Earth's Greatest Magus
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Earth's Greatest Magus

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    839 Chapters
Type Webnovel - Original
Author Avan
Year of Release 2020
Status Ongoing


What if Magic has always existed ever since the beginning of the Earth we are living on, but history has been written in order to hide these facts.

What if the prosperous and well-known people in history is actually a mage?

Enter a magic academy, rule your country. Be at the pinnacle of life!

Join me in the journey of Emery and the others in the world of Knights and Magic as he becomes the Earth's Greatest Magus.

Authors Note:
I have always been fascinated by writing fantasy relating to historical facts. In this story, you will find characters inspired by the real world and facts. The universe I created hopefully will make the reader's imagination excited and logically plausible. I hope you enjoy it.

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Author own Review after writing 300 chapters

It’s a slow Burn, as slow as the whole volume 1 maybe will be depressing to read. The MC is still a little boy and he do mistakes. But if you could pass the second volume you will see how this story could reach webnovel top15 trending with just 300 chapters.
Here are some of the things you will find here
MC: Heroic, weak to strong, classic good guy in a cruel world. Fortunately, you will see he has many good friends who could fill up his weaknesses.
World: Imagine Harry Potter combine with StarWars
System: It a Magic story but with a System to easily follow. There is also cultivation
Harem: No, there are many female characters. But I enjoy romance first. So even if there will be more than one love interest it will be deep.

Other: There is deep research on science and history throughout the novel. Hope you will give this a try and be suprised