Against Heaven's Will

Chapter 264: Wives' Training

Xuefeng's wives were always the first to battle so even before he finished his sentence, they were already on the move, teleporting in front of the exits. 

"Are you going somewhere?" Xiao Wen asked with a smile as four Cultivators rushed towards her. She didn't seem to mind being outnumbered and casually pulled out a new flaming sword she wanted to test out on real opponents.

"Get out of the way!" The Cultivators cried out while unleashing their inner beasts. It was the main weapon for most Cultivators as powerful Artefacts weren't that common. 

"Hehe, is that all you have? Let me introduce you to my new baby," Xiao Wen muttered with a chuckle as her sword burst with flames. "Meet my Flaming Serpent!" 


The flames began to spin as if they came alive and a long flaming snake came out from its tip. It grew bigger and bigger before spreading its wings and flying at the attackers with its maw wide open. 

They had many chances to dodge but how could they be intimidated by an Immortal Stage Cultivator while having a numbers advantage? It was this blind confidence that made many Cultivators fall. 

Xiao Wen loved to crush the overconfident warriors. 

Fire Serpent met head-on with the four beasts but instead of being destroyed, it swallowed them whole and destroyed them within seconds. Xiao Wen could finally see the panic in their eyes but it was too late to escape.


Sudden fireballs exploded behind their back before they could do anything, blasting them straight in the mouth of her Serpent. They turned to ashes almost instantly as their bodies were nowhere to be found. 

All that was left were four Storage Rings that the Fire Serpent spat on Xiao Wen's palm. She only needed to lift her head and glance at the more incoming Cultivators to scare them away, making them escape towards a different exit. 

"Work together! They are strong!" 

They acknowledged Xuefeng's wives' strength and began to group up, their teams increasing in the count to twenty or even thirty. Too bad, they didn't know the number didn't matter. They were simply dummy targets for the girls to train. 

"Come, come! I need to practice my Death's Dance," Yi called out excitedly as thirty Cultivators rushed her way. She waved her hand gracefully and ten swords came out of her ring, floating around her as if she was the sun. 

"Spread around and rush to the exit!" Someone suggested an idea, causing Yi to smile. She closed her eyes and her silver hair fluttered despite the lack the wind.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Her Swords shot out like spears, aiming at the ten nearest targets but they suddenly teleported forward, dodging with ease. Yi looked so defenseless with all the swords gone so they rushed up to her with their eyes smiling. 



A sword pierced right in the middle of her chest but instead of blood, she exploded into millions of stars. The man was so dumbfounded he was too slow to notice a sneak attack from behind as Yi's body recreated out of nowhere. 

"You should have listened to my husband," Yi commented while the man's head was already sliding to the side. 


Painful screams became a norm by every exit, causing the men to back up and create the biggest group so far with one goal in mind. 

"All of us can't survive but we need to try one more time!" A middle-aged man in a hunter outfit called out to everyone, gathering their attention. "They won't let us live if we surrender so we need to breakthrough!" ...

Surprisingly, everyone listened to him so he had to be famous in the community. Ming was quick to point out his rank, making him the second Ancient Celestial in the second level base. 

'His Ancient Soul is weak. Let me absorb it,' Nuwa proposed in their mind, making Xuefeng worry about her condition. 

'Will you be fine?' Xuefeng asked worriedly. 'Your Soul recently broke through. We should focus on strengthening your body first.'

'It's fine, my body got used to my Soul's pressure. My body is being tempered the stronger my Soul is so it's good for me,' Nuwa explained just before the Cultivators chose their path. 

"That one!" the hunter ordered as he pointed at Wuying's exit, making all other girls disappointed. 

'Oh, come on! Wuying you are so lucky!' Xiao Wen sulked, not satisfied with just four. 'Don't be greedy. Share with your sisters.' 

Wuying only smirked in response as she pulled out two bloody-red daggers from the scabbards on her back. She was used to always carrying her weapons and her style didn't change. 

'Stingy,' Xiao Wen commented upset while but Wuying ignored her, already focusing on the hundred plus cultivators that were rushing towards her exit.

Ten dead bodies were floating around her while blood drained from them. It gathered around her in the form of thin bloody lines that constantly spun around her. Xuefeng and the girls already knew it was over the moment she collected enough blood. 

"Shoot whatever you have and head towards the exit!" the hunter commanded sternly, launching an assault of abilities her way but Wuying wasn't waiting to be hit.

Her body suddenly disappeared while the bloody lines covered the whole exit like a spider web. Before they realized where she was, Wuying already appeared in the middle of their ground, slashing and cutting at anything that was moving. She was like a shadow of death, disappearing into a different position each time she killed. 

Blood spilled and Wuying immediately created more lines that tangled around her prey. 

"Ignore her and run!" the middle-aged hunter ordered in panic as he pushed all the lines away but this time no one was listening to him as if they were frozen in one spot. 

"We can't move!" the Cultivators cried out in despair only to be silenced a moment later and contributed to the number of lines in the area. Within seconds, the middle-aged hunter could barely see anything as bloody lines covered his view. 

The hope in his eyes got crushed.

Wuying only needed less than ten seconds to cut everyone to pieces as they all became defenseless sheep. Each time a line cut into their skin, it was over for them. Wuying could control the blood inside their body which immobilized them completely. 

"You should have listened to me," Xuefeng called out as Wuying withdrew her lines and cleared the view. The middle-aged man's eyes sank deeper when she revealed he was the only one alive. 

"You are not a Fate Holder and you don't seem like you work for the Dark Fate Sect," Xuefeng pointed out as he gave him a look over. "If you surrendered earlier and gave up your treasures, we would let you live." 

"I can give them to you now!" the hunter called out desperately as he took off his Storage Ring but Xuefeng shook his head. 

"You see, that's not how it works. Life is all about choices and you had your choice. You chose to run away which sentenced you to death," Xuefeng explained with a sigh. "It also just happens my wife wants you." 

Just as Xuefeng spoke, the man's eyes shivered before rolling back when his Soul died under Nuwa's attack. She didn't seem like she was a fan of talking to a dead man. 

"The robbery turned into a slaughter once again. Why do they never listen?" Xuefeng muttered helplessly as he scanned the area. "I guess we left no survivo—" 

He paused, suddenly noticing a lone woman in the middle of the city. He smiled, happy to at least genuinely rob one person when she waved excitedly and called out his name.