My Hermes System

Chapter 345: School, Once Again?

"We're really doing this?"


"...And how exactly was this made possible?"

"I've been here and there, King Evans. I have a lot of connections in all of the Realms."

"And I see you even got the timing right."

"I would have to attribute that to coincidence."


Van and Athena were currently inside what seemed to be an office, filled with books that were lined up in cabinets that filled almost the entire wall of the room. An old woman was sitting at a desk, busily writing down and just letting Van and Athena converse on their own; and considering her desk was at the innermost center of the room, she was probably the owner of the office-- and she is.

As Athena explained to Van, the old woman was the headmistress of the biggest boarding school in Asgard, where the children learn to harness their magic and abilities as an Aesir. The Aesir were the longest living sentient species in all of the 9 Realms, but their mortality rate was also one of the highest due to the harsh environment of Asgard-- where the creatures made the food chain unpredictable.

It may have seemed peaceful in the city Van was previously in, but he would never forget the colossal snail the size of a mountain the first time he arrived here. Living here the past few weeks, Van could finally understand how the Aesir became the strongest race, and why-- they had no choice but to be.

But in some cases, they lived normally; and one aspect just happens to be that their younglings also attend schools to learn.

"And done."

Finally, after a few more minutes of scribbling at her desk, the old woman dropped her pen and stood up, looking towards Athena with a smile on her face, "I formally welcome the two of you to the college."

"Thank you for doing this, Hilda."

"It's of no bother, Thena," the old woman, Hilda, stepped away from her desk as she joyfully approached Athena and Van, "I am just glad that you have finally accepted my offer-- and even brought someone else with you."

Hilda then looked towards Van, looking at him from head to toe as the smile on her face remained, "Anyone that Thena treats with such respect would surely be a fine addition to the college. But pray tell, why now?"

"Timing," Athena replied, "And I currently have time to spare. What better way to spend it than to learn more knowledge, as well as impart it?"

Hearing Athena's words, Hilda once again smiled, nodding her head several times as she returned to her desk to retrieve some of the papers she was writing on earlier, "Well, whatever the case may be, the college is truly lucky to finally have someone like you as a lecturer."

"There is no need for this much flattery, old friend."

"I offer the same sentiment to you, Mr…"

"You may just call me Evans."

"Mr. Evans, then," Hilda nodded her head towards Van, "I hope the students of the college do not give you much trouble, you didn't go through the normal process of enrolling since you have Thena's direct recommendation, so I am warning you-- the students of the college can be quite a handful, some of them are too unruly."

"It's alright," Van shook his head.

"Well, if you insist then," Hilda then handed the couple of papers she was holding to Van and Athena, "That contains everything you need to know, as well as your classes. I truly am sorry that I can't guide you there, but as you can see… I have so many things to do."

Hilda could not help but let out a long and deep sigh as she gestured towards the piles of paper littered across her office. Athena only let out a chuckle, making small talks with the headmistress before she and Van head out of office.

Since classes were currently ongoing in the college, there weren't any people walking down the numerous hallways that the college had. Unlike the Newer York System Academy, the campus was not really that huge-- but still, its size was not to be underestimated, since it was built on a small island right in the center of what Van presumed to be a sea; as they had to take a ship just to get here.

His goal here, as Athena sparingly advised him to do so, was to learn more about the Aesir; as well as recruit potential allies if it somehow comes down to that. But if it doesn't, then Athena just coldly advised Van to kill everyone in the college as they were the best targets to devour-- easy prey, but not too weak that absorbing their soul would be meaningless.

"...Are you sure Odin won't just attack us here?"

"Despite what he said, he can't see everything," Athena waved her hand nonchalantly, "I made sure to cover our tracks; if ever he does find out where we are, then it would already be too late. I would focus more on the matter at hand, King Evans."

"Please don't call me that here."

"Very well, Mr. Evans," Athena bowed her head elegantly, "And I am afraid we separate here, it's time for me to teach some fools," she then said as they reached a crossing in the hallway....

"Are you sure this is really a good idea?"

"I did not say that it was," Athena let out a chuckle as she walked away, leaving Van alone in the intersection, "Please don't devour anyone in your class on the first day!"

"..." There truly was indeed something wrong with Athena, Van thought as he watched her disappear deeper into the hallway. But after a few seconds, the only thing he could do was let out a long and deep sigh as he turned around towards the other side of the intersection.

The last time he was in school, it didn't really work out well for him; but this time, things would surely be different… a lot different.

Van then once again walked down the hallway, looking back and forth between the piece of paper he was holding and the doors he was passing by. He could hear different sorts of noises as he walked past, some even sounding dubious, but still, he continued finding the class that he was supposed to be in.

And finally, after what seemed to be a quarter of an hour, he found himself in front of the door of his new classroom.

"Well, here we go," Van breathed as he entered the room without any hesitation, and as soon as he did so, the noise that presumably persisted in the room for who knows how long stopped. The students, all 30 of them, had their eyes fixated on Van as he slowly walked inside the room.

"A new student?"

"At this time? Weird, maybe a transfer from another class?"

The whispers of the student once again soon filled the entire class. There was a group, however, who did more than just whisper as they quickly leaped from their seats and approached Van.

"Who are you supposed to be, squirt?"


The leader of the group was a golden-haired young man, his face filled with freckles that made his red eyes even more dominant. Seeing this group, Van could not help but let out a small chuckle, as he was quickly reminded of Gerald and his goons… and he just had to be blonde as well.

"What the, what's so funny?" The golden-haired young man then blocked Van's path, "You must be in the wrong class, boy."

The rest of the group followed, as they too, circled Van.

"Let him go, Magnus." Another student then stepped away from his seat, going to the front of the class as he cracked his knuckles, "Why don't you pick someone your own size?"

"We've been down this road before, Sven," The golden-haired young man called Magnus let out a scoff as he turned his attention towards the boy named Magnus, "And I remember you losing."

"Why don't we try again without your lackeys?"

"Another one of your excuses?"

"Enough, you two!" This time, it was a young woman that stepped forward, her red hair almost dragging across the floor as she did so, "Are you not ashamed of this kind of act? We were not taught to be bullies!"

"Yada yada yada, shut the fuck up," Magnus nonchalantly waved his hand several times towards the young woman as he turned his attention back towards Van, who was still quietly watching the situation unfold.

"So, what's your deal, squirt?" Magnus looked down towards Van, "Since you're new here, why not join my group so I could protect you, eh?"

"No thanks," Van then said, pushing the rest of Magnus' group to the side as he continued to walk to the front of the class, "And it seems that there is some sort of misunderstanding--"

"Don't you dare walk away from me when I am talking to you!" Magnus quickly followed Van as he walked away, "There are certain hierarc--"

But before he could finish his words, Van suddenly slapped him in the face, causing him to roll several times on the floor.


Seeing this, the students that weren't previously interested in Magnus's silly initiations could not help but perk their eyes and ears towards the new face in the class.

"As I was saying," Van then calmly said as he patted his hand clean, "It seems there is some sort of misunderstanding here. All of you may call me Mr. Evans…

...and I will be your new combat instructor. So please, can all of you sit the fuck down?"