Hitman with a Badass System

Chapter 348: Rude Awakening

Despite the blood dripping from the cuts on his chest and shoulder, Michael walked towards Alex with an amused grin on his face. Alex's biceps got bigger when he clenched the spear even tighter. This time Alex dashed at Michael with an extreme speed that many doubted it was even possible to move this fast without Arch energy. 

From the beginning of the tournament, the arena never went silent but at this moment, not a single sound could be heard in the arena. Even the commenters remained silent. All of the eyes were glued to Alex and Michael. It was the most anticipated scene that even made Norvin drop his fruit and stare at the fight.

Just when the spear was a few inches away from Ghost's throat, he simply evaded the spear. However, he did not only evade at even greater speed but also knocked Alex on the head using the sword's hilt.

"Too slow" Michael snickered, making Alex immediately swing his spear. Yet again, the people saw Ghost evade the spear without breaking a sweat.

This time Michael smacked Alex on the back with his sword's surface. Before even Alex could react to the first smack, he received another smack. The force of the smacks formed two red lines on Alex's flawless smooth fair skin.

Michael was standing behind Alex so Alex tried to hit Michael in the gut with the butt of the spear. He pulled the spear closer quickly.


No matter how fast Alex moved, Michael simply swatted the spear with the flick of his sword. The clash between Michael's sword and Alex's spear produced sparks with a loud 'ting' noise.

"Surrender now Alex"  Michael snickered before smacking Alex right on his face with his two swords. Alex was losing his cool because no matter how fast he moved, Ghost moved faster.

The crowd was completely stunned by Ghost's speed. People who knew about swordsmanship were stunned by the level of sword mastery Michael was exhibiting. Especially the Swordmaster of Aragoth, Darius was speechless. In his seventy years of training, he couldn't even come closer to the talent Ghost possessed in swords.

Each of Ghost's moves seemed simple and elegant yet only people like Darius understood how difficult it was to do what he was doing. Unlike many commoners were thinking, a sword was not the most powerful blade weapon, it was the spear. Spear was far superior to sword yet Ghost's mastery over the sword completely overshadowed Alex's spearman ship.

It would take decades of hard work to master one-handed sword skills except Ghost was only twenty-one years old and he seemed to have mastered dual wielding. If Darius wasn't older than Ghost and didnt have pride and ego, he would have asked Ghost to take him as his disciple.

Coupled with the fact he couldn't even touch Ghost, his words made Alex mad.

"I am giving you a chance Alex"




Alex missed each swing of his spear but kept receiving smacks from Ghost's swords. Diana knew she had no right whatsoever to feel proud of her son yet she did. To Ethan, every single move Ghost did remind himself of Harriet. 

"He's our son alright" a tiny teardrop formed in the corner of Ethan's eyes.

Watching Ghost toying with Alex, Celina clenched her fist as veins on her forehead started to bulge out. Her entire body shivered in fury.

"Son of a-"


This time Ghost smacked Alex right on his mouth. Alex's anger exploded as he swung the spear in a crescent shape only to miss Michael completely. Alex misjudged the athleticism of Ghost. When he swung the spear, Ghost just bent his back like his spine was made of rubber to evade the spear completely. The spear could only brush past Ghost's nose.

"Diddle Diddle" Ethan felt a chill running through his spine when he heard these words escape Ghost's mouth. Harriet Hunt aka Diana used to recite a rhyme before she went for the kill. 

"He's gonna kill him" Claire's eyes went wide. She knew about Ghost's habit of reciting the small rhyme before killing someone. 

"We are so" Alex saw Ghost's smile disappear from his face as he dashed at him. Alex tried to defend himself using his spear but ultimately failed because of Ghost's lightning speed. In a blink of an eye, Michael closed the gap between him and Alex.


"NO!" Celina screamed standing on the MorningStar Pavillion.

The moment the word 'little', Alex felt an excruciating pain in his heart and throat. The very next moment, the pain multiplied by several folds as Alex felt the grip he had on his spear loosen. He lost all of his strength.

