Chapter 418: Wrong Direction

Swoosh! Bam! 

Grey, who suddenly disappeared soon appeared in front of the Wind Elementalist, he struck out a blow that was covered with blue flames. 

Crash! Bang! 

The Wind Elementalist was unable to block the attack which struck him cleanly on his chest. He was sent flying, crashing into the ground, he bounced off once before hitting a boulder almost one hundred and fifty meters away from his previous location. 

Grey was still in a punching position, with his right fist outstretched. 

The battle ceased, neither the people fighting against Grey nor the people watching could figure out what just happened. One minute Grey was barely dodging attacks, the next minute he suddenly vanished and appeared close to the Wind Elementalist. The Wind Elementalist in turn was sent flying, for over a hundred meters! 

How could that happen in the midst of such coordinated attacks from the group of four? 

"Wha… what just happened?" The Earth Elementalist asked, stunned. 

If Grey were to continue his attacks right now, then killing this group would be easy due to them presently losing focus. 

The Lightning Elementalist charged to where the Wind Elementalist was lying, and on getting there, his expression changed drastically. 

Blood could be seen gushing out of the mouth of the Wind Elementalist, and his chest seemed to have caved in. The injury on his chest wasn't bleeding as a result of suffering from burns. 

Cough! Cough! 

The Wind Elementalist coughed out heavily, spitting out a mouthful of blood. His eyes soon rolled to the back, fainting from the pain. 

"Oh, he survived. Looks like he managed to protect his vitals, a shame," Grey shook his head when he noticed the Wind Elementalist was still alive. 

Given the precision of his attack, he was almost certain that the Wind Elementalist would end up dead. But the Wind Elementalist seemed to have acted quickly, not trying to block the attack but instead, protecting his vitals to make sure he didn't suffer injuries that might kill him. 

'I should take note of this in case I'm ever in a situation like this,' Grey thought to himself. 

This showed how quickly the Wind Elementalist is able to access a situation and come up with a good decision. Most people would try to block or evade the attack, but he didn't since he knew blocking or evading it was impossible from that range. 

Jonas and the young lady who were watching from the city gate were dumbfounded by Grey's insane speed. He was literally the fastest person under the Overlord Plane that they had seen. They didn't even think there was anyone in the Origin Plane who could even catch up to him. 

With such speed, would anyone at the same stage be able to do anything to him? The answer was no.

Jonas shook his head wryly, luckily he quickly killed the thought of comparing himself to Grey, or he might've had a breakdown with what just happened. 

How could anyone compare themselves to such a monster? It was no different than saying they could defeat someone in the Overlord Plane while still being in the Origin Plane. 

"Is he really in the Origin Plane?" The young lady couldn't help but ask. 

She had seen geniuses in the Origin Plane, she was even standing next to one, but compared to Grey, Jonas was like a star in the presence of a moon. How could the difference between people be so huge? 

What she found more frustrating was that in the presence of others in the Origin Plane, Jonas was above most of them. 

"Yeah, I don't think he has broken through to the Overlord Plane yet," Jonas replied while nodding. 

"He's fast," The young lady blurted out unconsciously. 

"Yeah, very fast," Jonas concurred with her. 

It wasn't something anyone could argue anyway. 

They weren't the only ones speaking about Grey's speed and strength. Most of the people in the crowd were not only speaking about this, but they were also trying to guess his identity. 

Numerous people come to Lapis City, and because of the auctions held here, some very famous people tend to come from all over the place. 

Some people guessed he must be from the Royal Academy, while others thought he was a senior to Jonas, that was why he stepped in to help. 

All in all, they were all talking about the same person, Grey.


"You… I'll kill you!" The Earth Elementalist instantly lost it when he saw the Wind Elementalist lying on the ground, bloodied from Grey's attack. 

He charged towards Grey while making multiple earth spears, sending them towards him. 

Swoosh! Boom! Bam! 

Grey easily dodged all the attacks while sending out attacks of his own. 

