Monarch of Time

Chapter 725: Pushing things too far

Although Liu Mei didn't recognize the 2 men in front of Shun Long, she still noticed the cold looks inside Xingyi's, Jiang Chen's, and Bai Longtian's eyes as they stared at them.

How could they not be angry?

After all, those 2 were the same people who had mocked and insulted Liu Mei earlier when she was on the verge of dying to the Heavenly Tribulation.

Although Shun Long didn't dare to fight with them previously since he had been afraid that he would disrupt Liu Mei's breakthrough, he didn't have those concerns any longer.

Staring at the long-haired young man in front of him who seemed to be putting up a brave front, Shun Long simply snorted without concealing the look of killing intent in his eyes.

Even though the Grand Elder had advised the disciples of the Holy sect to avoid looking for trouble inside the King's Palace, there was no way that Shun Long was going to let those 2 go like that.

Since they had dared to mock and insult Liu Mei in front of him, they had to pay the price, regardless of which power they came from.

The long-haired young man and the bald stout man both shivered when they sensed the unrestrained killing intent coming from Shun Long's body.

They both understood that this matter was going to be troublesome.

In reality, the 2 of them weren't afraid of Shun Long in the slightest since they could sense that he was nothing more than a peak rank 9 Nascent Soul cultivator, just like them.

Even if Shun Long joined hands with Jiang Chen and the rest, in the long-haired young man's eyes, he and the bald man would still be able to escape quite easily, even if they were surrounded by 4 peak Nascent Soul stage cultivators.

However, Liu Mei's strength was a completely different story.

Not only had she broken through to the Dao King realm already, but she had also comprehended a supreme Dao as well.

Although she had broken through just now and could only be categorized among the weakest Dao Kings, the bald man and the long-haired young man didn't have any confidence escaping from a Dao King who had comprehended a supreme Dao!

Cultivators who had comprehended supreme Daos were simply monsters in human skin!

If the 2 of them really kept trying to escape, it was very likely that neither of them would succeed.

Besides, running recklessly inside the King's Palace would only lead to a single outcome... death.

Even an expert at the Sovereign realm wouldn't dare to run around the King's Palace recklessly, let alone 2 peak rank 9 Nascent Soul stage cultivators.

Realizing that their situation was turning bad, the bald man gritted his teeth and took a step forward, standing next to the long-haired young man, before he stared at Shun Long and said coldly

''Brat, you want to kill us over just a few words? Do you know which power I come from? You should let bygones be bygones and forget about today. Naturally, I am willing to compensate you so you better not push things too far!''

The bald man was about to take some spirit stones out from his spatial ring and hand them over to Shun Long, certain that Shun Long wouldn't push the issue too far after that, but it was at this moment that Shun Long's body suddenly blurred, appearing right in front of him in a single instant....


The bald man didn't even have enough time to react, as he barely managed to see the faint outline of a fist hitting him in the stomach, before his body was sent flying backwards like a meteor.

Under the long-haired young man's and the surrounding disciples' disbelieving eyes, the fat man's body collapsed on the ground a moment later, as he immediately lost consciousness.

Silence instantly filled the area around Shun Long, as the surrounding disciples all stared at the short-haired yellow-robed young man in front of them with incredulous looks.

Even the 2 peak Dao Kings who were spectating the fight out of boredom were now staring at Shun Long seriously with solemn looks in their eyes.

He had only thrown a single punch to defeat someone else at the same level of cultivation.

However, the most shocked out of everyone was the long-haired young man next to Shun Long, who took a few steps back in fear.

He knew that the bald man next to him had comprehended 2 common Daos and was both a body, and a qi refinement cultivator, while the long-haired young man himself was a qi refinement cultivator who had comprehended a rare Dao instead.

In terms of strength, the long-haired young man knew that he was only slightly stronger than the bald man and could definitely not defeat him so easily!

Since Shun Long could defeat the bald man so easily, it was likely that he could do the same to him.

Shaking his head, Shun Long didn't seem to have the slightest bit of mercy in his eyes as he looked at the long-haired young man in front of him and said in a cold voice

''Don't worry, I won't kill you. But whether you survive or not will be up to you.''

Seeing the long-haired young man's movements and realizing that he was about to turn around and flee, Shun Long's body blinked for the second time, appearing right next to him, before he clenched his fist, sending a full-powered punch towards the man's ribs.

Now that Shun Long's 'Monarch's Eternal body' had reached the peak of the fifth stage, his punch wasn't something that a peak Nascent Soul stage cultivator who wasn't a body refiner could withstand.




The sound of bones being crushed were heard in the next moment, before the long-haired young man's body was sent flying for more than 100 meters, as it smashed on the walls of the King's Palace.


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