"Arghh" Alex blurted out mouth full of blood. Under everyone's shocked gazes, Michael lifted Alex from the ground like skewered meat. The spear fell on the ground while Alex's blood oozed on Michael, bathing him in blood....


Michael immediately twisted both the swords, leaving no chance for the coordinators to save Alex. Still, Michael didn't rely on this as he withdrew the sword that stabbed through Alex's throat. When he withdrew the sword, hot blood gushed out. Within a snap of time, he stabbed Alex right between the eyes.

Ending Alex's life once and for all. 

"COORDINATORS!" it took a few moments for everyone to come out of their daze including the commenters and coordinators. Ishihara immediately stood from her seat while screaming at the coordinators.

Michael was completely covered in the blood oozing out of Alex's wounds. He looked like the devil incarnate in many peoples' eyes.

A few moments after Alex closed his eyes, the coordinators landed with haste on the stage. Still, Michael didn't put down Alex's body. Diana's heart skipped a beat seeing her son like this.  This was the dark side of him that she never wanted to see.

Only Ashton had a grin on his face seeing Michael like this. In the giant mirrors, the crowd started at Michael's face without batting an eye. The dark red blood oozed on his face, painting his face red. When he smiled, many felt like fainting. It was so terrifying for the weak-hearted.

"You should warn your brother," Norvin said to Alicia with a grimace face.

"And Andrews" As silence enveloped the pavilion, Diana's serious voice drew the attention of Alicia.


Meanwhile back in Gaya's cave, Noah was leaning on the cave's wall with folded arms. Gaya had black lines on her forehead after hearing Noah call her by her real name.

She was still wearing the mask that Ghost gave her. Despite the mask, Noah found out her identity, she wondered how. Just when she thought she couldn't get into any more trouble, she fell into a deep pit of trouble.

Among all the people, it had to be Noah who found her secret, a guy who not only connected to guardians but also to her stepsister. In addition to her secret, he even saw the Hydra.

Killing him would solve the problem but Ghost warned her about Noah. At this moment, Gaya's instincts told her to heed Ghost's warning. 

"Your sister and the whole Nagaland thinks they crippled your cultivation. They are in for a rude awakening" Noah chuckled while Vedora quickly flapped their wings to land on Gaya's lap. 

"A Three-headed Hydra, fancy" His words stunned Gaya. He sounded like he knew about Vedora's species. 

"You're a long way from Ghost, does he know you're here?" Noah walked towards the two dead bodies of the Panthers while still maintaining eye contact with Gaya,

"Of course, he doesn't, if he did, he wouldn't have sent you here. Especially if he knew, this was the place that took your mother away from you. You know your sister and father are pretty worried about you" Noah flicked his wrist as a green gourd appeared in his hand.

On the other hand, Gaya couldn't bear to hear his nonsense anymore,

"Humph, worried? My loving sister threw me in jail while my father of the year crippled me. So pardon me for not believing the bullshit coming out of your mouth"


Unexpectedly Noah burst into laughter before pouring a green liquid from the gourd onto the dead bodies.

"Your sister is naive and your father, well I don't talk ill about others but your father is a piece of work. I mean, what kind of father would cripple his firstborn"

Gaya was surprised to hear these words from Noah but she sensed there's a but coming,

"But you did commit crimes such as bribery, assassinations, and my favorite, mass murders" As he said, Noah threw the gourd with the dead bodies before snapping his finger. When he snapped, a park of fire appeared from his hand and shot towards the dead bodies.

The moment the sparks met the liquid, dark green flames engulfed the dead bodies,

"If you think serial rapists who raped and killed hundreds of my people, massacred innocent people in cold blood deserve a second chance, you are just as naive as Xanali " Gaya stood up, gently putting Vedora on her shoulder. Since he saw them, there was no need to hide them anyways.

"Did you know when you burned the prison to the ground, there was one family who went to say goodbye to their father and one family went there to see their brother before leaving Nagaland, hoping to start a new life?"

Gaya's heart skipped a beat as Noah continued,

"One family had two eleven years old kids and a mother and the other had one eight years old, two fifteen years old and grandparents in their sixties. What did they do to deserve to be burned alive?"