The Earth Elementalist managed to block the first two, but the third flaming arrow broke through his defense, plunging into his shoulder. 

"Ah!" He screamed out in pain, holding onto the arm that for some reason the fire arrow didn't die down, instead, he stayed on as if it was a real arrow. ...


The Earth Elementalist bore the pain and dragged the arrow out of his shoulder, dropping it to the ground. 

The arrow died down the moment it hit the ground, to the frustration of the Earth Elementalist. 

"Retreat!" The Lightning Elementalist was the one who gave the order this time. 

After saying this, he didn't even stay behind to see if they were following the order, he picked up the Wind Elementalist and charged towards the city gate. 

He was scared that Grey might target them since the Wind Elementalist was already hurt. 

Unexpectedly, Grey didn't even make any attempts to attack them. He focused his attacks on the Earth Elementalist who stupidly tried attacking him even after he was hit by the fire arrow. 

Boom! Bam! Bang! 

Grey continued exchanging blows with him easily beating him up.

He exploded out with an attack that sent the Earth Elementalist flying. 

The direction the Earth Elementalist faced was surprisingly the city gate. 

"Damn it, wrong direction," Grey said before chasing after the Earth Elementalist who was still flying mid-air. 

Just as the Earth Elementalist was about to get to the city gate, Jonas stepped out from the city and attacked with a huge sea of flames. 

The flames soon got to where the Earth Elementalist was and just before it engulfed him, a silver light flashed and the Earth Elementalist disappeared, appearing inside the city alongside the Lightning Elementalist. 

"What are you people doing? He just attacked while in the city!" The Lightning Elementalist turned to the guards at the gate and yelled. 

"He's not in the city," The guard answered before turning to look in another direction, not bothering with the Lightning Elementalist anymore. 


"He's not in the city, look," The Water Elementalist pointed at where Jonas was standing, and it was just like the guard said, he wasn't in the city. 

Jonas was just two steps outside the city gate, so there was no way he broke the rules of the city. 

Grey quickly appeared before Jonas who had already withdrawn the sea of fire. 

"*Sigh* I completely forgot about this direction," He said while shaking his head ruefully. 

"It's okay, at least two of them are seriously wounded," Jonas replied. 

"Yeah, that's a plus I guess," Grey said with a shrug. 

He would normally want to kill these people, but since they had already entered the city, then he would find a way to do it later. 

'I should've used the darkness element to corrode their insides.' Grey thought, still feeling bad that he was unable to kill the group. 

Seeing how disappointed Grey seemed to be, Jonas didn't know how to feel. These were the same four people that were on the verge of killing him, against Grey, they had to run for their lives, yet he was disappointed he was unable to kill anyone of them. 

"Let's head in," Jonas said, inviting Grey inside the city. 

"Sure," Grey replied before following behind Jonas. 

The people who were gathered outside the city gate soon started going in their respective directions, the ones who wanted to enter the city, faced the city gate while the ones who wanted to leave went in the other direction. 

When Grey got to where the Earth Elementalist was lying, he looked at him for some time while shaking his head repeatedly and muttering the word, 'A Shame'.

The Earth Elementalist was still conscious, unlike the Wind Elementalist, so on seeing Grey mocking him in this manner, he lost his temper. But unfortunately, he was unable to stand up since when he was fighting with Grey, Grey used arrows to hit each of his limbs. 

"I'll get you next time," He uttered with much difficulty. 

"Heh! If not for your friends, you'd be dead already," Grey remarked before walking away with Jonas. 

The Earth Elementalist clenched his fist tightly, but he couldn't do anything since there was no way he could stand, much less attack Grey.

The young lady looked at Grey in awe, his personality was completely different compared to others. 

She chased after them to catch up with Jonas, holding onto his hand as they walked further into the city. 

The city was busy, even more so than the Capital City. Grey guessed it had to do with the location of this place, and also the frequent auctions that take place. 

Most people would be able to find what they're searching for if they come here. Some were just like Grey, hoping to find what they were searching for.