Against Heaven's Will

Chapter 276: Favor (***)

Xuefeng smiled at her response and led her hand to his lower belly. "If you want to enjoy then accept it." 

Thunder Goddess looked down at his crotch and slowly grasped his erection while stroking it gently. He didn't need to push her further as she leaned to his body and let him embrace her. 

"Sigh, I guess we will enjoy it together…" Emi lamented as she joined her and stormed Xuefeng's face with kisses. "Will you taste us both at the same time?" 

Xuefeng couldn't reject such an offer and nodded while rubbing their butts, already having a nice idea. 

"Lay down on top of each other," Xuefeng suggested and Emi reacted immediately, already eager to receive his love. She hugged Thunder Goddess and pulled her down on the bed. 

"Ah! Wait!" Thunder Goddess called out in panic. "I'm not ready yet…" 

"Don't worry, it will feel amazing," Emi assured as she rubbed her cheeks. "You were always running away from love because you feared those men would leave you behind. You don't need to be afraid anymore. When there is no love to gain, you can focus on enjoying what your body was made for."


They both moaned as Xuefeng edged up and down between her bottom lips. His erect drug kept teasing them both, threatening to enter only to withdraw while leaving them in painful longing. 

It was pure torture yet they could do nothing but beg to be pierced and finally end their suffering. 

"Master~ Your little slut wants it so badly…" Emi pleaded with untamed desire, her cherry throbbing each time he stroked against it. "I will do anything… Please…" 

"Are you sure?" Xuefeng questioned intrigued.

"Yes!" Emi cried out without hesitation. "Just give it to m— Ah!" 

Her moan broke her speech when Xuefeng graced her with a single thrust. Even though she was no longer his slave, her Bloodline crushed their minds with lust and overwhelming pleasure. 

"Don't forget it later!" Xuefeng reminded, finally throwing himself into the whirl of bodily heat and passion. There was nothing else in his mind other than the pent-up thirst he needed to quench. 


Xuefeng smacked Thunder Goddess repeatedly, mushing her butt till it filled with her palm prints. She was lying on Emi while taking endless blows that bounced their naked breasts together. 

"Ah! No more…" Thunder Goddess pleaded as she reached back in defense but he quickly snatched her wrist and smacked his erection right between her cheeks. 

"You know how to call me when you want something!" Xuefeng replied sternly as he kept sliding against her entrance. "Do you want it or not?" 

"Ahhh, yes!" Thunder Goddess announced loudly, her voice, already cracking from her constant moans. 

"You have to ask nicely," Xuefeng repeated, training his future slave. He stopped rubbing and tortured her again, piercing only its head. 

Thunder Goddess could only fully embrace her role to satisfy her hunger. 

"Master, my body is yours!" 

Xuefeng pursed his lips and finally ram into her like an avalanche from the mountain. Her moans momentarily stopped as her mouth opened wide, unable to catch her breath. 

It was just a pure slaughter as he eliminated the last threads of resistance in her mind. 

"This…" Emi muttered speechless when her disciple's tongue hung outside and her eyes rolled further with each slam in her end. She couldn't help but gaze jealously at Thunder Goddess's juices that dripped like a stream. 

"I want this… I want this…" Emi repeated out loud and her fingers moved, snapping unconsciously. 

Their bodies switched places and Thunder Goddess fell on the bed lifelessly, trembling uncontrollably. 

"Yessss! Just like that!" Emi cried out selfishly but Xuefeng suddenly pushed her down and pierced back into Thunder Goddess. His Golden Drop lit up and he exploded with Golden Liquid deep inside her. 

"Did you forget who is your Master?" Xuefeng questioned with a glare and carried her out of the bed while pinning her on its edge. "You need to be punished." 

Pa! Pa! Pa!

The sound of butt slapping filled the bedroom only to be mixed with clear signs of pleasure. No matter how he tried to punish her, she only ended up enjoying it more. ...


Xuefeng finally smiled evilly and stopped everything entirely, standing up as he watched her panic. 

