as Parson wanted to invite Danny to the tent of the Commander, two scouts came riding on horses down the path towards them. 

"General, the enemy troops have entered the forest. It seems they moved all out this time. Miss Nora has asked for General to begin." The scout hurriedly informed his General what he had been told to say by Nora. He didn't know about Danny so he was completely ignored.

General Parson turned to look at Danny and said, "Um, Lord..."

"General, it seems we have to postpone the breakfast for a later time. Lets first deal with these fools who think they can profit from the internal fighting of their neighbors. Its time we let them know that we are once again united and powerful like the past Kingdom of Sylvia. But to achieve the past glory of the Sylvia kingdom or surpass it, we not only need to defend our land but also give the aggressors a befitting reply. And in this battle, we shall break the enemy and bring salvation to our people."

Danny jumped on top of Godzilla's head and turned to look at the soldiers who were already a little riled up.

"I'm Danny Glover. Come and follow me to break the claws of the Amren kingdom, never to raise them against us in the future. Are you with me?" Danny's voice resounded to every corner of the camp.

"Yes! We are!" The soldier raised their weapons, shouted at the same time on top of their lungs

General Parson sighed as he looked at his soldiers around him. After last night's victory, experiencing the abilities of that fearsome female assassin first hand, working under the command of Sparrow and his men, and the work of the oversized lizard in the forest, these soldiers had already decided in their hearts they should follow the new Lord from then on since no one would dislike serving under capable leaders having powerful subordinates. 

The soldiers were quickly assembled outside the forest and divided into three battalions. The leftmost and rightmost group were going to be led by General Parson and Sparrow respectively.

Nancy and Godzilla would help Sparrow while General Parson would use his own officers. Danny was going to lead the center troops into the forest all alone. 

With one scan of his Spiritual Sense, Danny already knew the distribution of the enemy forces and had already made proper arrangements on his side so that all the three battalions would overpower the enemy once they meet inside the forest.

'Oliver is leading the rightmost troops of Armen Kingdom, that means, Nancy would be the one to face him... But Elaina and Melinda are not in his group." Alex frowned. He found the location of the two girls in the vanguard unit led by Commander Iran himself. 

'Everyone, pay attention to the safety of the targets. Don't let them get hurt.' Alex gave his puppets ahead up and by the target, he meant the girls. Oliver was strong enough to not get hurt by normal soldiers.

Danny raised his sword in the air. It was a signal for everyone to start moving forward and enter the forest.


Oliver sat on a horse as he led the battalion of Armen troops appointed to him into the forest, half-hearted. His mood was completely ruined when he came to know that his disciples were not put under him. Also, the plan to wait for a day or two has been completely scrapped. Commander Iran suddenly announced that they will all move at the same time and there would be waiting. Such changes in the plan had taken Oliver and the experts from the big clans by surprise but Commander Iran didn't explain....


"Oliver, what's the matter? You don't look good today," asked Gerone, one of the military officers under Commander Iran, accompanying Oliver. Commander Iran had only given Oliver the command to lead his troops in all the experts sent by the Big Clans. Normally, the person to lead should have been Gerone but Commander Iran asked Oliver since everyone knew that he experiences in leading military troops. After all, Oliver had once served in the military. But because of his relationship and position in the Clan of Eberhart, Oliver had no future in the military as the Armen King will not make him a commander like Iran.

"Gerone, do you know the reason why Commander Iran has changed his plans. Why are we going all out? Weren't we going to wait and get a proper understanding of the enemy's power?" Oliver asked back.

Gerone looked around before he brought his horse closer to Oliver and whispered into his ears in a low voice so that only Oliver could hear what he was going to say.

"Second Prince arrived late in the night. He wants to gather some merit in the war, because... you know about the battle for the throne between three princes, right? I don't know how the second Prince did it, but only he was sent here by the King. The Crown Prince and the Third Prince weren't given the chance."

Oliver's eyes rounded in alarm. He looked back at Gerone in shock.

"I know, its quite a shocker, but there's more. Commander Iran was alright with the second Prince joining us at first but then he showed the decree signed by the King himself. It was an order for Commander Iran that he transfers the command of his troops to the Second Prince. This had left Commander Iran furious. But what could he do at that time? He had to follow the orders of the Second Prince." Gerone sighed.

"But why didn't I see the second prince giving orders to the troops in the morning. Why didn't he show himself?" Oliver asked, his voice appeared a little hoarse.

"Its because the Second Prince has this weird idea of participating in the war as a footsoldier rather than leading the troops. He and the royal guards that came with him, disguised themselves as normal soldiers." Gerone explained.

"You got to be kidding me? Where are they posted?" Oliver asked hurriedly.

"That... well I don't know specifically about his position but Commander Iran will want to keep the second Prince closer to him, to keep a watch on him and make sure he doesn't accidentally die or get hurt.

'Positioned close to Commander Iran? Don't tell me, he has come here all the way from the Capital just to get revenge on her. That bastard!' Oliver turned to look on his right side. 


Almost half a kilometer away, Commander Iran was leading his troop to march deeper into the woods.

Iran looked back casually as if he was checking the situation of soldiers following behind him. But more than once his eyes would fell onto a particular area stay there for some time. Though the soldiers had spread out because of the trees, they kept walking in orderly.

'Second Prince, please don't create trouble for me this time. I won't be able to answer the King if something happens to you..." Commander Iran prayed in his heart. The Second Prince was widely known for his antics. The trouble he causes in the Capital City is widely circulated in the military. 

"If only it was third prince instead of the Second Prince who would have come then I would have been really happy." thought Commander Iran as he once again turned to look straight ahead. Amongst the three princes of Armen Kingdom, the crown Prince was quite a normal person. He had no exceptional quality in military or politics but he also did not have bad habits or attitudes.

The second Prince was the black seed of the royal family, but because of his mother, most ministers and the big families supported him to become the next king. While the last person, the third prince was the youngest of the three but he was a battle genius and also talented in cultivation. 

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