The Great Mage Returns After 4000 Years

Chapter 411: Book 2: Chapter 173

[Lee Jong-hak]

[Level: 97]

[Titles: Whirlwind of the Arena, Swordsman of Destruction]

[Occupation: Warrior]

[Race: Human]

[Skills: Plum Blossom Sword Method(Lv.9), Demon Slaying Sword Method(Lv.7), Nine Palaces Sword Method(Lv.7), Tempest Sword Method(Lv.7), Taiqing Sword Method(Lv.7), Seventy-Two Waves Sword Method(Lv.7), Thirty-Six Worlds Sword Method(Lv.6), Sword of Destruction(Lv.9), Endurance(Lv.9), Patience(Lv.7)….]


He’d gotten stronger.

Lukas wasn’t quite sure exactly how strong Lee Jong-hak had been originally, but he had definitely gotten much stronger. He could easily tell from the fact that he was 20 levels higher than Min Ha-rin.

Lee Jong-hak looked at Lukas for a moment before shaking his head slightly. Did that mean that he should pretend he didn’t know him for the time being?

To show his understanding, he nodded his head slightly.

Nevertheless, Lukas couldn’t help but feel a bit curious.

Lee Jong-hak’s status window had neither loyalty nor difficulty. Was it because he wasn’t a native of this world?

He wasn’t sure.

In any case, there were many things he wanted to ask him. His relationship with him wasn’t as close as with Min Ha-rin, but he was still glad to see him.

Nevertheless, this wasn’t the time for the reunion.

“Are you the Dragon Hunter?”

One of the Major City Lords spoke up.

It was a Dragonman with an extremely large body. His scales were covered in various scars of different sizes, his neck was long and thick, and his nose and mouth protruded to form a snout filled with sharp teeth.

According to Bargan, this large man, whose appearance was very reminiscent of a Dragon, was the City Lord of the major city, ‘Uruk’.

“You are?”


As he responded briefly, he turned to look at the corpse of the Ancient Dragon before turning to Lukas once again. Then, he spoke in the same blunt tone.

“10 million erus.”


“If you agree to sell it to Uruk, I will give you 10 million erus, on top of the cost for the Ancient Dragon itself.”


Lukas preferred conversations that got straight to the point, but that wasn’t exactly the case with Gargad. To say that it was sudden would be an understatement.

Not to mention that the amount of money he offered was completely unbelievable.

10 million erus. Now that he’d gained some knowledge after reading the various books in his possession, he understood, to an extent, just how formidable this sum was.

To put it simply, with such a sum, even if he were to buy several houses in the heart of a medium-sized city, the amount he had left wouldn’t change much from the original.

And yet, Gargad was saying that not only would he give him this amount, he would also pay him for the corpse.

This wasn’t a joke, nor was it a lie. From his serious expression, it was clear that he meant it.


“I’ll give you 12 million erus and 20 high-class Slave Fighters.”

The Major City Lord of Tikrit spoke up.

He had the appearance of an old man who might die at any moment, but the aura radiating from his body and the glow in his eyes was no weaker than Gargad.

“We will give you 13 million erus and ten flying dragons.”

The expression of the Major City Lord of Bakdad didn’t change, but he gave off a faint feeling that he would never give up the Ancient Dragon’s corpse.

Apparently, because of Lukas’ lack of expression, they all seemed to think that he found all of their offers unsatisfactory.

“You’re all being so generous. But I won’t back down either… Let’s see.”

The Major City Lord of Akad had the appearance of a young boy. Of course, that was only his appearance. There was no way to confirm just how old he actually was....

He looked at Lukas with sparkling eyes that suited his apparent age. Then, he lifted a finger and said.

“I heard that you are a powerful Sorcerer. So I will give you 15 million erus and three extremely rare magical tomes that I obtained from Dragon God Island. Mm.., I’m sure you’re already aware, but those are not something that you can just find at the market. Unlike Slave Fighters and flying dragons, they are not things that can be obtained with money alone.”

The Major City Lord of Akad smiled confidently.

And, in fact, his confidence was not misplaced. Although he remained expressionless, Lukas had been paying close attention to their offers, and he was most interested in the proposal of this young-looking Dragonman.

This was because he was interested in the sorcery techniques of the Heavenly Realm.


The Major City Lord of Babylon, who had simply been watching from the side with a smile on her face, finally let out a burst of laughter.

“Ahahaha. You guys don’t know anything.”

It was a very pleasant laugh.

In all honesty, this woman had the appearance of some kind of noblewoman instead of a Dragonman Fighter, and a former Champion at that. She even fanned her face gently with a folding fan in her hand.

However, the feature that stood out the most was her piercing purple eyes.

When one looked into them, it was as though strange magic power tried to suck out their very soul.

“…Ishuta, don’t try anything stupid.”

Gargad spoke in a displeased voice, but Ishuta didn’t stop whatever it was she was doing. Instead, she simply lifted her fan to cover her smile.

“This man doesn’t want riches or wealth. You can tell just by looking at him.”

Then, she secretly shot a gaze at Lukas.

When he realised this, the expression of Lee Jong-hak, who was standing beside her, shifted slightly. He sighed inaudibly.

“Hey, Mr. Dragon Hunter. What do you really want? I can give you anything you desire, even if you want me.”

Her voice appeared in his ear like a whisper.

Lukas felt a tickling sensation as if something soft was gently nibbling on his ear.

In fact, when she spoke, most of the people in the area stumbled drunkenly.

[The ‘Magical Eye of Enticement’ is seducing you.]

It was some kind of mental attack.

And in fact, its effect was true to its name.

Lukas looked around subtly. It wasn’t just the subjugation squad members or Sshiris’ troops, even some of the Major City Lords reacted openly.

They weren’t as affected as the other Dragonmen, but it was clear that they were all doing their best to deal with Ishuta’s mental attack.

It must be a relatively high-level power that could even affect Major City Lords on the same level.

‘Was Lee Jong-hak also affected by this?’

Lukas couldn’t help but wonder.

[Skill ‘Thousands of years of Innocence’ has been activated.]

[You have perfectly defended against the gaze of the Magical Eye of Enticement.]

He locked eyes with Ishuta.

“A-, ara?”

Ishuta blinked slowly, her expression filled with bewilderment.

Whether her skill worked or not, and if it did work, how effective it was.

She could easily tell that by looking into the other person’s eyes.

That’s why she was so surprised.

This was the first time.

This had never happened before.

There had never been a time where her Magical Eye of Enticement had failed to affect someone.