Earth's Greatest Magus

Chapter 656: Acknowledgment

Grand Assembly Hall

Tens of thousand spectators were present and seen cheering at the exciting Magus Game shown on the screens floating throughout the arena. A hubbub of laughter, shouting, and screaming was happening all over the hall.

This was especially so when level four was over, when all ten divisions in the game only had an average of fifty acolytes each left fighting against the waves of goblins and orcs. 

The level five challenge that came after it was evidently harder than the last year's, making those who were defeated on this level still received some degree of acknowledgment from the audience.

"Who is that young man! He flooded the whole arena! Isn't that a tier 6? How is that possible!!"

"Look at that girl!! She could continuously use those powerful spells as if they are nothing; water, wind, lightning.. And even ice!!! That's amazing!!"

"That girl summoned that many beasts!! 40 high level beasts!! That is crazy!!"

"A group of Titans bloodline!! They make things look easy!"

With the privileged class acolytes joining the competition, many new favorites appeared among the masses. This sparked many discussions on whether the previous champions would be able to defend their throne or some new ones would overthrow the old ones and seize the glory.

In the midst of this new wave of favourites, there was one person from Group 2 who was always brought into the audience discussion.

Zach, the Dragon Bloodline.

After three years, the youth was no longer a boy. Thanks to this mythical bloodline's miraculous capability, the slender body of the young man had completely developed, turning into a muscular build with dragon-like scales seen sparsely on his skin.

The man had brought countless exclamations and gasps, when even by himself he could survive the thirty minutes long onslaught of endless creatures. Of course, he didn't escape unscathed. The sight of him standing alone covered in red was bloody yet memorable, to say the least.

When level 5 finally ended and the bonus mission began, the masses that had calmed down once again became passionate. They were very excited to see what kind of opponent the academy had prepared for these acolytes who had proven themselves to be the cream of the crop.

"Bone dragon!!! Hahaha, they will not win!! This is a last-man-standing kind of stage!!"

"No! I think you're wrong! I think this is a competition to see who will get the most points!"

"Yes, I somewhat agree with you. It will be the one who hits the most or the one who gives the most contribution, I guess."

On the second floor, within the seats specifically reserved for the magus-level figures, a group of magus who previously made a bet about the game was currently watching the said game attentively.

"Your Earth team should be happy to pass level 5 at all. But now, with only two of them, they certainly will not be able to compete with my Nephilim team."

That was what Magus Castor of the Nephilim said in a calm voice, but only he himself knew the truth. His heart was currently racing furiously, not in excitement but in rage. He couldn't believe those lower realm scum, existences that were nothing in his eyes, manage to reach level 5.

Urix was also extremely anxious inwardly, but he pretended to keep his calm - to be as cool as possible.

"You should know that my team has been showing so many surprises before, and I'm sure they will continue to do so. In fact, your acolyte Armand should know better of this!" retorted Urix calmly.

Upon hearing such things, Castor became even more annoyed.

Seeing this, the other magus around quickly tried to stop the two from further bickering. Except magus Minerva who cheekily enjoys the show from the sideline.

Meanwhile, in the VIP area, Headmaster Delbrand was also watching the progressing game intently. Internally, he hoped the Magus Game would run smoothly as he wanted....


"How many teams are still fighting in the bonus level?"

While Headmaster Delbrand watching the moving images appeared on the screen, his aide who stood next to him was busy cross checking the data. 

After a while, he went closer to the former and said, "all teams in Group 5 and 10 have been wiped out. Group 4 only has one team left, same as Group 2."

The group 2 mentioned by the aide was, in fact, only one man left, but that single man was fighting the bone dragon by himself.

Delbrand showed an amused look when he heard that. Then, he suddenly thought about a certain interesting person he offered a chance into the privileged class.

"How about Group 7?"

"Headmaster, actually Group 7 is currently the group with the most number of acolytes still surviving."

"How many?"

"18 acolytes."

A surprise look flashed on the headmaster's face. "Hmmm, it's already been an hour since the bonus level fight began. That is unusual indeed"

Headmaster Delbrand quickly accessed the screen by himself and focused on the fight in Group 7, and what greeted him brought no small amount of surprise. He saw the dragon had already lost more than half of its health.

Seeing how the acolytes from Group 7 were fighting, he quickly realized what had happened.

Group 7 managed to put aside their rivalry for the time being and teamed up against their enemy, taking turns on tackling the bone dragon. 

He nodded in satisfaction, it was extremely rare to see the proud privileged acolytes work together, especially with the other acolytes they had always considered below them.

He quickly analyzed the overall situation and found out that the acolyte named Roran who was directing the attack. He then remembered that it was also this acolyte from Harlight family who made the impossible accomplishment during the last year's game, where the group of regular acolytes managed to defeat the elite acolytes on the second game.

He wondered what this acolyte was trying to prove this time, and what about him that caused people to willingly follow him.

While he was thinking about this, Delbrand suddenly noticed the lower realm acolyte that he offered a ticket to privileged class was standing next to Roran.

He then thought that it was probably not a coincidence. This acolyte named Emery might have had something to do with this feat as well.

Thinking about this, Headmaster Delbrand smiled once again.

"They might be able to work together now, but let's see what happens next.."

"Especially when that thing has started.. yes This will definitely be interesting to watch."


Written by Avans, Published exclusively by W.e.b.n.o.v.e.l,