Chapter 417: Take It As It Is

"Or else what?" Grey asked while taking some steps forward. 

He was currently standing between the four men and Jonas, if they wanted to get to Jonas, then they had to go through him. 

"I'll help," Jonas moved closer to Grey, standing on his left-hand side. 

"No need for that, just head to the city while I hold them back. I'll be able to casually leave them whenever I want, so you don't need to worry about me," Grey said to him. 

Jonas looked at him, after a few seconds, he nodded his head. He didn't like being indebted to people, but this item was something very important to him, so he couldn't stand to lose it because of his pride. 

Sometimes, it's best to let go of one's pride in some situations.

He retreated to where the young lady was standing, holding her by her hand, and they prepared to walk away. 

"Is it safe to leave him with them?" The young lady asked, concerned about Grey's well-being. 

Even though they weren't friends, she felt since Grey stepped out to help them, she could at least consider him as a friend or an acquaintance. 

"Yeah, these people wouldn't be able to harm him," Jonas said in a matter-of-fact tone. 

"Since you say so, then I won't worry," The young lady said. 

"Where do you think you're going?" The Earth Elementalist asked while moving forward to stop them. 


A blue flame exploded out, forcing the Earth Elementalist back. If not for the Wind Elementalist acting quickly, then he might've been hurt. 

"You should focus on what's in front of you," Grey said calmly. 

Everyone looked at Grey in surprise, the strength of his blue flames were insane. 

"Wow, blue flames," The young lady said, clearly awed by it. 

"Yeah, it's quite powerful compared to other flames. It truly is a special flame," Jonas commented. 

'Hmm, if I recall correctly, he originally had only two elements when he was tested. I didn't think about it much when I saw him in the trial land because we were fighting then, but…' He thought, confused. 

Anybody present when Grey did his test would naturally feel amazed and confused at the same time whenever they see him using the fire element. Especially given that it was a special flame, not like the normal one. 

Jonas recalled Grey didn't use it in the competition, so it meant he most probably got it in the trial land. Just when he thought he got the greatest thing from the trial land which was the expert's inheritance, Grey suddenly shows up with blue flames. 

'*Sigh* Comparing oneself with others only makes one feel depressed. I'll just take it as it is.' He said to himself. 

People always tend to compare themselves to people they see as a rival, seeing your rival growing faster than you is could be said to be another form of heartbreak. The best thing to do is take things as they are and try to improve yourself without using others to compare yourself with, that makes you grow better, mentally and emotionally. 


The four men looked at Grey in surprise. Even though they felt Grey was powerful, they didn't think he would actually have such a special flame, this just made things more difficult. 

"Although that attack is powerful, it's not on the level of an Overlord Plane expert," The Wind Elementalist deduced. 

What they were all scared of was Grey being an Overlord Plane expert, but his first attack has inadvertently exposed his strength to them. Although he couldn't accurately pinpoint it, they knew it wasn't in the Overlord Plane. 

"He's in the Origin Plane?" The Earth Elementalist asked, still a little shaky from the attack that almost caught him a few seconds ago. 

"If my intuition is correct, then yes. But I can't say I'm a hundred percent sure since an Overlord Plane expert can control the power of their attacks," The Wind Elementalist replied. 

One could clearly see that he was the brains of the group, thinking things more thoroughly before jumping into action. 

"Try to get him to attack once again, if the attack power is still the same then we can confirm he's in the Origin Plane." He said to the Earth Elementalist. ...


The Earth Elementalist nodded, compared to the first time, this time he was going to be prepared for the attack. 

He charged at Grey this time, making sure to keep a considerable distance while attacking with an earth spear that surrounded Grey from different angles. 

With the spears coming towards Grey from all directions, it was difficult to block against it, for some people, not him. 

He spread out both hands, and an earth wall rose from the ground, surrounding him. The thickness and strength of his earth wall was clearly more superior than the earth spears the Earth Elementalist sent towards them. 

Bam! Bang! Bam! 

They all slammed against the earth wall, but they were unable to even penetrate it, much less causing any harm to Grey who was inside. 

"Attack, he's only in the Origin Plane," The Wind Elementalist said to the others. 

Seeing how Grey blocked the attacks showed that he was still in the Origin Plane. There's a special ability Overlord Plane experts have that sets them high above Origin Plane experts. 

It's not just the ability to fly, or the superior strength, instead, it was the special ability known as wrest elemental control. Just as the name implies, it's the ability to forcibly seize control over the objects or things an Elementalists in the lower Planes uses, then use it against them. 

Take for example the previous situation, since Grey was also an Earth Elementalist, he wouldn't need to block that attack, rather, he would've forcibly taken control of that attack. 

Although, this can't be definite since some people can actually fight against this ability of Overlord Plane experts. Someone like Grey can easily stop this from happening given his strength and what's in his body. 

This ability also isn't that easy to use since it takes a high level of spiritual energy to use it. Some people can use it, but most prefer just easily smashing their weaker opponents to death with their superior strength, hence the lack of use in most cases. 


Swoosh! Bam! Boom! Bang! 

With the Wind Elementalist giving the others the go-ahead, they instantly went on the attack, throwing attacks upon attack at Grey. 

Being someone who is very proficient in one against multiple opponents battles, Grey relaxed, focusing mainly on defending. 

Jonas and the young lady looked back when they heard the attacks sounding out, on seeing how calm and collected Grey was while defending and dodging the attacks, they felt less worried about him. 

The young lady couldn't help but admit it, Grey was the most powerful person in her age range she had seen. Even Jonas, who she thought was very powerful, didn't seem to come close in terms of power. 

They didn't stop moving, and within a minute, they had already gotten to the city. Since they would be safe once they entered the city, it was the best place to go. 

Grey on the other hand was keeping tabs on them, when he noticed that they had gotten to the city, he relaxed even more. 

'Time to at least hurt one of these guys then leave,' He thought to himself. 

He had too many hidden cards that he could easily change the tide of any battle whenever he felt like it. For starters, he could easily explode out with his insane speed, catching his opponent off guard, easily hurting or even killing them. Then, there are his inscriptions, which could be said to be one of his best trump cards. 

And then there's the space element, this element defies the knowledge of the people of the continent, so he could easily use it to kill an entire army as long as he didn't get exhausted since they couldn't trap him. 

He was planning to use his explosive speed against the Wind or Lightning Elementalist since they were the ones who were closer and seemed to pose more of a threat, especially the Wind Elementalist. His attacks always put Grey in a difficult situation, making defending against the other attacks hard. 

Now Grey understood why they were able to easily defeat Jonas even though he was stronger than them individually. He could even fight against two of them and still might be able to gain the advantage. But this Wind Elementalist was a calculative fellow, not giving him any chances to attack. 

Boom! Bang! Bam! 

The battle continued with Grey either using the earth or fire element to block their attacks or dodging their attacks by a narrow margin. 

After dodging a few more attacks, the opportunity Grey was waiting for presented itself before Grey. The Wind Elementalist had gotten within the range where it would be impossible for him to evade the attack, no matter how fast he was. 

'Now,' He said to himself before disappearing.