"Master, don't stop!" Emi begged, throwing herself into his embrace but he already decided. 

"You can only have one more time and you can choose how you want it," Xuefeng announced, having no mercy. If he didn't, they could go on forever and she would never be satisfied. 

"Ah! That's so unfair!" Emi protested but he already jumped back on the bed and lay next to Thunder Goddess. He embraced her from behind and decided to strengthen their bond so she wouldn't doubt him anymore. 

"How are you feeling?" Xuefeng asked softly as he caressed her cheek. "Did my baby enjoy?" 

Thunder Goddess's eyes widened as she looked at him confused. "I'm not your baby… I'm just a slav—"

Xuefeng didn't let her finish and kissed her deeply, wrapping his arms tightly around her. He had to temper her soul and mend her broken heart or she would never fully accept him. 

"You are what I want you to be. Right now, you are the girl that I want to caress and shower with kisses," Xuefeng explained calmly, his thumb slowly stroking on her neck. "Tomorrow you can be my little slave that I want to taste in bed while the next day you can be my friend that listens to my complaints. What connects them all is that you are mine and that won't change."

He reached down between her legs and added, "I claimed your body, taking your most precious place right here. You are scared that you will be left behind but did I leave? Did I discard you like I didn't care anymore?" 

"No…" Thunder Goddess replied quietly, burying herself deeper in his chest. "You are still here…" 

"And it will not change, no matter who you are to me at any moment. As long as you are mine, I will not leave you," Xuefeng promised. "In return, I want the same from you. No matter who I am for you, I want you to think of me as yours too. I won't restrain you if you want to leave me, but don't expect me to stay if you can't give the same in return."

Thunder Goddess felt his warmth and shook her head. "I don't want to leave… Master told me to enjoy and I enjoyed it. Now I want to enjoy more..." 

"Will you stay with me then and let me bring you the joy you desire?" Xuefeng asked and was happy to see a nod as the cold Thunder Goddess turned into a cuddly bear. 

"Have you picked anything?" Xuefeng asked as he glanced at Emi who looked like she was still brainstorming her last meal. 

"Ugh! There are so many choices! I can't just choose one!" Emi lamented as she collapsed on the bed from overheating. "You are too evil…" 

"What do you think?" Xuefeng asked Thunder Goddess playfully. "What would you choose for her?" 

She thought for a moment before whispering a certain idea. Xuefeng couldn't help but be taken aback. It has been a while since he had done it like this so he was interested to try again. 

"I have something special for you then if you don't want to choose," Xuefeng informed as he sat down behind her and spread her juices evenly. 

"Mhmm… I just want to feel you inside me even when I'm gone… Make me remember it until the next time we meet," Emi expressed, causing Xuefeng to purse his lips. 

"Your wish is my command, Milady." 

As soon as Xuefeng pushed forward, her back arched and she panicked with her eyes wide open, "That's not the right hol— Ah!" 

Her cries got silenced as Xuefeng pressed her face against the soft bed and felt her tightening all the way to his base. She reached back to grasp his arm but after a few thrusts, she slowly slid it onto her bottom and spread her cheeks aside for him. 

He couldn't hold back anymore at such an invitation and transported her mind into another dimension, making sure she will remember him for a long time. 


"Oof, I'm tired." 

Xuefeng never expected he would say those words but a single session of sex emptied his stamina to near zero. His Regeneration Ability was like a God-sent gift that he missed to no end. 

"Once we leave, I will give you a day to take whatever you want from my Realm, and then I will close it. I don't want any unexpected visitors while the Realm is unguarded," Emi informed as she rested on top of his chest, still looking as if she had a lot of energy even after what happened. 

"I have one more favor then," Xuefeng muttered, recalling his idea from before. "I will let you enjoy my body whenever you please if you agree." 

He immediately piqued Emi's interest but then frowned when he whispered the request. 

"I will only give it to you because I know I will miss it… Damn you," Emi cursed and kissed him while snapping her fingers for the last time.