The Great Mage Returns After 4000 Years

Chapter 473: Book 2: Chapter 235


Sedi muttered under her breath in slight disbelief. Then, she suddenly turned around and looked behind them.

“I didn’t think you’d try to run away without giving me an answer.”

Lukas also turned around when he heard a gentle voice from behind.

Standing there was a handsome man with vibrant green hair. The young and gentle appearance of this man didn’t quite match the cold and desolate background that was Death Island.

He was so beautiful in fact, that he reminded Lukas of the Elves, a noble and beautiful race. But he wasn’t fooled by his appearance.

After all, it was none other than this gentleman in front of them who had destroyed Temple Island.

“I still have to give you an answer? Then it’s ‘fuck off’.”

Sedi grit her teeth and spoke to the man with a harsh voice. But he simply chuckled softly as if he didn’t mind her words.

“That wasn’t the answer I hoped to hear.”

“So you won’t let me go until you hear the answer you want? You disgusting son of a bitch.”

“As I expected, you’re really quick to understand. You are definitely the perfect fit to be my bride… By the way…”

The man then turned to Lukas, and unlike when he looked at Sedi, his gaze was cold.

“Who is that man standing beside you? He doesn’t seem to be someone from the island.”

“None of your business.”

“How could you say that? That man is standing beside my partner.”

It was at that moment that Lukas finally opened his mouth.

“Dragon King Kaz.”

“Hmm. You know who I am?”

“I’ve heard your name a few times.”

The Ruler of Death Island.

Was he simply mimicking a human form? He certainly couldn’t be classified as an ordinary Dragonling or Ancient Dragon. Then could he be considered a Dragonman? That wasn’t it either.

Despite his humanoid appearance, Lukas could still feel the ferocity that hid beneath the surface.

Dragonmen could only be considered human in a broad sense of the word. Like humans, they were social animals.

But this man was a being that did not belong anywhere near society.

“There’s something I’d like to ask you. Why did you destroy Temple Island?”

“The answer to that question is a bit complex. Firstly.”

Kaz turned his gaze to look at the place where Temple Island once stood.

“I’ve always disliked them. The only reason I left them for so long was that it’s annoying for me to leave this place. Well, I’ll admit that the Priestess also has some influence when it comes to that.”


“There really isn’t any special reason for it. I just decided to get rid of them since I was already here. Since I don’t usually go out, I tend to finish everything I need to all at once.”

He spoke in a very casual manner as if it was an insignificant action.

Lukas knew that Temple Island was by no means a small island. And since it was used as a monitoring point for Death Island, it was surrounded by a strong barrier, one that was probably made by the Priestess herself.

But in the end, it was useless.

In the blink of an eye, the dragon breath released by Kaz shot across the ocean, shattered the barrier, and disintegrated the entire island.

Most of the people on Temple Island probably didn’t even know how they died.

“Secondly, if I had left it alone, you guys would have fled to it. And then things would be much more annoying. As I said before, it’s not easy for me to leave this island. But it’s a simple task to get rid of an island that’s within my line of sight. And finally.”

Kaz smiled brightly.

“I thought I could get you to submit by showing off this level of power…”


“But this is completely outside of my expectations. You haven’t lost even the slightest bit of courage.”

“It’s not that big of a deal to destroy a little island.”

Sedi snapped coldly, but Kaz wasn’t offended. Instead, he seemed to be amused by her reaction.

“That was only a fraction of my power. My partner.”

“Who the hell is your partner?”...


“It doesn’t matter if you’re a bit rebellious. The island truly does lack means of entertainment. Does acting like this make you happy?”

After saying that, he spread out his hands.

Sedi clicked her tongue.

“Father, sorry, but I don’t think we can just ignore him and leave.”

“I don’t think so either.”

Lukas sighed heavily as he said this.

Kaz’s true power was still unknown.

He’d said that the power he’d used to destroy Temple Island was just a fraction. It might have been just an arrogant bluff, but Lukas didn’t think that was the case.

“Father? So you have a father-daughter relationship? You don’t look anything like him.”

Kaz chuckled as he said this.

On the other hand, Sedi didn’t have any intention of talking to him any further.

“This bastard… his defense is insane. Even when I used my full strength to hit him, I was unable to leave a scratch. But he didn’t look like this when I fought him…”

Sedi lowered her voice and continued.

“It’s possible that he let his guard down after fighting me once. If there’s a chance, we might be able to use that to our advantage.” (TL: Aren’t there voice transmission techniques? I’m pretty sure the Dragon King could still hear them even if they whispered…)

“Use your full power and go on the offense. I’ll support you from the back while looking for weaknesses.”


Immediately after saying that, Sedi disappeared.


Lukas was relieved to find that his eyesight hadn’t been suppressed as well. At the very least, his eyes could still keep up with Sedi’s movements.

Currently, she was frozen in the same posture she had while launching a midair roundhouse kick, her instep pressed against Kaz’ neck.

Sedi held nothing back. Although she had failed to leverage the force from her speed to its fullest, she still managed to unleash her full strength with that attack.

Normally, such an attack would smash the neck bones of her target.



But this time, she was only left with a sore foot.

It was hard. Like kicking steel. No.

Even steel, one of the strongest metals, wouldn’t have been able to withstand such a blow.

In any case, it was incredibly hard.

Kaz’s defense was clearly stronger than her offense.

“This is such a harsh tantrum.”

As he said this, Kaz smiled and reached up to grab Sedi’s ankle.

But before he could, Sedi had already pulled her foot back, retreating a few steps before immediately kicking off from the ground and closing the distance again. Her movements were as fast as a bullet.

Nevertheless, Kaz made no effort to defend himself. His entire body was filled with openings, and it seemed that she would be able to deal lethal damage wherever she aimed.

Face, throat, heart, abdomen, groin.

Sedi extended her index and middle fingers and poked each of these vulnerable spots.

Saying it makes it seem like she did them in order, but these attacks were done so quickly that it was impossible to tell which one came first or last.

The reason she used two fingers was so she could control her demonic energy more precisely.

With this control, she created a needle-thin thread of energy sharp enough to pierce through any obstacle at the tips of her fingers.

There was a tried and true method to break through an iron wall.

Concentrating the force on one point.

Just like a highly compressed jet of water could cut through even diamonds, Sedi condensed her demonic energy to create a similar tool.

Naturally, the resulting force and cutting power were dozens of times more powerful than water.





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