Cultivation Online

Chapter 725: Mysterious Box

"I… No, I don't know him. I only heard about his name from someone else, that's all." Gu Xiulan denied knowing about Yuan after snapping out of her daze.

"Anyways, here's your Flood Dragon's scale. Please enjoy. I have another business to attend to, so if you'll excuse me. Ah, if you have any questions, you can always come back here to find me."

After taking one last look at the Flood Dragon's scale, Gu Xiulan handed it to Senior Nie.

"Thank you." Senior Nie accepted the treasure with trembling hands, feeling like a child on his birthday.

Once Senior Nie left the place, Gu Xiulan took a seat on the couch and began pondering profusely.

"A beautiful woman who likes to wear revealing red clothes… A little girl with a profound aura… The mastermind, Yuan… And last but not least, they were in the Lower Heavens not long ago… There is too much evidence for it to be just a coincidence."

"But I don't get it. Why would she rob the Gu Family? Clearly, they have a lot of money, so they didn't steal because they needed the money. Perhaps they have a grudge with the Gu Family? Did those idiots offend them somehow?"

Gu Xiulan had no doubt that the Gu Family in the Lower Heavens were capable of offending someone like Feng Yuxiang and her group.

"What should I do now that I have this information? Should I just tell the patriarch? He might forgive them if I tell him about the Flood Dragon's scale, but I also don't have any evidence."

"However, if I tell him and he still wants to hunt them, that would also be problematic. The fact that they were just in the Lower Heaven alongside the Flood Dragon's scale, there's a good chance that they are actually from the upper heavens. As for why they decided to come down… heaven knows. "

Gu Xiulan proceeded to spend the rest of the day pondering.

Eventually, she had enough.

"Ahhhh! Why the hell am I stressing myself over those idiot's' situation?" She scratched her head furiously.

"Whether they are at fault or not, I don't care! They clearly dug themselves this hole, so why should I help them refill the hole?! Screw it! I don't care anymore! I will just act like I never heard anything today!"

"I just held an unprecedented auction! I should be celebrating right now!"

Thus, Gu Xiulan decided to take herself out of their problem and act like she wasn't involved.

Meanwhile, at Bright Night City, Feng Yuxiang and Xiao Hua arrived at the location of Yuan's hotel.

"Alright, Xiao Hua. Just as we planned." Feng Yuxiang took a deep breath and knocked on the door.

"Young Master. We're back."

Yuan opened the door a few moments later with a surprised look on his face.

"You're back already?"

"Yes, we managed to sell the treasures quicker than expected. Here's all of the money from the sale." Feng Yuxiang handed him the spatial ring with 120,000 spirit stones.

Yuan accepted the spatial ring and immediately looked inside.

"120,000 spirit stones? That's pretty good." He said in a calm voice....


"Are you not satisfied with the result, Young Master?" Feng Yuxiang was greatly surprised by his nonchalant reaction.

They even doubled the actual earnings to please him! Would he have reacted angrily if they didn't and the earning was much less?

"Huh? It's not that I'm not satisfied. But after participating… No, witnessing the auction for the Flood Dragon's scale, my perspective has changed a little. I have realized just how little this amount of money really is, and I am having a hard time getting excited about it." He sighed, explaining to them his lackluster reaction.

"I see… So that's the reason…" Feng Yuxiang sighed in relief inwardly after learning the truth.

"Oh, but don't misunderstand. Even though my perspective has changed a little, I am still very grateful to you for helping me sell it! Thank you, Feng Feng. And thank you, Xiao Hua, for keeping her safe." Yuan said with a bright smile on his face.

When Feng Yuxiang saw his smile, she felt something flare up within her phoenix heart.

"Y-Young Master! You went to the auction because you were interested in the Flood Dragon's scale, right?" She suddenly asked him.

"Yes. I wanted to get it for Lulu, who has ice element spiritual veins. It should work on her since it's technically still water element, right?"

"Yes, it would work on her since ice element is just an upgraded version of water element." Feng Yuxiang nodded.

She then reached into her spatial ring and retrieved a wooden box.

"Here, Young Master. It's for you."

"What's this?" Yuan raised his eyebrows at this mysterious box.

"Just a little gift from me." She chuckled.

"Go ahead. Open it."

Yuan nodded, but he didn't immediately open the box. Instead, he picked it up and inspected the exterior of the box while trying to guess what was inside.

He eventually gave up, as his anticipation was too high, so he opened it.

"T-This is…"

To Yuan's absolute surprise and shock, there was a beautiful blue scale sitting inside this box!

"U-Unless my eyes are fooling me, this is the Flood Dragon's scale! But how?! I thought Senior Nie was the one who won the auction!" He exclaimed the following moment.

Feng Yuxiang smiled, "There exists more than one Flood Dragon in this universe, you know? Also, a Flood Dragon has thousands of scales on its body. That means you can acquire thousands of scales for each Flood Dragon. Although they are rare, they aren't that rare in the upper heavens— at least not in the way you are probably thinking."

"A-Are you sure you want to give this to me— to Lulu? It's worth at least 15 million spirit stones…" Yuan hesitated to accept the treasure due to its immense value.

"Of course. I have no use for it, anyway." Feng Yuxiang nodded.