Monarch of Time

Chapter 723: Liu Mei's Heavenly Tribulation (2)



The 2 white bolts of lightning quickly took form, before they descended from the sky a moment later, as they both headed towards the immobilized Liu Mei!

Everyone's face instantly changed when they saw this scene, but at that moment, Liu Mei's body finally moved.

Her eyes quickly regained their clarity as Liu Mei raised her head to look at the sky, before an army of 1000 jade-white skeletons and 60 undead knights emerged from the black hole in front of her.

The jade-white skeletons whose eyes were glowing with the green wisps of ember raised their bony swords all at the same time, as they moved to block the second lightning bolt that was descending from the sky. 

The 60 undead knights followed suit as well, as they drew their greatswords and threw themselves towards the same lightning bolt that the skeletons were about to face.

At the same time the Death Eater whose body had been completely destroyed previously seemed to have already regenerated itself, as it opened its hideous mouth and let out a terrifying roar before it jumped towards the third bolt of white lightning all by itself!

However, Liu Mei still knew that this wasn't going to be enough.

Even with the protection of her entire undead army, Liu Mei understood that it was very likely that she would die today.

Gritting her teeth, a black aura started to ooze out from her body as she used all of her qi to activate the second form of the Death's Chant!

The black aura instantly spread out from Liu Mei's body, as it moved towards the Death Eater, as well as the undead knights and the army of 1000 skeletons, increasing their strength even further.

This was truly the strongest force that Liu Mei could presently muster!

The surrounding disciples all took a few steps back, as they stared at Liu Mei with looks of shock and disbelief on their faces.

They could all sense that the jade white skeletons had all reached the middle of rank 9 in the Nascent Soul, while the undead knights and the Death Eater had reached the peak of rank 9!

Even an average rank 1 Dao King wouldn't be able to face the combined might of this undead army and get out unscathed.

And yet, the moment that the jade white skeletons met the bolt of white lightning, the sound of the skeletons' bones being crushed resounded in the air, before the white lightning kept descending towards Liu Mei without any signs of stopping.

The army of 1000 skeletons and the 60 undead knights that could shock even some rank 1 Dao Kings were akin to an army of ants in front of the Heavenly Tribulation, as the white bolt of lightning effortlessly tore through their ranks.

At the same time, the Death Eater opened its mouth and tried to swallow the bolt of the Heavenly Tribulation in front of it, but the white lightning bolt pierced through its defenses almost immediately, as it once again tore the Death Eater's body into half before it arrived in front of Liu Mei.

The second and the third bolts of lightning pierced through Liu Mei's head, as they entered her spiritual sea as well....


Seeing this scene, none of the surrounding disciples dared to speak or let out any insults this time, as they all stared at the peerlessly beautiful yellow-robed young woman in complete silence.

The strength that Liu Mei had showed just now had already surpassed the limits of what most peak rank 9 Nascent Soul stage cultivators could reach, and had already reached the standard of a weak Dao King!

If she really ended up succeeding in her breakthrough, those disciples all understood that she would most likely become an extremely powerful Dao King!

At that moment, the massive white thundercloud above the King's Palace seemed to have used up all of its energy as it started to slowly disappear.

And yet, Liu Mei had yet to recover after she had been struck by the 2 bolts of lightning head-on. Instead, her aura had actully started to weaken at a rapid rate as her life force had begun to slip away from her body.

Shun Long knew that he could do nothing other than watch and wait.

Although the other outer court disciples of the Holy sect may not have any idea about how the Heavenly Tribulation really worked, Shun Long already knew the secrets behind it.

Shun Long knew that in reality, the Heavenly Tribulation wasn't simply a punishment from the heavens, but it was also a bout of good fortune that was necessary if one wanted to breakthrough to the Dao King realm and above.

Every bolt of Heavenly Tribulation didn't just have a pure destructive force inside it, but it also possessed a nourishing energy that helped to heal and strengthen a cultivator's body and soul.

If one could endure the destructive force that came along with it, the nourishing energy from the Heavenly Tribulation would then enter the cultivator's spiritual sea and assist them in their breakthrough.

Of course, whether a person could really endure this or not was an entirely different matter.

After all, it was simply impossible for someone to completely expel all the destructive energy inside the Heavenly Tribulation and only absorb the nourishing part inside it.

Even Liu Mei's undead creatures had only managed to deal with half of the destructive energy inside the white lightning bolts, before the rest of it entered her spiritual sea.

A few moments later, Shun Long and the others could suddenly sense a change in Liu Mei's aura.

Liu Mei's soul that had been extremely weak and was on the verge of collapse just now, suddenly started to strengthen itself at a terrifying rate, while the aura of death around Liu Mei's body became even more powerful.

At this moment, Liu Mei's cultivation that couldn't progress any further previously seemed to have broken past the restraints of the Nascent Soul stage, finally entering the early rank 1 of the Dao King realm!


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